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Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 2023 Exhaust Vent User Manual

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Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 Exhaust Vent 2023 User Manual

Exhaust VentAirstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 Exhaust Vent 2023 User Manual 01


The bath exhaust vent (shown above) removes moisture from the air when using the shower. To operate, you first need to open the vent.
To open the vent, push the button on the handle to disengage the clip and slide the handle upward until the clip engages. Once open, turn the fan on by pressing the ON/OFF button. Turn the fan off before closing the vent. To close the vent, push the button on the handle to disengage the clip and pull the handle down until the clip engages in the lowered position.

Turn off the fan before closing the vent. Damage to the motor can occur if the fan runs with the vent closed.

Cleaning Instructions
To clean the screen, make sure the fan is off. Remove the four (4) screws. Clean with mild soap and water only.

Do not operate the fan with the screen removed as this could result in damage or injury.

To change the 5 Amp fuse:

  1. Make sure the fan is off.
  2. Remove the cap by turning it to the left to gain access.
  3. Replace with a type GMA 5A fast-acting fuse.
  4. Replace the cap to secure the fuse in the holder.

Turn off the fan prior to closing the vent. Damage to the motor can occur if the fan is ran with the vent closed.

Furnace and Water HeaterAirstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 Exhaust Vent 2023 User Manual 02

The combination furnace/water heater controls are adjustable through the multiplex panel climate settings (shown below) or the Trauma Combi CP Plus Control Panel (shown next page). Also, depending on your specific model, the Trauma system will operate with either LP gas or diesel fuel. Both systems will shut off when the gas/fuel level reaches 1/4 tank to prevent running out. With mid-model year changes and occasional software updates, this example display may differ slightly from what is in your Touring Coach:Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 Exhaust Vent 2023 User Manual 03

The multiplex touchscreen controls for the furnace and water heater will not function if the Trauma Combi CP plus control panel is in use, and “Trauma Display Busy” along with a caution symbol will be displayed at the bottom of the Multiplex Trump controls.

  • LP gas model Trauma systems will have 3 selectable modes of power: LP gas, electric, or LP gas/electric mix. If equipped, diesel model Trauma systems will have 3 selectable modes of power: diesel, electric, or diesel/electric mix.
  • During winter operation, the trailer is heated and the water is warmed up at the same time; during summer operation, only the water is warmed up.
  • The asymmetrical shape of the stainless steel tank enables the water to be mixed more efficiently, so it warms up more evenly and rapidly, which means you can enjoy longer showers without the need to readjust any settings.
  • The furnace can be operated even if the tank hasn’t been filled.

Selectable Modes Of Operation

  1. Heating Mode – The furnace automatically selects the proper operating level based on the difference between the desired temperature set at the control panel and the current room temperature. If there is any water in the water container, it will be heated automatically. The water temperature will not be regulated, but it will reach a maximum of 162°F.
  2. Hot Water Mode – Hot water mode is ideal if only hot water is required. The lowest burner setting suffices for heating water. In hot water mode, the burner will switch off as soon as the water reaches the temperature selected at the CP Plus Control Panel.

Make sure the water and bypass valves are in their normal operating positions. If the bypass valve is left open cold water will be mixed with heated water. This will lead to an insufficient hot water supply. The bypass valve is accessed under the roadside ottoman and is located on the right side of the water heater.

The furnace/water heater does not feature a frost-protection function. The water container must be drained if the trailer will not be used whenever there is a risk of frost.

The manufacturer does not recommend blowing air through the water furnace/heater system when draining. This method could cause damage to lines and components. Refer to the manufacturer user’s manual provided for complete winterization instructions.

If warranty service is required, use only a service location recommended by the furnace manufacturer or your Airstream dealer.

Truma Combi CP Plus Control PanelAirstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 Exhaust Vent 2023 User Manual 04

The CP Plus control panel controls and monitors the Truma Combi™ furnace with additional indirect water heater.

  1. Display
  2. Status line
  3. Menu line (top)
  4. Menu line (bottom)
  5. Power supply display 120 VAC (main supply) 6. Time switch display
  6. Settings/values
  7. Rotary push button
  8. Back button

Before operating the system or control panel, carefully read and follow the operating instructions provided with your owner’s packet.

Microwave Ovens
Refer to the Certified Performance Checkout sheet, included in your owner’s packet, for a manufacturer, model, and serial number information.


Review all refrigerator literature supplied in your owner’s packet or stored in the refrigerator prior to operating it.

The refrigerator is all-electric and features a strong 12-volt compressor, which results in a powerful cooling performance. No LPG is required. The ventilation is integrated which also means that outside vents are also not required. The refrigerator has a very quiet compressor. The standard noise level reaches 32 dB(A). If you want to reduce the noise level further, you can activate the night mode, which drops the noise level an extra three decibels to 29 dB(A).
Even in storage, prevent moisture, mold, and unpleasant odors in the refrigerator by holding the door open. Use the sliding latch at the top of the door to keep the door open. Remember to keep the freezer door open too.

Defrost and Cleaning
The frequency of defrost is dependent on the number of door openings, the ambient temperature, and the humidity level. Typically, it is a good practice to defrost once there is ¼ inch of frost buildup. When defrosting, power off the unit. Prop the door open. We suggest placing a towel in the bottom of the refrigerator and in the freezer compartment to catch excess moisture. Now that the unit has been defrosted, the interior can be cleaned with a non-abrasive cleaner. Do not use
“Brillo” or “SOS” type abrasive pads, as they will score the surfaces. Baking soda is also not recommended.

Speeding up the defrost process with a knife or scraper is strongly discouraged due to the likelihood of rupturing the refrigerant circuit.

Solar SystemAirstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 Exhaust Vent 2023 User Manual 05

The rooftop solar panels installed on your Airstream help maintain battery health, reduce operating expenses, and extend the battery life of the house and chassis batteries. House and chassis batteries are charged via dedicated panels. The solar system’s solar charge controller gathers energy from the individual solar panels and stores it in your batteries. The system features a display (shown above) that allows you to view live status information like solar watts and battery voltage.
To optimize solar charging, ensure the panels are clean and not shaded by trees or structures that might block the sun. Please refer to your owner’s packet for reference material that discusses the solar system and its operation.

The solar panel and charge controller are designed to maintain the chassis battery and extend battery life; they are not designed to be the sole source of power nor can they charge a dead battery. If the chassis battery is below 11.5 volts it will need to be charged by other means.

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