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2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 Maintenance Schedule User Manual

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2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 Maintenance Schedule User Manual

Interstate 19 Airstream Touring Coach (2023)! A strict maintenance routine is necessary to guarantee that your travel stays seamless, secure, and fashionable. We’ll cover the essentials of tyre and exterior maintenance for your RV in this article, along with some helpful hints for longevity and efficiency.  The outside of your Airstream Interstate 19 is a representation of elegance, so keeping it clean is essential for both looks and use. To maintain its smooth appearance and shield it from the weather, regular maintenance includes cleaning and waxing. A comfortable and waterproof interior is ensured by checking the windows, seals, roof, and awnings. A well-maintained substructure adds to your motorhome’s overall durability.

Maintenance Schedule

Failure to maintain your touring coach can cause premature and unexpected parts breakage and/or erratic operation that may be hazardous.

See the appliance manufacturer’s literature for further information.

Every 1,000 miles or 60 days
Smoke and CO Alarm Test and replace the battery as required
Tyres Check tyre pressure (See


GFCI Circuit Breaker Test and record

2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 Owners Manual

Every 5,000 miles or 90 days
Door Step Lubricate and inspect moving parts
LPG Regulator Check the bottom vent for obstructions
Wheel Lug Nuts Torque wheels to 140 ft-lbs
7-Way Plug Spray with contact cleaner

Camper Maintenance

Every 10,000 miles or 6 months
Tyres Inspect and rotate
Windows, and Door Seals Clean with mild detergent and apply 303 Aerospace Protectant
Exterior Wax


Every year
Batteries Check terminals are secured
LPG Tank Have purged by LPG supplier
Seams Check and reseal exterior seams, windows, lights, and vents as needed
Interior Cabinets Visual Inspection of latches Locks, Hinges and Slides Silicone Spray as needed

2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 User Guide

Every 100-150 hours
Generator Change oil after the first 20

hours of run time

  Change oil thereafter every 100-150 hours
To break in the Onan generator run the generator at 50 percent load for two hours, then at 75 per cent load for two hours Refer to the Onan’s manual for more details

(Part numbers listed are Airstream part numbers and can be ordered by calling a certified Airstream dealer.)

Always replace the bulb or light fixture with the correct bulb for that light or matching fixture. Failure to heed this warning could cause fire, property damage, personal injury, or death.

Exterior 12-Volt Lighting – For additional exterior lights refer to your Chassis Owner’s manual.
LED Porch Light PN – 512793
LED Linear Utility Light, 42” PN – 513672-01
LED Pin Light PN – 512909-01
NOTE: Most Exterior Lighting is LED and a replacement fixture will be required.
Interior 12-Volt Lighting
LED Flex Tape Light, 2575” PN – 513743-25
LED Flex Tape Light, 354” PN – 513743-36
LED Flex Tape Light, 41” PN – 513743-41
LED Flex Tape Light, 472” PN – 513743-47
LED Flex Tape Light, 531” PN – 513743-53
LED Shower Light Ring PN – 513724
LED Domed Surface Mount Light, White PN – 513745
LED Spot Light w/Frosted Lens PN – 512987
LED Illustrate Tape Light w/Jumpers PN – 513595
LED Swivel Overhead Light PN – 513673
LED Aisle Motion Light PN – 513070
NOTE: Most Interior Lighting is LED and a replacement fixture will be required.
Replacement Breakers – USA Breakers
Breaker, Bryant, 30 Amp PN – 510564-02
Breaker, Bryant, 15-15 Amp PN – 510564-03
Breaker, Bryant, 20-20 Amp PN – 510564-04
Breaker, Bryant, 15 GFCI Amp PN – 510564-07
Breaker, 12V DC Type II, 6 Amp PN – 510947-06
Breaker, 12V DC Type II, 8 Amp PN – 510947-08
Breaker, 12V DC Type II, 10 Amp PN – 510947-10
Breaker, 12V DC Type II, 15 Amp PN – 510947-15
Breaker, 12V DC Type II, 20 Amp PN – 510947-20
Breaker, 12V DC Type II, 40 Amp PN – 510947-40
Replacement Rivets
Part Number 330127-03 330149
Rivet Name AD43ABS ADS46ABSR
Head Style Dome Head Dome Head
Body Diameter (Inches) 0125 (1/8) 0125 (1/8)
Hole Size 0129-0133 0129-0133
Drill Number 30 30
Grip Range In (Inches) 0126-187 0125-0375
Length Under Head (MaxInches) 0328 0960
Head Diameter (Nominal) 0250 0312
Head Height (Max Inches) 0040 0060
Typical Sheer Strength (lb)* 155 150
Typical Tensile Strength (lb)* 235 150
*Values shown are a guide only and may vary depending on the application

Exterior Care

The following exterior care products are recommended by Airstream. Read and follow label directions. Exterior sealant should be checked and resealed once a year.

