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Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 2023 Camping User Manual

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2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 Camping User Manual

The 2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 will take your camping experience to new heights. It is the epitome of luxury, mobility, and the freedom to enjoy nature. Camping becomes an intense and fascinating experience with Interstate 19, which is designed for those who are looking for the ideal balance between comfort and excitement. We explore the features and conveniences that make camping with the Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 a distinctly remarkable experience in this introduction.

The Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 is a celebration of freedom and discovery when used for camping. The appeal of the open road meets Airstream’s dedication to quality and innovation, extending an invitation for you to experience camping like never before.

Airstream Interstate 19 2023 camping guide


Suggested Pre-Travel Check List

Campsite setup in Airstream


  1. Verify the power cord is stored.
  2. Verify leveling jacks are up (if equipped).
  3. Verify water and sewer hoses are stored.
  4. Double-check all hitch connections (if towing).
  5. Look under, over, and around the vehicle for any overlooked items.
  6. Check exterior lighting.
  7. Check the torque of lug nuts.
  8. Check tires for correct pressure.

2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 Owners Manual


  1. Turn off the water pump, water heater, and furnace.
  2. Close windows and vents.
  3. Close all interior cabinet doors.
  4. Latch refrigerator door. (Seal containers first.)
  5. Latch microwave.
  6. Secure, stow, and latch for travel anything that will move, fall, fly, or open.
  7. Drain the toilet bowl.
  8. Turn off 12-volt lights.

Touring Coach Equipment and Accessories

Touring Coach camping tips

  1. Water hose, 5/8-in. high-pressure, tasteless, odorless, non-toxic (two 25-ft. sections).
  2. Y connection – water hose.
  3. Holding tank cleaner and deodorizer.
  4. Power cord adapter, 30-amp capacity.
  5. 30-ft. electric cord, 30-amp capacity.
  6. Wheel chocks.
  7. Torque wrench.
  8. Quality tire gauge.
  9. Emergency light and first aid kits.

Motoring Essentials

  1.  Touring coach registration.
  2. Carry a driver’s license.
  3. In Canada, bring along a non-residence liability insurance card and your passport.
  4. In Mexico, you must have special auto insurance.
  5. Carry an extra set of ignition keys in a separate pocket or your wallet.
  6. Keep an operating flashlight with fresh batteries in the glove compartment.
  7. Pack the trunk so that you can reach the tools without completely unpacking.
  8. Carry your pet’s dish, food, leash, and health and registration papers.

Overnight Stop

Touring Coach outdoor adventures

In time you will develop a knack for spotting wonderful little roadside locations by turning off the main highway and exploring. There are many modern recreational vehicle parks, including State, County, and Federal parks with good facilities, where you may obtain electrical, water, and sewer hookups and connections. Directories are published that describe in detail these parks and tell what is available in the way of services and hookups. All you need to do to enjoy the self-contained luxury while boondocking is to:

  1. Turn on the 12-volt battery disconnect switch to provide power to your components.
  2. Turn on the exterior LP gas supply, if you need to cook or start the generator.
    • The generator must be started to run the air conditioner.
    • The inverter will need to be turned on to power the entertainment devices. To conserve battery power, turn off the inverter when not in use.
  3. Turn on the water pump and open faucets until air is expelled from the system. Before moving on, turn off the LP gas and water pump. Check your campsite, both for cleanliness and to be sure you have not left anything behind. Make sure everything is properly stowed.

2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 User Manual

Overnight or Weekend Trips
On overnight or weekend trips, chances are you will not use up the capacity of the holding tanks. Deplete the water supply, if using the system moderately or conservatively. You will need to maintain the level of your battery during this time. The batteries will shut down at 10.5 volts. It is recommended you charge the batteries, by plugging into shore power or by starting your generator, when they reach 12 volts.

Longer Trips
On a longer trip, when you have stayed where sewer connections and utility hookups are not available, it will be necessary for you to stop from time to time to dispose of the waste in the holding tank and replenish the water supply. Many truck stops and gas stations, chain and individually owned, have installed sanitary dumping stations for just this purpose. Booklets are available that list these facilities.
When you stop for the night, your Airstream Touring Coach is built to be safely parked in any spot that
is relatively level and where the ground is firm. Your facilities are with you. You are self-contained. Try to pick as level a parking spot as possible.

