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2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 Entertainment Systems User Manual

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2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 Entertainment Systems User Manual

The legendary Airstream design and opulent travel experience are carried forward by the 2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19. These coaches usually have a multimedia center with touchscreen controls, top-notch music systems, strategically positioned video screens for immersive watching, and cutting-edge connectivity options like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB ports, however, the exact features of the entertainment systems may differ. Installing satellite TV systems improves onboard entertainment by giving passengers access to a wide variety of channels. Additionally, smart integration enables voice commands or smartphone apps to handle a variety of functions, including the entertainment system, for passengers. Travelers can be guaranteed a smooth and enjoyable trip with a robust inverter that guarantees a dependable power supply. To obtain accurate details on the 2023 model, please visit the official Airstream website, which is approved by dealerships, or the most recent product manual.

2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 User Manual

Entertainment Systems

Digital Media Player

The touring coach comes equipped with a Fusion® Stereo which has an LCD color display. The stereo features several source options such as Bluetooth, FM radio, AUX, and USB connections. Download the Fusion-Link Remote Control App to adjust the volume, change the source, and control other functions of the stereo. See the Fusion Quick Start Manual for complete operating information.

RV Entertainment Setup

If the main “battery disconnect” switch does not power off the radio it will need to be turned off by pressing the power button on the radio.

Dedicated volume control is installed in the overhead compartment, behind the driver’s seat. Use the control to raise or lower the subwoofer to the desired volume.

The Interstate 19 Touring Coach is equipped with an LED HDTV and prewired for the installation of a Blu-Ray player. Please refer to the documentation included in your owner’s packet for instructions on its use.

TV Antenna
The installed omnidirectional antenna provides excellent reception of VHF/UHF TV channels. The TV antenna’s compact modern styling is unobtrusive and blends well with the designs of recreational vehicles. The amplified signal maximizes signal strength to provide the best TV reception available in your area. The antenna receives free VHF, UHF, and FM signals. Manufactured with durable automotive-grade plastic, the antenna is weatherproof, UV-protected, and resistant to rust.

Cleaning Antenna Housing
The antenna is constructed with automotive-grade plastic. Clean only with mild soap and water. Use no solvents, alcohol, or cleaning fluids. Do not power wash any part of the base mount of the head of the antenna.

TV Wall Plate Power SupplyAirstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 Entertainment Systems 2023 User Manual 05

The wall plate/power supply provides 12 VDC to the antenna as well as antenna signals to two TV sets. Cable input from the outdoor receptacle connects to the wall plate and may be switched so that either antenna or cable/satellite signals may be watched. This is located in the cubby under the TV.

To receive cable signals from the exterior inlet: Press the switch to the OFF position. The light on the wall plate will go (OFF) showing that power is no longer connected to the antenna and that both TV sets are receiving signals. To receive signals from the roof antenna: Press the switch to the ON position. The light on the wall plate will come (ON) showing that power is connected to the antenna and both TV sets are receiving signals from the antenna.

2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 Owners Manual

Antenna Pre-Wiring

Roof Mounted Satellite
The touring coach is pre-wired with a coax cable for a roof-mounted satellite antenna. One end of the cable is coiled in the microwave cabinet and the other end is coiled behind the removable entertainment cabinet side panel where the TV booster is mounted. A receiver can be placed inside the cabinet. An HDMI cable is located in the center roof locker and runs to the rear or wardrobe TV.

Antenna Pre-Wiring Tips

Portable Satellite AntennaAirstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 Entertainment Systems 2023 User Manual 07

Your touring coach is also pre-wired for a portable satellite antenna or external cable hookup. The exterior inlet is located on the side of the touring coach and is labeled for your convenience. The interior pre-wire, consisting of a two-pin power/ground connector and a coax cable pigtail, is located in the front roof locker under where a Blu-Ray player can be placed.

Connected RV Antenna Pre-Wire
The Airstream Touring Coach is pre-wired with a Connected RV high gain, multi-band antenna. This antenna, along with the Airstream router (sold separately), provides access to the internet by creating a local area network.

When purchasing an Airstream router to activate the Connected RV features, a data plan will be required. Instructions on setup and data plans will be included with the router.


