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Introduction: 2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 Safety Precautions User Manual

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Introduction: 2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 Safety Precautions User Manual


The Owner’s Manual for your new Airstream Touring Coach is designed to respond to the most frequent inquiries regarding the operation, function, and care of the many systems that make modern motor homing a joy.

The Airstream Touring Coach is integrated into a Sprinter Van, designed and manufactured by Mercedes-Benz. The operation of the Sprinter, its engine, power train, and other related components are discussed in the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Operator’s Manual and other literature provided by Mercedes-Benz. Those systems discussed in the Sprinter literature are warranted by Mercedes-Benz or their suppliers.

Airstream realizes our customers possess varying degrees of expertise in the area of maintaining and repairing the appliances in their touring coach. For this reason, the service and troubleshooting information found in this manual is directed toward those with average mechanical skills. We also realize you may be more familiar in one area than you are in another. Only you know your capabilities and limitations. We want you to use this manual, and hope you will find the information contained in it helpful; however, should you ever feel you may be “getting in over your head,” please see your dealer to have the repairs made.

The operation and care of parts such as refrigerators, furnaces, water heaters, and others are briefly explained in this manual.

All information, illustrations, and specifications contained in this manual are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication approval. Airstream reserves the right to make changes if and when new materials and/or production techniques are developed that can improve the quality of its product, or when material substitutions are necessary due to availability. We have provided many important safety messages in this manual. Always read and obey all safety messages.

A warning is used for a hazardous situation that, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury to persons.

Caution is used to advise caution when performing actions that could result in minor or moderate injury to persons and/or damage to equipment.


  • A note is used to address practices not related to personal injury. This applies to hazardous situations involving property damage only.
  • Optional items may be available on all, or particular models. Additionally, some optional items can only be included during the manufacturing phase and cannot later be added to the touring coach. The inclusion of optional items information in this manual does not imply or suggest the availability, application, suitability, or inclusion for any specific unit.
  • Your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van Operator’s and Warranty Manuals contain important cautions, warnings, and operational, and warranty information on the Sprinter and its components. All information in the Sprinter manual should be reviewed and followed for your safety. The Airstream Owner’s Manual may provide additional information and tips on the use of the van as a touring coach; however, no information in the Airstream manual should be interpreted as advice or directions to disregard or void the warnings, cautions, or other information contained in the Sprinter’s manuals.

Safety Precautions

Many things can be construed as safety-related, but the most important is your common sense. If you are careless with matches, cigarettes, flammable material, or any other hazardous material, you surely realize your potential for accidents is greatly increased. You will find many safety recommendations in this section and throughout the manual. The following recommendations are the ones we consider to be the most important.

Airstream Interstate 19 2023 safety precautions

Weight Distribution

Weight distribution guidelines

The touring coach has fresh water and waste water tanks, a water heater, and storage areas. It gives
you great flexibility in loading. With flexibility comes responsibility. If you want to load down all the storage compartments, the amount of fluids may have to be reduced. It is a trade so plan wisely. Distribute your additional cargo as evenly as possible with the heaviest objects located as low as possible.
Do you want to carry a full fresh water tank to an RV park 1,000 miles away and then hook up to a city water supply? Even if you’re going to a remote area, you can usually fill your water tank shortly before entering the area. Just reducing your load by 10 gallons of water lets you carry an additional 83.5 pounds of cargo.

Tire Safety

Tire safety recommendations

Properly maintained tires improve the steering, stopping, traction, and load-carrying capability of your vehicle. Refer to Section 9 – Maintenance for tire care and safety information.

Appliances and Equipment

Appliance and equipment care

The appliances (stove) and equipment (water heater/furnace, generator, etc.) typically operate on liquefied petroleum (LP) gas. LP gas is flammable and is contained under high pressure. Improper use may result in a fire and/or explosion. Make sure to follow all instructions and warnings in this manual as well as those in the specific owner’s manuals of the appliances and equipment.

Generator Safety

Do not operate the generator in an enclosed building or a partly enclosed area, such as a garage. Be sure to follow all instructions and warnings in this manual and the generator manufacturer’s manual. Refer to Section 5 – Interior for generator information.

Generator safety protocols

Mold and mold spores exist throughout indoor and outdoor environments. There is no practical way to eliminate all mold and mold spores in the indoor environment; however, the way to control indoor mold growth is to control moisture. Refer to Section 3 – General Information for information on controlling condensation and molds.


How often should I check the tire pressure on my Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19?

Regularly check tire pressure, at least monthly and before long trips, using the recommended pressure from the manufacturer.

What is the recommended tire tread depth for safe driving in the Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19?

Maintain a tread depth of at least 2/32 inches for safe traction. Consider replacing tires that fall below this threshold.

How should I safely operate the kitchen appliances in the Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19?

Refer to the appliance manuals for proper usage instructions, and ensure ventilation is adequate when cooking.

Can I use external appliances with the Airstream Touring Coach, and what precautions should I take?

Follow safety guidelines, use appropriate power sources, and avoid overloading electrical systems when using external appliances.

What safety measures should I take when using the heating and cooling systems in the Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19?

Ensure proper ventilation, clean filters regularly, and follow manufacturer recommendations for safe operation.

Are there specific fueling guidelines for the generator to ensure safe operation in the Airstream Touring Coach?

Use the recommended fuel type and follow proper fueling procedures as outlined in the generator manual.

Can the generator be used while driving the Airstream Touring Coach, and are there any safety considerations?

Refer to the generator manual and ensure compliance with safety guidelines, considering factors like exhaust ventilation.

What safety precautions should I take when setting up the Airstream Touring Coach at a campsite?

Ensure level parking, use wheel chocks, and follow proper stabilization procedures to prevent accidents or tipping.

Are there specific towing safety guidelines for the Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19?

Adhere to towing capacity limits, use a proper hitch system, and perform regular checks on the towing setup.

What emergency equipment should I carry in the Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 for unforeseen situations?

Essential emergency equipment includes a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, roadside assistance kit, and basic tools.

How should I prepare for inclement weather and ensure safety inside the Airstream Touring Coach?

Stay informed about weather forecasts, secure outdoor items, and follow recommended procedures for severe weather conditions.

Are Airstreams cozy to ride in?

Ultraleather, which is not only extraordinarily soft and ultra-comfortable but also highly durable and easy to clean, covers almost every sitting surface of Airstream travel trailers.

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