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alliance RV paradigm 2021 Service and Warranty User Manual

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alliance RV paradigm 2021 SERVICE and WARRANTY User Manual



For a defect to be covered under either limited warranty, the repair or replacement must occur at an independent authorized Alliance RV dealer, or Alliance RV designated repair shop or Alliance RV facilities. Alliance RV will remedy defects in materials and workmanship covered under the Limited Base Warranty or Limited Structural Warranty, under normal use and service, caused by Alliance RV in the recreational vehicle itself only.

To obtain warranty service the original retail purchaser must do the following:

  1. Within twenty (20) days of discovery of any defect to be covered by this warranty, notify an independent, authorized Alliance RV dealer or Alliance RV. Warranty services can only be obtained through Alliance RV authorized dealers and service representatives.
  2. Following notification, the recreational vehicle must be taken to an independent, authorized Alliance RV dealer, or if authorized by Alliance RV, a designated repair shop. Either that dealer or repair shop, or Alliance RV will undertake appropriate corrective repair actions in instances where the defect is covered by this warranty. All costs incurred in transporting this recreational vehicle for warranty service shall be borne by the purchaser unless otherwise approved in advance by Alliance RV.

If assistance is needed, you may contact Alliance RV at:
Phone:    (574) 226 0140
Mail: 301 Benchmark Drive, Elkhart, IN 46516 (Attn: Customer Service)

Alliance RV’s obligation is to address, within industry standards, any covered substantial defect discovered and reported within the warranty period provided: (a) you notify an authorized dealer within 20 days of your discovery of the substantial defect: AND (b) you deliver the recreational vehicle to an authorized dealership or Alliance RV at your cost and expense. If this primary remedy fails to successfully cure any substantial defect after a reasonable number of repair attempts, your sole and exclusive remedy shall be to have Alliance RV pay an independent service shop to perform repairs to the defect. If the defect is still incapable of being repaired, Alliance RV may, at its option, provide you the diminished value damages (the difference in purchase price and actual value of your recreational vehicle on the date of purchase). You must exhaust the primary repair remedy and this backup remedy, and both these remedies must fail of their essential purpose before initiating any action against Alliance RV.

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The Limited Base and Limited Structural Warranties noted above will not cover and will not apply to:

  • Routine maintenance and adjustments;
  • Any deterioration due to normal wear and tear;
  • Defects in labor, materials, components or parts not manufactured or performed by Alliance RV;
  • Modifications or alterations to the original design after the recreational vehicle leaves the possession of Alliance RV;
  • Damage caused by unauthorized attachments, modifications or alterations;
  • Equipment or accessories installed by any party other than Alliance RV;
  • Materials, components, appliances, electronics, or parts are warranted separately by the respective component manufacturer;
  • Recreational vehicles used for purposes other than recreational travel and camping (By way of example only business, rental commercial or disaster relief purposes);
  • Any recreational vehicle purchased in the United States with the specific intent to import vehicle to Canada;
  • Any recreational vehicle registered or primarily used outside the United States or Canada;
  • Any water leaks or related significant damages that are a result of your failure to properly maintain the exterior seals as required in the Owner’s Manual;
  • Repairs or replacements made necessary as a result of your failure to follow ordinary maintenance procedures as recommended by Alliance or the manufacturer or dealer of the recreational vehicle;
  • Rust or corrosion due to the environment;
  • Damage caused by misuse, abuse, neglect, theft, or vandalism;
  • Damage caused by improper stowing of equipment, overloading or improper load balancing;
  • Damage caused by unprotected electrical hookups or power surges;
  • Damage caused by extreme weather conditions such as extreme cold or heat, winds, rain, lightning, hail, ice, and flooding;
  • Damage caused by unauthorized repair or failure to follow instructions supplied with the recreational vehicle;
  • Damage caused by the tow vehicle by the owner, owner’s operation or use of the tow vehicle, improper selection or installation of towing hitch on tow vehicle, or damage to the owner’s tow vehicle;
  • Damage caused by road conditions, applications of salt or de‐icing chemicals, gravel, sand, potholes, etc.;


  • Fading, yellowing, or aging of exterior materials and components due to exposure of UV or sunlight, or weather;
  • Damage caused in transit to or from a dealer, or to or from the consumer, or by the consumer or another;
  • Recreational vehicles were not originally purchased through an authorized Alliance RV dealer.

Certain things completely discharge Alliance RV from any obligation under these warranties. By way of example, the following shall discharge Alliance RV from any express or implied warranty obligation to repair or replace any defect that results from: misuse or negligent use, abuse, or accident, neglect, unauthorized alteration, failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance including reasonable periodic inspections of the recreational vehicle, use of the recreational vehicle for rental, business or commercial use or any other use other than to use the recreational vehicle only for recreational and personal use.

The selling dealer will assist you in completing and submitting the Alliance RV product warranty registration form. That form must be returned to Alliance RV within ten (10) days of your taking delivery of the recreational vehicle. Failure to file this warranty registration with Alliance RV will not affect your rights under the Limited Base or Limited Structural warranties as long as you can present proof of purchase, but it can cause delays in obtaining the benefits of these Limited Warranties and may inhibit any servicing facility’s ability to provide proper repairs and/or part replacement. As stated above, some components, accessories, or equipment are not covered by these Limited Warranties. By way of example, the following have coverage that may be provided by the component manufacturer: tires, batteries, generators, and some appliances & electronics and entertainment equipment. These component manufacturer warranties are separate from this Limited Base Warranty, and in some cases may be longer and/or have specific coverage provisions and requirements. In order to activate these warranties, you may have to complete registration forms, postcards or some other form of notification to the component manufacturer within a specific time period. These forms and documents will be located with the Owner’s Materials packet provided with your new vehicle. You must complete and submit them to the respective manufacturer as quickly as possible and within the time periods required by those warranties.

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