Airstream Travel Trailer Bambi 2023 Water Pump User Manual

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Airstream Travel Trailer Bambi 2023 Water Pump User Manual

Water Pump

The water pump switch operates the pump (monitor panel mounted); see Monitor Panel on page 5-15. Once the switch is turned on, the pump will run until the water pressure reaches about 55 PSI. At this point, an internal pressure switch will shut it off. When a faucet is opened, the water pressure will drop and the pump will start to run again. As a general rule, the water pump should be turned off while using a city water hookup, however the water pressure at some campgrounds may be low. The water pump can be turned on to assist the city water hookup pressure. Be sure there is some water in the fresh water tank. The pump will only use the water that is needed out of the tank to bring the pressure up to the usual standard of 55 PSI.
Access to the water pump will be necessary for periodic cleaning of the strainer screen; see Water Pump Access Locations on page 8-10 and see Strainer Cleaning on page 8-10.

Turn off the water pump while traveling to prevent water from being pumped in the event a faucet opens in transit.

Draining System

Fresh Water Lines and Tanks
The freshwater system’s water lines have low-point drain valves and can be drained. The freshwater tank has a petcock valve and can also be drained; see Fresh Water Tanks and Draining on page 8-11

Drain and Waste System

Your trailer has a drain and waste system that includes waste-holding tanks made from corrosion-free molded plastic, with trouble-free dump valves.
The main (Black Water) holding tank enables you to use the toilet for several days away from disposal facilities. The wastewater from the sink, shower, bath and lavatory drains into the auxiliary (Gray Water) holding tank. Each tank has its own dump valve with both tanks draining through a common outlet. Therefore, only one sewer hose connection is needed when hooking up to a dump station.

Almost all campgrounds will have dumping facilities. Park directories, such as Woodalls and Rand McNally, also list dumping stations; see Black and Gray Water Tank Draining on pages 8-12. Check your monitor panel frequently; see Monitor Panel on pages 5-15. When the Black Water holding tank is completely full, sewage cannot be emptied from the toilet bowl. If the Gray Water holding tank is overfilled, drain water may back up into the tub and cause an unpleasant cleaning job. Never drain the tanks at any place other than an approved dumping station.

The 16 ft. model has a combination black/gray holding tank. The draining procedure is the same, however, only one dump valve handle is used to drain the tank.

Never put wet-strength paper towels or tissues in your holding tank since they will not dissolve and can catch in the mechanism of the dump valve. Colored toilet tissue is slower to dissolve than white. Most RV-accessory stores offer tissue designed for RVs that will completely dissolve.

The RV toilet in your trailer is a design that has been used for many years. There is only one pedal. This pedal opens and closes the slide mechanism, and opens the water valve. In normal use, depressing the pedal dumps the sewage and flushes water down the side of the bowl. Water will continue to run into the bowl for a short time after the pedal is released. When you wish to conserve water, hold the hand-spray head (if equipped) over the bowl and hold down the thumb-operated lever. When depressing the pedal, all the water is routed through the hand spray.

When you dump the bowl of the toilet, make sure all paper and solids have cleared the slide mechanism before you allow it to close. Failure to do so can cause the groove for the slide to become jammed and the slide will no longer close completely. Please see the toilet owner’s/user manual for warranty and user tips, and maintenance information.

Deodorizers and Biological Chemicals
There are many deodorizers and processing chemicals on the market in tablet, liquid, and powder form. These not only combat odor, but also stimulate the bacteria that work to dissolve the solids and tissues in your waste tank. These chemicals should be introduced through the toilet prior to use per the manufacturer’s directions. It’s also important to always add a few gallons of water by filling the toilet bowl a few times and depressing the foot pedal.


Galley FaucetAirstream Travel Trailer Bambi 2023 Water Pump User Manual 01

  • Airstream Part
  • 602243 Moen – Model 2967425

Lavatory Faucet

Airstream Travel Trailer Bambi 2023 Water Pump User Manual 02

Airstream Part 602859
Pfister – Model LF-042-PRKK

Faucet Cleaning and Care
All that is needed to clean your faucet is a soft, damp cloth. Airstream does not recommend the use of scour pads, cleansers, or chemicals. The abrasive nature of these substances could damage the faucet’s finish. A non-abrasive car wax will help to protect the finish.


Battery/12-Volt System Information
The major portion of electrical power in your Airstream is 12-volt. The 12-volt current powers all gas appliances for controls and/or ignition as well as lighting. An exception would be the range which has its own ignition source.
All 12-volt current comes through the battery system in the front of the trailer. The batteries are accessible in the battery box on the A-frame of your trailer. Power from the batteries goes to a set of Type 2 thermal breakers. The breakers are tied together by a brass bus bar. One breaker (30-amp) protects the 12-volt tow vehicle charge line coming from the 7-way cord. Another breaker (20-amp) feeds the trailer brakes breakaway switch located near the hitch coupler. A 50-amp breaker feeds the battery disconnect relay. The current leaves the relay and travels to the 12-volt distribution panel, located in the converter, and then to the rest of the trailer. Open the decorative door on the front of the converter to access the panel and its fuses. For more information, see Electrical Diagrams on page 8-17.
If you replace a blown fuse and it immediately blows again, do not replace the fuse again until a qualified service technician can correct the problem.
If the replacement fuse holds for a week or more and the gap in the fusible metal is barely melted apart, this usually indicates an overload condition. Reducing the number of lights or appliances used on that particular circuit at the same time could prevent any further fuse failure.
For important battery maintenance information, see Batteries on page 8-9.

Battery Disconnect SwitchAirstream Travel Trailer Bambi 2023 Water Pump User Manual 03

The battery disconnect switch is used to separate the batteries from the 12-volt distribution panel and converter charging system.
When the switch is turned to ON and the trailer is plugged into an external AC power source, the 12-volt distribution panel will receive power from the converter and the batteries will be charged through the converter charging system. When the switch is turned to OFF and the trailer is plugged into an external AC power source, the 12-volt distribution panel will still receive power from the converter, but the batteries are disconnected from the system. The batteries will not be drained with
the switch in the OFF position. The converter will not charge the batteries with the switch in this position.
The charge in the 12-volt batteries can be replenished, depending on the tow vehicle, from the tow vehicle alternator through the 7-way cord. This charge will flow to the batteries regardless of the battery disconnect switch position. Likewise, if on or off, the solar panel is still charging the batteries.

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