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2024 ACURA MDX Keys and Smart Key User Guide


2024 ACURA MDX Keys and Smart Key User Guide

Traditional keys and a Smart Key system that enables keyless entry, push-button start, and remote start are included with the 2024 ACURA MDX. In addition to improved security features and seamless access, the Smart Key has proximity detection.

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Key Guide

This vehicle comes with the following keys:

Use the keys to start and stop the engine, and lock and unlock all the doors, hatch, and fuel fill door.

2024 ACURA MDX Key 01

All the keys have an immobilizer system. The immobilizer system helps to protect against vehicle theft.

Follow the advice below to prevent damage to the keys:

  • Do not leave the keys in direct sunlight, or in locations with high temperature or high humidity.
  • Do not drop the keys or set heavy objects on them.
  • Keep the keys away from liquids, dust, and sand.
  • Do not take the keys apart except to replace the battery.

If the circuits in the keys are damaged, the engine may not start, and the remote transmitter may not work.
If the keys do not work properly, have them inspected by a dealer.

Models with remote engine starter
You can remotely start the engine using the remote engine start.

Built-in Key

2024 ACURA MDX Key 0 (2)

The built-in key can be used to unlock the doors when the keyless remote battery becomes weak and the power door unlock operation is disabled.

To remove the built-in key, push the release button and then pull out the key. To reinstall the built-in key, push the built-in key into the keyless remote until it clicks.

Key Number Tag

Contains a number that you will need if you purchase a replacement key.

2024 ACURA MDX Key 0 (3)

Keep the key number tag separate from the key in a safe place outside of your vehicle.
If you wish to purchase an additional key, contact a dealer.
If you lose your key and you cannot start the engine, contact a dealer.

Low Keyless Remote Signal Strength

The vehicle transmits radio waves to locate the keyless remote to start the engine and lock and unlock all the doors, hatch, and the fuel fill door.

In the following cases, starting the engine and locking/unlocking the doors, hatch, and fuel fill door may be inhibited or operation may be unstable:

  • Strong radio waves are being transmitted by nearby equipment.
  • You are carrying the keyless remote together with telecommunications equipment, laptop computers, cell phones, or wireless devices.
  • A metallic object is touching or covering the keyless remote

Communication between the keyless remote and the vehicle consumes the keyless remote’s battery. Battery life is about two years, but this varies depending on regularity of use.

The battery is consumed whenever the keyless remote is receiving strong radio waves. Avoid placing it near electrical appliances such as televisions and personal computers.


What type of key system does the 2024 ACURA MDX use?

The 2024 ACURA MDX utilizes a smart key system for keyless entry and ignition.

How does the smart key system in the 2024 ACURA MDX work?

The smart key system allows drivers to unlock and start the vehicle without physically inserting the key into the ignition.

Does the Acura MDX have keyless entry?

With the keyless access remote in your possession, you have the convenience of easily locking or unlocking the doors, tailgate, and fuel fill door.

How do I unlock my Acura MDX door?

To unlock your Acura MDX door, simply press the unlock button on the Smart Key fob. Alternatively, if you have the Smart Key with you, touch the sensor on the driver’s door handle to unlock the door automatically.

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