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2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 Cleaning Tips User Manual

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2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19  Cleaning Tips User Manual

The 2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 is a vehicle that not only increases your travel experience but also invites you to preserve the beauty of its interior. Welcome to the world of pure elegance and diligent upkeep. Here, we discuss important cleaning advice customized for particular sections of your Interstate 19, so that every drive is accompanied by a feeling of cleanliness, freshness, and a preserved interior.

The Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 is an example of elegant design and skillful construction. Here are some cleaning suggestions for important locations in your touring bus to keep it looking beautiful and guarantee that every excursion is accompanied by a pristine and welcoming space.

General Information and Cleaning

The interior of each Airstream Touring Coach has been designed for comfort, convenience, durability, and appearance. How you use it and how you take care of it, naturally, depends on you. However, if you learn to operate the interior components and take care of them and the touring coach properly, this knowledge will add to your pleasure, as well as the long life of your touring coach. All material should be professionally dry cleaned to remove any overall soiled condition.

Touring Coach cleaning tips


The best way to keep your Ultra leather seating looking great is regular cleaning to prevent excess dirt from accumulating. To help extend the life of the fabric, wipe up spills as soon as they occur. Clean with soap and water. Sanitize using disinfectants such as (1:5) bleach/water solution. For stubborn stains, wipe them off with isopropyl alcohol as soon as possible. Thoroughly rinse all solution residue with clean water and air dry.

Never remove cushion covers for separate dry cleaning or washing. Any tumble cleaning method can destroy the backing, and/or shrink or otherwise damage upholstery fabric.

Cabinets and Overhead Lockers
The furniture is manufactured from a high-pressure laminate and can be cleaned with soap and water, or you can use a common solvent on tough spots. Furniture polish can be used sparingly. Plexiglass doors must be cleaned with an anti-static cleaner and cloth. Windex or common ammonia products will damage the coating on the surface.

Do not use any abrasive material, abrasive cleaners, cloths, and pads as there is the possibility they could scratch the surface.

Aluminum Interior Skin

The metal interior skin on the ceiling is coated with a baked-on acrylic coating. Use soft rags or wash mitts always moving lengthwise with the grain of the aluminum. NEVER rub hard on the coating. Oil, grease, dust, and dirt may be removed by washing with a 5 percent solution of commonly used commercial and industrial multi-purpose detergent in water. Cleaning should be followed by a thoroughly clean water rinse. Drying the metal with a chamois or a soft cloth may prevent spots and streaks. When washing or waxing the metal, always wipe “with” the grain of the metal. A good grade of nonabrasive automotive paste or liquid wax once a year will increase the life of the finish. Abrasive polishes or cleaning solvents such as automatic dishwashers or acid etch cleaners are too strong and should never be used. Rinse all grit from the surface before washing. Use soft rags always moving lengthwise with the unit. NEVER rub with excessive pressure on the coating. Even the softest rag will damage the coating if excessive pressure is applied.

Cleaning products for Airstream

Counter Area

The countertops are made of a solid surface and can be cleaned with soap and water, or you can use a common solvent on tough spots. Do not use abrasive cleaners since they could scratch the surface. A protective pad should always be used under hot utensils or pans. Light sanding of minor damaged areas can repair the counters. The color of the material is constant and not just a surface coat.


Cleaning can be accomplished using a mild liquid detergent on a soft cloth. A complete homeowner’s guide for your sinks is supplied in your owner’s packet. Please read these instructions before use.

Luxury Woven Vinyl Floor

One of the best ways to keep the floor looking good is to wipe fabrics off every week with clean water. This helps prevent dirt from becoming deeply embedded in the fabric and eliminates the need for more vigorous cleaning. For general or light cleaning, brush off loose dirt and wipe down the floor. Prepare a solution of water and mild soap such as dishwashing liquid or household cleaner. Using a soft bristle brush to clean, apply a small amount of water and soap mixture to the stain. Rinse thoroughly until all soap residue is removed. Allow the floor to air dry. For more stubborn stains and mildew, prepare a solution of 1 cup bleach and 1/4 cup mild soap per gallon of water. Apply a small amount of bleach and soap mixture to the stain and blot with a sponge or clean towel. Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue. Allow airing dry. A citrus-based cleaner like D-Limonene can be used for tough dirt and grease spots. Ammonium-based products are NOT recommended. All cleaning products need to be rinsed off thoroughly and air-dried after cleaning.