Extended Stay
Making a long trip is not very different from making a weekend excursion. Since everything you need is right at hand, you are at home wherever you go. When packing for an extended trip, take everything you need, but only what you need. Hook up to water by attaching a ½ -inch minimum high-pressure water hose to the city water service. Plug the 120-volt, 30-amp electrical cable into the city power service. The Smart Plug incorporates a reverse polarity feature which will include a series of light codes to let you know the condition of the power coming from the campsite power pedestal. Please refer to the provided Smart Plug owner’s manual for more information on reverse polarity and the light codes. To use the generator, you simply start it. All switching is done automatically. The generator can be started from any of the Multiplex Systems control panels. It is easier on your generator, and appliances if you’ll allow the generator to reach its normal operating speed (about a minute) before applying heavy current loads. Your Touring Coach is equipped with an Automatic Generator Start System (AGS). The purpose of an AGS system is to automatically start (and run) the generator when the 12-volt electrical system (house batteries) drops to a pre-determined level. See Section 5 for more information on the

AGS System.
A Cable/Satellite TV connection is located in the exterior compartment along with the switches for the dump valves, macerator pump, and macerator pump high-pressure hose reel. Turn on the exterior LP remote power switch. If you have not used the LP system for some time, light lighting a cooktop burner to bleed any air from the system will make it easier to start other appliances including the furnace.
When you stay for extended periods where electric or water hookups are not available, you must make regular checks on the condition of your 12-volt batteries and the contents of your water tank (Multiplex control panel). Carry drinking water in a clean bucket to refill your tank. When your waste tank nears capacity, move your touring coach to a dumping location.


What makes camping with the 2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 unique compared to traditional camping?

The Interstate 19 offers a luxurious camping experience with amenities like a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping areas, all within a compact and mobile design.

How many people can comfortably camp on Interstate 19?

The Interstate 19 is designed to accommodate solo travelers, couples, or small families, typically offering sleeping space for up to two people.

Can I camp off-grid with Interstate 19, and what features support boondocking or dry camping?

Yes, Interstate 19 is equipped with features such as solar power options and ample freshwater and wastewater storage for off-grid camping.

What kitchen amenities are included in the Interstate 19 for cooking while camping?

The Interstate 19 typically features a compact kitchen with appliances like a stove, refrigerator, sink, and storage for cookware and utensils.

Is there a bathroom on Interstate 19, and what facilities does it include?

Yes, Interstate 19 has a bathroom with a shower, toilet, and vanity, providing essential amenities for personal hygiene while camping.

How is sleeping accommodation arranged in Interstate 19, and is there flexibility in the sleeping arrangements?

The Interstate 19 offers sleeping accommodations typically in the form of a convertible bed or sleeping area, providing flexibility for different camping preferences.

Can Interstate 19 be used for both camping and everyday transportation or is it primarily for camping purposes?

While primarily designed for camping, the Interstate 19 is also suitable for everyday transportation due to its compact size and mobility.

Can Interstate 19 navigate diverse terrains and campsites, including national parks and remote areas?

Yes, Interstate 19 is designed to navigate diverse terrains, offering the flexibility to explore various campsites, including national parks and remote areas.

What maintenance tasks are required to ensure the optimal performance of Interstate 19 while camping?

Regular maintenance tasks may include checking tire pressure, inspecting the exterior and interior for any damage, and servicing the onboard systems as needed.

How should I winterize Interstate 19 for cold-weather camping or storage during the winter months?

Winterizing Interstate 19 typically involves draining the water systems, insulating pipes, and taking precautions to protect the vehicle from freezing temperatures.

Is there internet connectivity available on Interstate 19 for staying connected while camping?

Depending on the model and options, Interstate 19 may offer internet connectivity options such as Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity.

What entertainment features are available in Interstate 19 for leisure activities while camping?

The Interstate 19 may include entertainment features such as a multimedia system, television, or audio system for leisure activities during camping trips.

What safety features are included in Interstate 19 to ensure a secure camping experience?

Safety features may include smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, and secure entry systems to enhance safety and security while camping.

How can I secure personal belongings and equipment while camping on Interstate 19?

The Interstate 19 typically includes storage compartments and locking mechanisms to secure personal belongings and camping equipment while camping.

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