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alliance RV Avenue 2021 Waste Water User Manual

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alliance RV Avenue 2021 Waste Water System User Manual

Waste Water System

  • Black tanks hold toilet waste. There are some things to note with black tanks. Black tanks typically will need a digester/deodorant (talk with your RV dealer for recommendations). Black tanks require RV toilet paper. RV toilet paper breaks down quicker and is specifically designed for this type of waste water system. You will find that this toilet paper breaks down more quickly and allows the waste water to flow more easily during the dumping process. A black tanks monitoring electronics can be adversely affected by debris handing up on the reading probes. For this case, we have installed a tank flush for your black tank(s) to assist in keeping the probe indicators clean so that you have accurate readings on the tank’s levels.
  • Gray tanks, an integral part of the wastewater system. Gray tanks hold your sink and shower waste water. Gray tanks require less maintenance due to the difference in waste produced making its way into the tank. It may be ideal to dump black tanks first and then your gray tanks, the gray tank running thru the main dump will help in keep the pipeline cleaner.


Alliance RV uses the best in class 310 series Docetic RV toilet. Each toilet is 100% factory tested to assure watertight seal in the toilet bowl before it even leaves Dometic. After installation by Alliance RV, the entire waste system is flood tested for leaks by filling the system with water to the rim of the bowl. To use the toilet, first add water to the toilet by pressing the flush pedal only partially down. Water will flow into the bowl while the flush ball remains closed. If the flush ball moves, let up slightly on the pedal until the ball closes. Adding water to the empty bowl acts as a trap and helps prevent holding tank odors from entering the RV. Adding water is always recommended prior to flushing solids and/or toilet paper.

To flush the toilet, press the pedal down until it contacts the floor. Release the pedal after the flush is complete. When flushing liquids, quick press of the pedal for 1 to 2 seconds will do. When flushing solids, the pedal should be pressed until the contents are rinsed from the bowl. Never flush longer than needed as this will cause holding tank capacity to be used up and require more frequent black tank dumps. A small amount of water should collect in the bowl after a flush, this will create an airtight seal. Further instructions and information can be found in the toilet owners’/users manuals.

Dumping Your Waste Tanks

Your RV is equipped with cable termination valves. Most of these valves are going to be routed to the centralized docking station convenience center for ease of pulling. However, in some occasions, dictated by floor plan, you may find a gate valve pull handles located on the off-door side frame rail of the RV.

Monitoring Your Water Systems

This panel monitors the fill levels of the freshwater, grey water, and black water tanks. You will also operate the heaters on the holding tanks here and as well as the power to the freshwater pump (you will also find a water pump switch in the exterior docking station) and the water heater. These switches will illuminate while in the on position.alliance RV Avenue 2021 Waste Water System User Manual 02When an individual button is pressed (box 2), the lights above the switch (box 1) illuminate to reveal the level of the selection pushed. For the battery level indicator, the individual letters mean the following:

  • L = Low at 6.0 volts
  • F = Fair at 11.6 volts
  • G = Good at 12.1 volts
  • C = Charge at 12.7 volts

The water pump is operated with the water pump switch (box 5) as well as the gas and electric options for the water heater (box 4). The gas water heater switch enables propane operation of the water heater while the electric switch enables electric operation of the water heater. Both switches being on will allow for a quicker hot water recovery. The water heater can be operated in electric or gas only by turning one of the individual switches on.
Note: The holding tank heaters will also be operated from the monitor panel (box 3).

Washer / Dryer Prep

Alliance RV fifth wheels come standard with a washer / dryer prep (except 30RLS). This prep is in the front closet area of the 5th wheel. You will find both hot and cold-water connection points. Should a washer and dryer be your desire, please consult with your dealership or Alliance RV for our installation recommendations. Otherwise, you will find functional cabinet space in that area.
alliance RV Avenue 2021 Waste Water System User Manual 03

Water Heater

A Suburban SW6DEL with a 6-gallon capacity supplies your RV with hot water. This water heater has a porcelain lined steel tank to fight against corrosion and foam insulation around the tank for added insulation and protection. This unit has a large diameter drain and replaceable anode rode. The anode rod is attached to the drain plug for easy replacement. This water heater features direct spark ignition and an electric element to recover an additional 6 gallons/ hour when camping. Direct spark, or electronic, ignitions feature a remote switch inside the RV (you will find this switch on your RV’s monitor panel inside the RV).

alliance RV Avenue 2021 Waste Water System User Manual 04

Water Heater

When the RV is not in use or is being stored, the water heater must be drained. This will prevent damage to the water heater lining and protect the water heater in the cold.

  1. Turn the water heater off (power and gas should be disabled)
  2. Turn the water pump off
  3. Open all faucets and plumbing fixtures
  4. Remove the drain plug from the tank (take care as this is also the anode rod on water heaters in Alliance RV product
  5. Open the pressure relief valve

YOU MUST READ THE USERS MANUAL FOR THIS WATER HEATER For full winterization instructions, see the centralized docking station section of this manual.

You will find a range of styles and sizes of furniture in your RV, below is some information on the different types of furniture you may see in your RV.


Theatre Seating

A modular seating system features manual controls to smoothly operate the recliners which is assembled and installed by the factory for ease of use. Every furniture component locks into place with each adjacent piece.alliance RV Avenue 2021 Waste Water System User Manual 05

Sofa Seating

Two and three cushion sofas that fold out for additional sleeping.

To operate:

  1. Remove the back cushions
  2. Fold out the couch seat to expose the middle seat
  3. Fold out the couch seat legs and set upright
  4. Fold down the stationary back
  5. User back cushions as headrest or pillows

alliance RV Avenue 2021 Waste Water System User Manual 06

A polyurethane fabric constructed and designed for all home furniture. Polyurethanes should be cleaned with a mild water-based shampoo or soap. More stubborn stains can be cleaned with a mild, non-alcohol-based cleaning fluid. Rinse with clean water afterward. For non-liquid stains such as mustard, remove any excess before cleaning. All stains and spills must be attended to promptly.

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