RV interior cleaning

Rubber backing on doormats may result in yellow discoloration of the floor immediately beneath. Choose a natural fiber mat. Mats provided by Airstream are intended for use outside of the travel trailer. Rubber feet on furniture may cause staining. Remove them altogether or place coasters or felt pads between them and the floor.

Remember to protect the area around your flooring if using a bleach solution. Other fabrics may have an adverse reaction to cleaners containing bleach.

The use of certain cleaning agents, including but not limited to powdered abrasives, solvents, and industrial-strength cleaners is not recommended. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Check that the cleaner/polish is suitable for use with cushioned vinyl floor coverings.

Privacy Sun Shades
Privacy shades are provided for the front windshield and driver/passenger cab windows. The shades have magnets sewn into them that attach to the van.
Light brushing with an upholstery brush or gentle use of a vacuum cleaner will suffice in most situations. For heavily soiled conditions dry clean only. Washing the shades may void the warranty.

Wet Bath
To clean your fiberglass shower stall unit, use warm water and liquid detergent. Do not use abrasive cleaners; they may scratch and dull the surface of your fiberglass unit. Stubborn stains can be removed with solvents such as turpentine, paint thinner, or acetone. Restore dulled areas by rubbing with an automotive-type liquid cleaner, and then put the soft glow back into the sides of your unit with a light application of liquid wax. DO NOT wax the shower bottom as it may become slippery leading to a fall.

Applying wax to the base of the shower floor is not recommended, as this could create an unsafe surface.

Shower Head
The shower head is designed to give maximum flexibility in usage and provides favorable water-saving techniques when using your touring coach on self-containment. It can be held in the hand and moved about the body. Normally, the best water conservation procedure is to wet the entire body and then turn the water off. Apply soap, lather thoroughly, and then rinse the soap off.

Retractable Clothesline
A retractable clothesline is installed for your convenience in the shower stall. To use, pull the line from the base and attach it to the holder on the opposite wall. Turning the nut on the base will tighten the line.

The toilet in your Airstream is a design that has been used for many years.
To flush, press the foot pedal, holding the pedal down until all solids have cleared. To add water to the bowl, press the pedal down halfway.

When you dump the bowl of the toilet, make sure all paper and solids have cleared the slide mechanism before you allow it to close. Failure to do so can cause the groove for the slide to become jammed and the slide will no longer close completely. Please see the toilet owner’s/user manual for warranty user tips and maintenance information.

Deodorizers and Biological Chemicals
There are many deodorizers and processing chemicals on the market in tablet, liquid, and powder form. These not only combat odor but also stimulate the bacteria that work to dissolve the solids and tissues in your waste tank. These chemicals should be introduced through the toilet before use per the manufacturer’s directions. It’s also important to always add a few gallons of water by filling the toilet bowl a few times and depressing the foot pedal.

Lavatory FaucetAirstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 2023 Information and Cleaning User ManualAirstream Part #602251
ITC, Inc. – Model 8W0619CP

Interior organization tips

Galley FaucetAirstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 2023 Information and Cleaning User Manual

Airstream Part #602849
Moen – Model 7565SRS

Faucet Cleaning and Care
All that is needed to clean your faucet is a soft, damp cloth. Airstream does not recommend the use of scour pads, cleansers, or chemicals. The abrasive nature of these substances could damage the faucet’s finish. A non-abrasive car wax will help to protect the finish.

Galley cabinets should have the heaviest items stored on the bottom and lighter items overhead. After loading, put skillets and canned goods on the floor or bottom shelf, and cereals and crackers in the overhead roof locker. Use unbreakable plates and saucers, and consider storing your dish towels around them.

Clothes hung in wardrobes should be kept on hangers that snap over the clothes rods to keep them from bouncing off on rough roads. Try to avoid large bulky coats. Layers of lighter clothing will usually keep you warmer, are more versatile, and are easier to store.

Keep flammable material away from the furnace.

Driver and Passenger Seats
The driver and passenger seats are provided by Sprinter and sent out to be recovered by Airstream to match the interior decor.
The seat adjustment mechanism provided by Sprinter allows the seat to be moved forward or backward and swivel left or right. Buttons near the door handle are used to move the seat forward and backward. Pressing down on the handle, centered under the front of the seats, allows the seat to swivel. Return the seat to the full upright position before using the swivel adjustment. The heated seats are activated by switches located on the door, next to the seat controls. For complete details on seat adjustments, please refer to the Sprinter manual.

Adjust the driver’s seat so that you can easily reach and operate all controls. Make sure the seat is locked in position. Do not adjust the driver’s seat swivel or fore and aft mechanism while the vehicle is moving. The seat could move unexpectedly causing a loss of control.

