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Airstream Travel Trailer Bambi 2023 Electrical System User Manual

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Airstream Travel Trailer Bambi 2023 120-Volt Electrical System User Manual

120-Volt Electrical System

City Power

When your trailer is hooked up to external AC power, the converter system automatically charges the trailer batteries with the battery disconnect switch in the USE (on) position and, if the 7-way cord is hooked up and depending on your vehicle, your tow vehicle battery as well. The speed and degree of charge depends on how much power is used for lights and appliances, as only the surplus goes to charging the battery. If you are making an extended stay, then you should keep your trailer hooked up to a 120-volt current if it is available. While you are connected to external AC power, the wiring is protected by circuit breakers in the breaker panel. The circuit breaker panel for the 120-volt system is located in the converter. In the event of a failure of a 120-volt circuit, first check your trailer circuit breakers and the breaker for the outlet into which your trailer shoreline cord is plugged. If a breaker continues to trip after you have reset it several times, your circuit may be overloaded with appliances or there may be a short in the circuit. Try lessening the load on the circuit. Perhaps an electric griddle, hair dryer, or electric heater can be turned off. If that does not solve the problem, consult an Airstream Service Center. The 120-volt electrical system provides power to operate the air conditioner, converter, and 120-volt receptacles for portable appliances. The power is carded through the 120-volt city power flexible cord to the 120-volt distribution panel, and then is distributed to each appliance or receptacle. Exterior outlets for 120 volts are located on the curbside exterior wall between the wheels and above the wheel well. All wire, components, and wiring methods conform to federal and state requirements.

The converter system is a transformer designed to maintain constant output voltages regardless of the variances that occur in city power systems. The design eliminates the need for complex electronic sensing systems to charge the batteries, minimizing the possibility of failures and greatly increasing its overall reliability. In some older parks and other locations where three-pronged outlets are not available, certain precautions to ensure proper grounding and polarity must be taken.

These precautions are listed below:

  1. Attach the three-pronged plug to a two-pronged adapter. The third conductor line of this adapter has a short wire lead, that must be grounded.
  2. For proper grounding, connect the short ground lead to a grounded outlet box or to a cold water pipe. When no water pipe is available, drive a metal rod two feet into the ground and attach the ground lug to it, thus, providing the unit with proper grounding.

When the three-pronged plug can be used, there will be no problems with proper polarity or grounding with a properly wired shoreline outlet.

When operating with city power, make very certain that the service is 120-volt and not 240-volt. To operate self-contained, simply disconnect the power supply cable.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)
Most states require trailers with exterior 120-volt receptacles and receptacles close to a water source, such as a faucet, to have a ground fault circuit interrupter. When properly installed, the GFCI circuit breaker provides reliable overload and short-circuit protection, plus protection from ground faults that might result from contact with a HOT load wire and ground.

The GFCI circuit breaker will NOT reduce shock hazard if contact is made between a HOT load wire and a neutral wire or 2 HOT load wires. Each GFCI circuit breaker is calibrated to trip with a ground current of 5 milliamperes or more. Since most persons can feel as little as 2 milliamperes, a distinct shock may be felt if the need for protection exists. However, the shock should be of such a short duration that the effects would be reduced to less than the normally dangerous level. However, persons with acute heart problems or other conditions that can make a person particularly susceptible to electric shock may still be seriously injured.
While the GFCI circuit breaker affords a high degree of protection, there is no substitute for the knowledge that electricity can be dangerous when carelessly handled or used without reasonable caution.

The GFCI circuit breaker provides protection only to the circuit to which it is connected. It does NOT provide protection to any other circuit.

GFCI Breaker Test
Perform this test on the GFI circuit breaker each month and record the date.Airstream Travel Trailer Bambi 2023 120-Volt Electrical System User Manual 01

  1. With handle A in the “ON” position, press PUSH TO TEST button B.
  2. Handle A should move to the TRIP position, indicating that GFCI breaker has opened the circuit.
  3. To restore power move handle A to “OFF” and then to “ON“ If the device remains on when the Test button is pushed, the GFCI is not working properly or has been incorrectly installed (wired improperly). If your GFCI is not working properly, call a qualified, certified electrician who can assess the situation, rewire the GFCI if necessary, or replace the unit.

All GFCI breakers implement an auto self-test function, however, Airstream recommends a manual test be conducted every month.

Entertainment Systems

TV and Sound Systems
Your Airstream is equipped with a TV/DVD combination unit and a radio with built-in Bluetooth. Please refer to the documentation included in your owner’s packet for instructions on their use.

TV AntennaAirstream Travel Trailer Bambi 2023 Electrical System User Manual

The installed omnidirectional antenna provides excellent reception of VHF/UHF TV channels. The TV antenna’s compact modern styling is unobtrusive and blends well with the designs of recreational vehicles. The amplified signal maximizes signal strength to provide the best TV reception available in your area. The antenna receives free VHF, UHF, and FM signals. Manufactured with durable automotive-grade plastic, the antenna is weatherproof, UV-protected, and resistant to rust.

Cleaning Antenna Housing
The antenna is constructed with automotive-grade plastic. Clean only with mild soap and water. Use no solvents, alcohol, or cleaning fluids. Do not power wash any part of the base mount of the head of the antenna.

TV Wall Plate Power SupplyAirstream Travel Trailer Bambi 2023 Electrical System User Manual

The wall plate/power supply provides 12 VDC to the antenna as well as antenna signals to two TV sets. Cable input from outdoor receptacle connects to the wall plate and may be switched so either antenna or cable/satellite signals may be watched.

To receive cable signals from the outdoor receptacle: Press switch to OFF position. The light on the wall plate will go (OFF) showing that power is no longer connected to the antenna and that both TV sets are receiving signals from the outdoor receptacle. To receive signals from antenna: Press switch to ON position. The light on the wall plate will come (ON) showing that power is connected to the antenna and both TV sets are receiving signals from the antenna.
Review the manuals included in your owner’s packet before operating the system.

Airstream Connected, Wi-Fi
Your trailer has the Airstream Connected Kit prewiring and is ready for dealer installation. Please contact your dealer for more information or visit to use our dealer locator.

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