Airstream Travel Trailer International 2023 Appliances User Manual

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All appliances are delivered to Airstream Inc. with in-depth owner’s manuals. Those manuals are included in the delivery case supplied by your dealer. The manuals may contain warnings, cautions, and operating instructions that should be read and followed before operating the appliances. The information contained in the appliances manuals supersedes any information contained in the Airstream Trailer Owner’s Manual on appliances. If you believe contradictory information on appliances is contained in this manual, or If any appliance manual(s) have not been provided with your trailer, contact your dealer, the respective appliance manufacturer, or Airstream Customer Service at 937-596-6111 or write:
Airstream Factory Service Center 428 W. Pike Street

P.O. Box 629 Jackson Center, OH 45334-0629 (937) 596-6111

Airstream recommends shutting off the gas supply at the LPG tanks before refueling the tow vehicle or entering a refueling station.

Follow the instructions and warnings noted in the respective appliance and equipment owner’s manuals, as well as those mentioned below.
Annual maintenance should be conducted on propane gas appliances and equipment by an authorized dealer or repair facility. Insects can build nests in the burners of various appliances and equipment. The burner and burner orifice of the propane gas appliances and equipment should be cleaned by an authorized dealer or repair facility at any time circumstances or conditions warrant, but no less than on an annual basis.

Most LPG appliances used in recreational vehicles are vented to the outside of the vehicle. When parked close to a gasoline pump, it is possible that gasoline fumes could enter this type of appliance and ignite from the burner flame, CAUSING A FIRE OR EXPLOSION.

Air Conditioner
The roof air conditioner used on Airstream trailers is one of the most popular on the market today. In your owner’s packet is a set of literature covering all operating and maintenance instructions. If the literature is misplaced, contact the air conditioner manufacturer or your Airstream dealer for replacement. Proper voltage to the air conditioner is critical. A voltmeter check may find the voltage much lower at a campground shoreline outlet than the needed 110 to 120 volts. Low voltage is usually associated with older or poorly maintained trailer parks. Parking your trailer so the power cord can be plugged in to a receptacle close to the fuse or circuit breaker box can alleviate low-voltage problems. Avoid extension cords and adapters whenever possible. If an extension cord must be used, it should be as short and heavy as possible to provide the most current. If high temperatures are expected, make an effort to park in a shaded area. Starting the air conditioner early in the morning also helps. It is more efficient to hold a comfortable temperature than it is to lower the temperature after the interior of the trailer is already hot.
Never run your air conditioner with the vents closed. Doing so could cause the air conditioner to freeze and may damage to the unit. The manufacturer recommends having at least 3 vents open when running to prevent any chance of freezing up

Review the air conditioning literature supplied in your owner’s packet before proceeding.

It is recommended that you clean filters Weekly when A/C is in full use.

Ducted Roof System
International trailers are designed with a ducted roof system. This system provides a more efficient airflow throughout the trailer and allows equal air to be blown from each vent. The ducted roof helps to create a more balanced temperature inside the trailer.

There is little difference between the operation of home gas ranges and the trailer’s cooktop. If, however, you are used to an electric range, operating confidence can be quickly gained by reading the manufacturer’s directions provided in the owner’s packet. Manufacturer’s service and parts manuals are also available.

An operation manual for the cooktop has been provided with your owner’s packet. If this has not been provided with your trailer, contact the listed manufacturer to obtain it. Their manual contains specialized warnings and cautions that should be reviewed prior to operating the appliance.

Ceiling Vent FanAirstream Travel Trailer International 2023 Appliances User Manual 01

The high-volume roof vent system is designed to quickly exhaust stale, hot air and draw in the fresh air. It is great to use when the outside temperature does not call for air conditioning, but the heat has built up in your trailer. The core of the system is a powerful rotary fan that works with a slightly open window to create a balanced airflow. It is designed for maximum air exchange, minimum sound levels, and power consumption. Fresh, clean, natural air is pulled in. Hot, stale, stuffy air is pushed out.

Never place Linden™ or a like cover over the ceiling fan. Greatly restricted airflow and increased sound levels will occur.


  1. Open dome approximately 3 in. or more (ceiling faunas a built-in safety switch that will not allow the motor to operate unless dome is partially open).
  2. Turn the 3-speed knob to desired performance level (3-Low, 2-Medium, 1-High, O-Off).
  3. Open window(s) or door for airflow.
  4. The source of airflow is determined by the number of windows (s) or doors opened. For best results, close all roof vents and open one window that is the greatest distance from the ceiling fan.

For maximum airflow, do not close the vent shade, if equipped, while using High Volume Roof Vent fan.

Thermostat and Rain Sensor
The fan is equipped with a built-in thermostat. Select your comfort setting and the fan will automatically turn on and off as your trailer heats up and cools down. When the rain sensor becomes wet the dome will close automatically and shut the fan off. Once the sensor has dried out the dome will reopen and the fan will restart.