All appliances are delivered to Airstream, Inc., with in-depth owner’s manuals. Those manuals are included in the delivery case supplied by your dealer. The manuals may contain Warnings, Cautions, and operating instructions that should be read and followed before operating the appliances.

2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 User Guide

Appliance Maintenance

The information contained in the appliance manuals supersedes any information contained in the Airstream Interstate Nineteen Owner’s Manual on appliances. If you believe contradictory information on appliances is contained in this manual, or If any appliance manual(s) have not been provided with your vehicle, contact your dealer, the respective appliance manufacturer, or Airstream Customer Service at 937-596-6111 or write:

Airstream Factory Service Center
428 W. Pike Street
P.O. Box 629
Jackson Center, OH 45334-0629
(937) 596-6111

Follow the instructions and Warnings noted in the respective appliance and equipment owner’s manuals, as well as those mentioned below. Annual maintenance should be conducted on propane gas appliances and equipment by an authorized dealer or repair facility. Insects can build nests in the burners of various appliances and equipment. The burner and burner orifice of the propane gas appliances and equipment should be cleaned by an authorized dealer or repair facility any time circumstances or conditions warrant, but no less than on an annual basis.

Most LPG appliances used in recreational vehicles are vented to the outside of the vehicle. When parked close to a gasoline pump, it is possible that gasoline fumes could enter this type of appliance and ignite from the burner flame, CAUSING A FIRE OR EXPLOSION.

Airstream recommends shutting off the gas supply at the LPG tanks before refueling the tow vehicle or entering a refueling station.

Air Conditioner

The roof A/C used on Airstream Touring Coach is one of the most popular on the market today. In your owner’s packet is a set of literature covering all operating and maintenance instructions. If the literature is misplaced, contact the A/C manufacturer or your Airstream dealer for replacement. Proper voltage to the A/C is critical. A volt meter check may find the voltage much lower at a campground shoreline outlet than the needed 110 to 120 volts. Your A/C may not function if the voltage is too low.

Air Conditioner Usage

Low voltage is usually associated with older or poorly maintained motorhome parks. Parking your touring coach so the power cord can be plugged into a receptacle close to the fuse or circuit breaker box can alleviate low-voltage problems. Avoid extension cords and adapters whenever possible. If an extension cord must be used, it should be rated at 30 amps and as short as possible to provide the most current. If high temperatures are expected, make an effort to park in a shaded area. Starting the A/C early in the morning also helps. It is more efficient to hold a comfortable temperature than it is to lower the temperature after the interior of the touring coach is already hot.

Review the air conditioning literature supplied in your owner’s packet before proceeding.

It is recommended to clean filters Weekly when A/C is in full use.

There is little difference between the operation of home gas ranges and the touring coach’s range. If, however, you are used to an electric range, operating confidence can be quickly gained by reading the manufacturer’s directions provided in the owner’s packet. Manufacturer’s service and parts manuals are also available.

An operation manual for the range has been provided with your owner’s packet. If this has not been provided, contact the listed manufacturer to obtain it. Their manual contains specialized warnings and cautions that should be reviewed before operating the appliance.

Ceiling Vent FanAirstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 Entertainment Systems 2023 User Manual 08

The high-volume roof vent system is designed to quickly exhaust stale, hot air and draw in the fresh air. It is great to use when the outside temperature does not call for air conditioning, but the heat has built up in your touring coach. The core of the system is a powerful rotary fan that works with a slightly open window to create a balanced airflow. It is designed for maximum air exchange, minimum sound levels, and power consumption. Fresh, clean, natural air is pulled in. Hot, stale, stuffy air is pushed out. The controls for the roof vent have been incorporated into the Multiplex System. The vented lid can be opened or closed by pressing the UP/DOWN arrow buttons on any of the multiplex touchscreen control panels located in the front or rear of the touring coach. Select the desired fan speed of either; low, medium, or high.

Ceiling Vent Fan Care

Never place Linden™ or a like cover over the ceiling fan. Greatly restricted airflow and increased sound levels will occur.

