Airstream Travel Trailer International 2023 Service User Manual

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Airstream Travel Trailer International 2023 Service User Manual


Before leaving the factory, every vital part of the trailer is tested for performance. Each test is signed and certified by an inspector. After the trailer arrives on your dealer’s lot, all vital parts and systems are again tested. When you take delivery of your new trailer, you will receive a complete check out. At that time, a specified list of performance checks on your trailer equipment will be conducted, and any deficiencies you have experienced since taking delivery will be corrected. Please contact your dealer if your trailer needs service. Major service under your Airstream Limited Warranty is available through our nationwide network of Airstream Dealer Service Centers. To find a dealer, please visit, to use our dealer locator. Occasionally, dealerships change, or new dealers are added that may not appear on the website immediately. Please note that all centers operate on an appointment basis for the utmost efficiency. When you require service for your trailer from the Airstream Factory Service Center or a Certified Dealer Service Center, please contact the service manager for an appointment, and inform them if you are unable to keep the appointment date or wish to change it. Service may be arranged at the Factory Service Center by contacting the Service Coordinator at:

Airstream Factory Service Center,
428 West Pike Street P.O. Box 629
Jackson Center, Ohio 45334-0629
Phone: (937) 596-6111 or (877) 596-6111

Reporting Safety Defects
If you believe that your vehicle has a defect that could cause a crash or could cause injury or death, you should immediately inform the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in addition to notifying Airstream Inc.
If NHTSA receives similar complaints, it may open an investigation, and if it finds that a safety defect exists in a group of vehicles, it may order a recall and remedy campaign. However, NHTSA cannot become involved in individual problems between you, your dealer, or Airstream Inc.
To contact NHTSA, you may either call the Vehicle Safety Hotline toll-free at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY: 1-800-424-9153), go to, or write to: Administrator, NHTSA, 1200 New Jersey Avenue, S.E.,
Washington, DC 20590. You can also obtain other information about motor vehicle safety from

Suggested Pre-Travel Check List Interior

  1. Turn off the water pump switch.
  2. Close windows and vents.
  3. Lock all interior cabinet doors.
  4. Latch refrigerator door. (Seal containers first.)
  5. Hold down or securely stack all loose, hard, and sharp objects.
  6. Fasten sliding and faldetta doors.
  7. Drain the toilet bowl.
  8. Turn off the interior lights.
  9. Lower wall-mounted tables to be even with dinette seats. Place Pedestal tables in an upright position.
  10. Pull up or retract the step.
  11. Lower blinds.
  12. Secure and lock the main door.


  1. Disconnect and stow the electrical hookup cord, the sewer (flush out), and the water hookup hoses.
  2. Turn off the gas at LP tanks.
  3. Retract stabilizing jacks.
  4. Check the hitch for proper attachment.
  5. Check safety chains and breakaway switch cables.
  6. Fully retract the hitch jack. Remove and stow the jack stand or wood block.
  7. Check clearance and stoplights.
  8. Check lug nuts.
  9. Check tires for correct pressure.
  10. Adjust tow vehicle mirrors.
  11. Pull forward about 50 ft, test brakes, and check site for forgotten objects and cleanliness.

Trailer Equipment and Accessories

  1. Water hose, 5/8-in. high-pressure, tasteless, odorless, non-toxic, (2 25-ft. sections)
  2. Y connection water hose.
  3. Sewer hose with clamp.
  4. Drain cap with hose drain.
  5. Holding tank cleaner and deodorizer.
  6. Power cord adapter, 30-amp capacity.
  7. 30-ft. electric cord, 30-amp capacity.
  8. 30-ft. electric cord, 50-amp capacity.
  9. Woodblocks for leveling.
  10. Wheel chocks.
  11. Hydraulic jacks.
  12. A cross-type lug wrench and a torque wrench.
  13. Quality tire gauge.
  14. Emergency road warning triangle.

Motoring Essentials

  1. Display the tow vehicle and trailer registration properly.
  2. Carry a driver’s license.
  3. In Canada, bring along a non-residence liability insurance card and your passport.
  4. In Mexico, you must have special auto insurance.
  5. Carry an extra set of the ignition and truck keys in a separate pocket, or in your wallet.
  6. Keep an operating flashlight with fresh batteries in the glove compartment.
  7. Pack the trunk so that you can reach the tools and spare tire without completely unpacking.
  8. Keep sharp or hard articles securely packed.
  9. Carry a first-aid kit.
  10. Carry your pet’s dish, food, leash, and health and registration papers.

Overnight Stop
Airstream owners have parked virtually in every place imaginable, from filling stations to farmlands. In time, you’ll develop a knack for spying wonderful little roadside locations by turning off the main highway and exploring. There are many modern parks, including State, County, and Federal parks, with good facilities where you might obtain hookups of electrical, water, and sewer connections. Directories are published which describe in detail these parks and tell what is available in the way of services and hookups. On overnight or weekend trips, chances are you will not use up the capacity of the sewage holding tank, deplete the water supply, or run down the batteries that supply the 12-volt current. On a longer trip, when you have stayed where sewer connections and utility hookups were not available, it will be necessary for you to stop from time to time to dispose of the waste in the holding tank and replenish the water supply. Many truck stops and gas stations, chain and individually owned, have installed sanitary dumping stations for just this purpose. Booklets are available that list these dumping stations. When stopping for the night, your Airstream is built to be safely parked in any spot that is relatively level and where the ground is firm. Your facilities are with you. You are self-contained. Unless the tow vehicle is needed for transportation, it is not necessary to unhitch.

At each campsite, make sure you have not parked in such a manner as to block the operation of the escape window by being too close to trees, fences, or other impediments. Scenic views are one reason for traveling but don’t park so the beautiful lake or steep cliff is just outside your escape window. Choose the most level parking spot possible. Stabilizing jacks or blocks may not be required for an overnight stay. However, if you put the jack pad on the hitch jack and run the hitch jack down to take the weight off the tow vehicle’s springs, it will provide some stability. If you must park on a slope, park facing downhill. It is easier to level the trailer this way. All you need to do to enjoy the self-contained luxury of your Airstream is to turn on the LP and light any appliance pilot lights. Before moving on, check your campsite, both for cleanliness, and to be sure you have not left anything behind. Turn off the gas supply and make sure everything is properly stowed. Use your pre-travel checklist and you are ready for more travel adventures.

Extended Stay
Making a long trip in your Airstream is not very different from making a weekend excursion. Since everything you need is right at hand, you are at home wherever you go. When packing for an extended trip, take everything you need, but only what you need. When you plan to stay in the same place for several days, weeks or months, you will want your trailer to be as level and steady as possible. Check the attitude with a small spirit level set on the inside work counter or the trailer hitch A-frame. If a correction is necessary, you must level from side to side first. This can be done easily by backing the trailer up onto one or more 2 x 6 boards. We do not recommend placing tires in a hole for leveling.

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