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Airstream Travel Trailer International 2023 Refrigerator User Manual

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Review all refrigerator literature supplied in your owner’s packet or stored in the refrigerator prior to operating. International models have all-electric refrigerators which feature a strong 12V compressor, no LPG is required. Depending on your model, to turn the refrigerator on, touch and release the ON/OFF button. The blue indicator light will glow solid blue to indicate that the refrigerator is on, or use the wide range thermostat designed to sense the evaporator (cold plate) temperature. The coldest position on the thermostat is reached by turning the knob to the right (clockwise); conversely turning the thermostat knob to the left (counterclockwise) yields a warmer setting. The OFF position is reached by turning hard counterclockwise past the click. The reference point is shown with an indicator sticker beside the knob.

To get ready for a trip, start your refrigerator and let it cool for eight hours before loading it with food. For the best cooling performance, let air move freely inside the compartments. It will be necessary to defrost the refrigerator and freezer compartment from time to time. Frequency depends on usage, the number of times the door is opened and closed, and the humidity level. To defrost, turn the refrigerator off and prop open the door. Most of the condensation will run out of the condensate tube to the outside of the trailer. Use dry towels to keep extra condensation from dripping onto the floor. Do not use heat or sharp objects to speed up the defrosting process as this can damage the unit.
Clean the interior periodically with mild cleaner or a solution of liquid dish detergent and warm water. Rinse with a solution of baking soda and clean water.

Speeding up the defrost process with a knife or scraper is strongly discouraged due to the likelihood of rupturing the refrigerant circuit.

Solar SystemAirstream Travel Trailer International 2023 Refrigerator User Manual 01

If equipped, the rooftop solar panels installed on your Airstream help maintain battery health, reduce operating expenses, and extend the battery life of the batteries. The solar system’s solar charge controller gathers energy from the individual solar panels and stores it in your batteries. The system features a display (shown above) that allows you to view live status information like solar watts and battery voltage.
To optimize solar charging, ensure the panels are clean and not shaded by trees or structures that might block the sun. Please refer to your owner’s packet for reference material that discusses the solar system and its operation.

The charge controller is configured for a three-step charging process:

  1. Bulk – The controller delivers as much charge current as possible to quickly recharge the batteries.
  2. Absorption – The controller switches to a constant voltage mode.
  3. Float – Voltage is applied to the batteries to maintain them in a fully charged state. Airstreams manufactured without the solar option have been pre-wired to support solar panels. These units will have a 3-port rooftop-mounted plug-in that allows installing rooftop solar panels without running wires. In addition, a quick plug-in port suitable for a portable solar charging kit has been pre-wired at the front of the unit, near the battery box Refer to Section 8 – Maintenance for Solar Panel Wiring diagram and information.

ThermostatAirstream Travel Trailer International 2023 Refrigerator User Manual 02

To turn the thermostat on when the black light is off, press any button to “wake up” the thermostat. Press and release the – ON/OFF button.
Pressing the MODE button will cycle through the mode options available. A mode is an operation that can be performed by the unit and is controlled by the thermostat. The available modes typically are OFF, COOL, HP (Heat Pump), FURN (Furnace), and AUTO. Press the F/C button to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

The Heat Pump Operation works well only when the ambient temperature is above 45° F/ 7°C Pressing the ZONE button will cycle through the available zones. Each zone signifies a unit designed to cool, heat, or dehumidify a specific area of the RV. The FURN option will only be available in one Zone. The FAN button us used to select the fan speed. The options are: AUTO, HI, MED, or LOW.

When using the FURNACE the fan speed should be set on AUTO. Otherwise, the AC fan will continuously run. To set the Clock to the correct time, press the CLOCK button. The “HOUR” digits will flash first. Press the CLOCK button again and the “MINUTE” digits will flash. By pressing it a third time the “AM/PM” icon will flash. The UP/DOWN arrows will adjust these for you. Press the CLOCK button again will store these settings into memory.

To Do a System Reset/Remove the Error Code:

  • Make sure the CCC 2 thermostat is in the OFF mode (either a blank screen or clock only showing)
  • Simultaneously press the MODE and ZONE buttons. The LCD will display “Inuit” and all available zones.
  • Release the MODE and ZONE buttons.
  • Press the ON/OFF button to exit system set up. This will remove any error code, reset the system, and allow you to re program the thermostat.

Water HeaterAirstream Travel Trailer International 2023 Refrigerator User Manual 03

The International is equipped with a continuous water heater featuring freeze protection, and direct spark ignition. The tankless water heater monitors inlet water temperature and flow, and output water temperature and flow. The water heater is controlled by the Control Center located on the wall above the bathroom sink. Turn on the power and press the temperature selection arrow to see the current setting. Select the desired temperature using the up and down arrow. Turn on the hot water faucet. Normally, the burner will ignite in just a few seconds unless your LPG system has not been used for some time and air has filled the lines. The system will go into safety lockout, after 3 failed ignition attempts, before the air is expelled. If this happens and error code of “E1” will appear on the screen. Turning the Water Heater off for 30 seconds and then back on reinstates the ignition mode.

Common Error Codes

  • E1: Ignition failure of accidental flame off during ignition – Check that you have LP in the tanks, that other LP appliances work, and no debris or obstruction in the burner.
  • E2: Flame sensing interrupted during normal operation, a buzzer will sound. Check that you have LP in the tanks, that other LP appliances work, and no debris or obstruction in the burner.
  • E n: System timer – System will shut off after 20 minutes of continuous usage
  • F d: Water heater operating in Winter Use – The water heater will run for a few seconds and then shut off in freezing conditions if the power is ON. This mode will only protect the Water Heater heat exchanger and not your Airstream’s plumbing system.

Review the water heater literature supplied in your owner’s packet before proceeding.

The water heater will not operate until a faucet is opened with a minimum water flow of .8 gallons per minute. This process could take up to 60 seconds to register.

The water heater has built-in FREEZE PROTECTION and will intermittently cycle the burner when the water temperature reaches 3°C/ 38°F. To provide this freeze protection, the gas supply must be on, the gas must be available and electrical power must be on.

This appliance does not have a pilot. It is equipped with an ignition device that automatically lights the burner. Do not try to light the burner by hand.

It is dangerous to operate a Tankless Water Heater Unattended. This may occur accidentally if a sufficient leak develops or if a faucet is left open. For this reason the GSWH-2 will automatically shut off after running for 20 minutes and the display will show Error “En”

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