RV Exterior Care

Walbernize Super Seal (PN – 28433W)
Use to clean and polish while depositing a reflective, water-proof, glaze finish. Recommend two applications a year.

Acryl-R Seam Sealer (PN – 28430W-01 [16 oz can-Gray])
Use anywhere a fine bead of grey sealant is required.

Acryl-R Seam Sealer (PN – 28430W-04 [16 oz can-White])
Use anywhere a fine bead of White sealant is required.

Acryl-R Seam Sealer (PN – 28430W-06 [16 oz can-Clear])
Use anywhere a fine bead of Clear sealant is required.

Ad Seal Premium Quality Sealant Adhesive (PN – 365330-01 [10 Oz tube-White]) –
Use anywhere a thicker bead of White sealant is required.

Ad Seal Premium Quality Sealant Adhesive (PN – 365330-02 [10 Oz tube-Gray]) –
Use anywhere a thicker bead of Gray sealant is required.

Ad Seal Premium Quality Sealant Adhesive (PN – 365330-04 [10 Oz tube-Black]) –
Use anywhere a thicker bead of Black sealant is required.

Routine RV Upkeep

2023 Airstream Touring Coach Interstate 19 User Manual

Touch-up Caulking
Caulk, Seamfil, White PN – 360301-02
Caulk, Seamfil, Tan PN – 360301-05
Fil-Stik, Black PN – 28431W-01
Fil-Stik, Gray PN – 28431W-02
Fil-Stik, White PN – 28431W-03
Mercedes Sprinter Touch-up Paint Codes
Iridium Silver 9755
Black 9040
Arctic White 9147

Airstream Exterior Tips

Paint codes, along with weight ratings, can be found on a sticker attached to the driver’s seat pedestal.

Tire Care
The most important function of tyres is to provide traction while moving and grip when steering or stopping. The tires on your touring coach are designed for highway use and must be properly maintained to maximize tire life, as well to provide a safe mode of transportation.

Tire Care Tips
To reduce the risk of tyre failure, we strongly recommend the following:

  1. Check the pressure in your tyres, including your spare (not provided with the vehicle), at least monthly when the tyres are cool (after the vehicle has been stopped for 3 hours and then driven less than 1 mi). Do not reduce pressure when the tyres are hot. Use a tyre gauge to check the pressure and maintain it at the recommended level.
  2. Never overload your tyres. Heed the maximum load-carrying capability of your tyres.
  3. Check your tyres frequently for scrapes, bulges, separations, cuts, or snags resulting from use. See your tyre dealer immediately if any such condition is discovered.
  4. Never operate your vehicle above lawful speeds, the maximum speeds justified by driving conditions, or above speed
  5. recommended for the tyres you are using.
  6. Make every effort to avoid running over objects that may damage the tyre through impact or cutting, such as chuck holes, glass, metal, etc.
  7. Never drive on smooth tyres. Tyres should be removed when 2/32 in. of tread depth remains. In most states, it is illegal to drive with less than 2/32 in. remaining tread depth.
  8. Park out of the sun whenever possible when in warm climates. In desert regions, use tyre covers to prevent ultraviolet light deterioration to tyres.


What should I use to clean the exterior of my motorhome?

Use a mild detergent suitable for RVs to clean the exterior, and avoid harsh chemicals that may damage the finish.

How frequently should I inspect the windows and seals for potential issues?

Regularly check windows and seals for wear or damage, ideally during your pre-trip inspections and after long journeys.

Is there a recommended product for treating the roof, and how often should it be applied?

Airstream may recommend a specific roof protectant; follow their guidelines and apply it as suggested in the maintenance schedule.

How often should I inspect the tread depth on my tyres?

Regularly check tread depth, and replace tires that fall below the recommended limit to ensure safety and optimal performance.

Should I balance my tyres, and how often should it be done?

Balancing is recommended periodically to enhance ride comfort and prevent uneven tire wear.

Are there specific tips for tyre storage during periods of inactivity?

Use tyre covers to protect tyres from UV rays during storage, and ensure the motorhome is parked on a stable surface.

How can I avoid overloading my Airstream Interstate 19 and putting excessive strain on the tyres?

Adhere to weight limits specified in the owner’s manual and distribute weight evenly to prevent overloading.

What are the signs that my tyres may need immediate attention or replacement?

Look for signs of cuts, bulges, or irregularities during regular inspections, and address any issues promptly.

Can I use regular automotive products for tyre care, or are there Airstream-recommended products?

Airstream may recommend specific tyre care products; using these ensures compatibility with the materials used in the tyres.

Can I perform the exterior and tyre maintenance tasks myself, or is professional service recommended?

Some tasks can be done by owners, but it’s advisable to follow Airstream’s guidelines and seek professional service for complex issues.

Is there a specific procedure for checking and adjusting tyre pressure based on temperature changes?

Adjust tyre pressure according to temperature changes, especially in cold weather; details can be found in the owner’s manual.

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