  1. Follow the previous operation steps one through three.
  2. Select the desired temperature or comfort level using the thermostat knob. The fan motor will now start and stop automatically as the interior temperature of the trailer exceeds or drops below the selected level.

The fan motor will not start if the temperature selected is warmer than the interior temperature of the trailer.

Cleaning Instructions

  1. Turn fan motor off.
  2. Remove the screws around the perimeter of the screen insert only.
  3. Clean the screen with soap and water solution, dab dry with a soft cloth, and reinstall.

This product has been manufactured using prime UV-stabilized Polymers for maximum toughness and durability. However, the use of non-compatible chemicals will cause cracking and product failure. Please refer to the user’s manual provided in your owner’s packet for more information.

Exhaust VentAirstream Travel Trailer International 2023 Appliances User Manual 02

The bath exhaust vent (shown above) removes moisture from the air when using the shower. To operate, you first need to open the vent.
To open the vent, push the button on the handle to disengage the clip and slide the handle upward until the clip engages. Once open, turn the fan on by pressing the ON/OFF button. Turn the fan off before closing the vent. To close the vent, push the button on the handle to disengage the clip and pull the handle down until the clip engages in the lowered position.

Turn off the fan before closing the vent. Damage to the motor can occur if the fan runs with the vent closed.

Cleaning Instructions
To clean the screen, make sure the fan is off. Remove the four (4) screws. Clean with mild soap and water only.

Do not operate the fan with the screen removed as this could result in damage or injury.

To change the 5 Amp fuse:

  1. Make sure the fan is off.
  2. Remove the cap by turning it to the left to gain access.
  3. Replace with a type GMA 5A fast-acting fuse.
  4. Replace the cap to secure the fuse in the holder.

The manufacturer of the furnace in your trailer has been well-known in the RV industry for many years. The furnace burns LP gas, and is powered by 12-volt current from the batteries or power converter when plugged into city power. Operating instructions are located in your owner’s packet. If they should become misplaced, new literature can be ordered directly from the manufacturer or your Airstream dealer. The manufacturer also offers a detailed service guide for your furnace.

Carefully read all the manufacturer’s instructions prior to operating. NEVER store flammable material next to the furnace or in close proximity to the furnace exhaust outlet on the side if the trailer.

If warranty service is required, use only a service location recommended by the furnace manufacturer or your Airstream dealer.

Microwave Ovens
Refer to the Certified Performance Checkout sheet, included in your owner’s packet, for a manufacturer, model, and serial number information.

Monitor PanelAirstream Travel Trailer International 2023 Appliances User Manual 03

The display is the only system component that is accessed by the user. All user input to the display is done using the buttons along the bottom of the display. The display receives the information from the three sender pads via a single, two-conductor wire, and displays the level information in percent of full on a three-digit, LED display. When the front panel button for a particular tank is pressed, the display powers up and displays the level for that tank. If the button is pressed and released, the display will show the level for about 5 seconds and then shuts down automatically. If another button is pressed before the display shuts down, then the new level will be shown. If the same button is pressed twice, the display will hold on that tank and continue to show updated levels for 5 minutes before shutting off. This allows the user to monitor the filling or draining of the tank. By pressing two buttons at once, the diagnostic functions can be accessed. Sender pads are installed and stuck to the sides of the holding tank. The sender pad scans the water level through the tank wall using digital techniques programmed into the sender microprocessor.

To Read a Water or Sewer Tank Level

  1. Press the button corresponding to the tank to be checked and release it, the display will show the levels in percent on the LED display. If no other button is pressed, then the display shuts off after about 5 seconds.
  2. If another button (including BATT) is pressed before the 5-second time is up for the first button, the display will immediately switch to show the new level or voltage. The 5-second time-out is restarted every time a button is pressed.
  3. To continuously display a reading, press and release the desired button, and then press the same button a second time. When the button is released, the display will be on hold mode, which is indicated by the decimal point on the right-hand side turning on. While the display is in the hold mode it will recheck the level once per second so the user can watch the level change while the tank is being filled or drained.
  4. The display will automatically shut off after 5 minutes in hold mode. To end the hold mode before the 5 minutes is up, press any tank button, and the display will shut off.

To Read the Battery Voltage

  1. Press the BATT button and release it, the display will show the battery voltage on the LED display
  2. If no other button is pressed, then the display will shut down after about 5 seconds. If the BATT button is held down, the display will continuously recheck the voltage and show the updated value. The reading may flicker back and forth between two values.
  3. If another button is pressed before the 5-second time is up for the BATT button, the display will immediately switch to show the value for the new button. The 5-second time-out is restarted every time a button is pressed.
  4. There is no hold mode for the battery voltage

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