Thermostat and Rain Sensor
The fan is equipped with a built-in thermostat. Set the fan to auto and select your comfort setting on the multiple control panel and the fan will automatically turn on and off as your touring coach heats up and cools down. When the rain sensor becomes wet the dome will close automatically and shut the fan off. Once the sensor has dried out the dome will reopen and the fan will restart.

The vent can be put into auto mode only when the HVAC is set to off. In auto, the vents will only shut off and close when the temperature is 2° below the set point. Setting the climate control to anything other than off will bring the vent fan out of auto mode.

The fan motor will not start if the temperature selected is warmer than the interior temperature of the coach.

Cleaning Instructions

  1. Turn the fan motor off.
  2. Remove screws around the perimeter of the screen insert only.
  3. Clean the screen with soap and water solution, dab dry with a soft cloth, and reinstall.

This product has been manufactured using prime UV-stabilized Polymers for maximum toughness and durability. However, the use of non-compatible chemicals will cause cracking and product failure. Please refer to the user’s manual provided in your owner’s packet for more information. If your vent fails to operate properly under normal conditions, please contact the manufacturer. Please have the touring coach retail sales date and the vent Serial Number readily available when you call. Refer to your operating guide for contact information.


Is the 2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 equipped with a Ceiling Vent Fan in the entertainment system?

The Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 comes equipped with a ceiling vent fan, providing efficient ventilation and airflow throughout the interior.

How does the Air Conditioner function in the 2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19’s entertainment system?

The air conditioner in the entertainment system ensures a comfortable interior climate, allowing passengers to enjoy their entertainment experiences in a controlled and pleasant environment.

What Appliances are integrated into the entertainment system of the 2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19?

The entertainment system may include various appliances, enhancing the onboard experience. Common features may involve a multimedia center, smart integration, and potentially a satellite TV system.

Is the 2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 pre-wired for Antenna installation in the entertainment system?

Yes, the Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 is typically pre-wired for antennas, allowing for easy installation and enhancing the reception capabilities for the entertainment system.

How can passengers control the Ceiling Vent Fan through the entertainment system in the 2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19?

The control of the ceiling vent fan is likely integrated into the central entertainment system, providing passengers with convenient access to adjust fan settings.

Can the Air Conditioner be remotely controlled through the entertainment system in the 2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19?

Depending on the specific features, the air conditioner may be controllable through the central entertainment system, offering passengers the ability to adjust climate settings remotely.

What smart features are included in the Appliances of the 2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19’s entertainment system?

The appliances within the entertainment system may feature smart integration, allowing passengers to control various functions using mobile apps or voice commands for added convenience.

Is the Antenna Pre-Wiring adaptable to different types of antennas in the 2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19?

The antenna pre-wiring is designed to be adaptable, facilitating the installation of different types of antennas to suit individual preferences and needs.

Can the Ceiling Vent Fan and Air Conditioner be operated simultaneously in the 2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19’s entertainment system?

Depending on the system’s design, passengers may have the option to operate the ceiling vent fan and air conditioner simultaneously for optimal comfort.

Are there specific controls in the entertainment system for managing Appliances in the 2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19?

The entertainment system typically includes specific controls for managing various appliances, ensuring a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

How is the Antenna Pre-Wiring beneficial for customization options in the 2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19?

The antenna pre-wiring provides customization options, allowing owners to choose and install antennas that best suit their preferences and entertainment needs.

Does the Ceiling Vent Fan have adjustable speed settings in the 2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19?

The ceiling vent fan is likely equipped with adjustable speed settings, giving passengers control over the airflow and ventilation within the coach.

Is the Air Conditioner in the 2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 energy-efficient?

Airstream typically focuses on energy-efficient designs, and the air conditioner in the entertainment system is likely designed with efficiency in mind for optimal energy usage.

What kind of Appliance integration enhances the overall entertainment experience in the 2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19?

The integration of various appliances, such as advanced multimedia centers and satellite TV systems, enhances the overall entertainment experience, providing passengers with a range of options.

Can the Antenna Pre-Wiring be customized for additional entertainment features in the 2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19?

The antenna pre-wiring offers customization possibilities, allowing owners to explore additional entertainment features and expand the capabilities of the coach’s entertainment system.

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