Seat backs in the cab must be returned to a fully upright position and the seat moved forward before the seat is swiveled. Failure to do so could result in damage to the seat’s upholstery, the wall panels, and the seat’s decorative skirt.

Powered Side OttomansAirstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 2023 Information and Cleaning User Manual

The powered ottomans on each side of the coach are powered by the rocker switches on the end of the roof locker. These can be adjusted to create sleeping areas and access components. The passenger side can be moved to access the water pump and the driver’s side can be moved to access areas of the Truma system.

Side Ottomans are not to be used as seating while in motion as there are no seat belts available.

Operate ottomans and sofas separately to avoid tripping the thermal breaker. If the breaker is tripped, wait until it resets and operate one at a time.

Rear Lounge/Bed
The rear sofa and side ottomans can be converted into a sleeping area by first pulling off the detachable backrests on the Ottomans and ensuring the table is stowed. Press and hold the switches located on the passenger side overhead storage locker until the lounge and ottomans flatten completely. Make sure to completely stow the gallery extension.

Keep your furniture and family safe from fires caused by careless smoking. Do not smoke when drowsy. Remove immediately any flowing ash or a lighted cigarette that falls on furniture. Smoldering smoking material can cause upholstered furniture fires.

Table SystemAirstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 2023 Information and Cleaning User Manual

The touring coach is equipped with a removable table which is stored behind the driver’s seat. To remove from the mount, move the driver’s seat up towards the steering wheel for clearance. Loosen the knob at the top of the table and rotate the bracket. Pull the table out being careful not to damage the table or the paneling. Turn the table over and remove the table leg by loosening the handle and sliding off of the table. Insert the table leg into the leg holder at the rear sofa and adjust it to the desired height. Install the table top onto the leg and tighten it to the desired position. Reverse operation for storage.

Return the table top to its proper storage position before moving the vehicle. In an emergency stop or accident, the table could cause personal injury and/or death.

Power Shades

All Interstate 19 models come with power shades controlled by the Multiplex System control panels located in the front and rear of the touring coach. The shades feature a mechanical limit switch to prevent accidental loss or change of limits due to power surges or power outages. The shades will retain their pre-set limit stops even if the shade is pulled down manually by mistake. These presets are set at Airstream and shouldn’t need to be adjusted.

The multiplex panels allow for control over individual shades as well as a shade master to raise or lower all the shades at once. Find the shade you want to control, and then press either the up or down arrow to raise or lower the shade. If the same arrow is pressed before the shade reaches its pre-set limit the shade will stop at its current position. Refer to the Power Shades owner’s manual for cleaning tips.


What is the recommended frequency for vacuuming the upholstery in the Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19?

Regular vacuuming is recommended, with the frequency depending on usage. Aim for at least once a week or more for high-traffic areas.

Are there specific upholstery protection products recommended for the Interstate 19, and how often should they be applied?

Consider using fabric protectors suitable for your upholstery and follow the product’s guidelines for application frequency.

Can I use any cleaning solution on the aluminum interior skin, or are there specific recommendations?

Use a mild cleaning solution suitable for aluminum surfaces. Avoid abrasive cleaners to prevent scratching.

How often should I clean the aluminum interior skin to maintain its shine?

Regular cleaning, approximately once a month, is recommended to keep the aluminum interior skin in optimal condition.

Are there special considerations for cleaning around rivets or seams in the aluminum interior skin?

Exercise care around rivets and seams, using a soft cloth or brush to reach into crevices without causing damage.

Can I use common kitchen cleaners on the counter areas in the Airstream Interstate 19?

Opt for mild, non-abrasive kitchen cleaners to maintain the counter areas. Avoid harsh chemicals that may damage surfaces.

How do I address stubborn stains on the counters, and are there specific cleaning products recommended?

For stubborn stains, use a mixture of baking soda and water or a recommended mild cleaner for the countertop material.

Should I remove items from the counter before cleaning, or can I clean around them?

It’s recommended to remove items from the counter before cleaning to ensure thorough and effective cleaning.

How can I prevent mineral deposits or water stains in the sinks, and how often should I address them?

Regularly rinse sinks after use to prevent mineral deposits. Address stains as needed using a mixture of baking soda and water.

Can I use abrasive cleaners on the sinks to remove tough stains?

Avoid abrasive cleaners on sinks to prevent damage to the finish. Opt for non-abrasive cleaning solutions.

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