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alliance RV Valor 2021 Starting the Generator User Manual

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alliance RV Valor 2021 Starting the Generator User Manual

Starting the Generator

  1. Visually inspect for fuel and/or exhaust leaks. Do NOT start the generator until any fuel or exhaust leak is repaired.
  2. Position and hold the control switch to START until the generator starts. The status indicator on the switch flashes while cranking. It will stay on continuously when the generator set is running.
  3. If the generator fails to start, cranking will stop in approximately 30 seconds. The status indicator will blink, indicating an over crank fault. Wait 5 seconds for the control to reset before trying again. After 5 tries, let the starter motor cool down for 30 seconds before trying again.
  4. For top performance and engine life, especially in colder weather, let the engine warm up for 2 minutes before you put a load on the generator.


  1. Turn off your air conditioners and any other large appliances.
  2. Run the generator for 2 minutes to allow for cool down.
  3. Press the control switch into the STOP position.

The Load on the Generator

The power rating on the generator nameplate determines how much electrical load (motors, fans, heaters, air conditioners and other appliances) the generator can power. If the sum of the loads exceeds the generator set power rating, the generator will shut down or its line circuit breakers will trip.
To avoid shutdowns due to generator overload, use the electrical ratings from each appliance to compare the sum of the electrical load likely to be used at the same time to the generator rating. Appliance load and generator power are measured in terms of watts or kilowatts. 1 kilowatt = 1000 watts.

alliance RV Valor 2021 Top Accessories

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Typical Appliance Loads


Air Compressor (1hp) 900 ‐ 1800 7.5 ‐ 15
Air Conditioner 1,200 ‐ 2,400 10 ‐ 20
Battery Charger Up to 3,000 6 ‐ 28
Blender 450 ‐ 700 3.3 ‐ 5.8
Broiler 1,400 ‐ 1,700 11.6 ‐ 14
Vacuum 1,000 ‐ 1,440 8.3 ‐ 12
Stereo 85 .7
Coffee Pot 900 ‐ 1200 7.5 ‐ 10
Computer 60 ‐ 270 .5 ‐ 2.25
Laptop 20 ‐ 50 .16 ‐ .41
Converter 500 ‐ 1,000 4 ‐ 8
Curling Iron 20 ‐ 50 .16 ‐ .41
Dishwasher 1,200 ‐ 2,400 10 ‐ 20
Drill 250 ‐ 1,000 2 ‐ 8
Electric Blanket 60 ‐ 100 .5 ‐ .8
Fan 10 ‐ 175 .08 ‐ 1.45
Flat Iron 40 ‐ 80 .3 ‐ .6
Electric Skillet 1,000 ‐ 1,350 8 ‐ 11.25
Game Console 19 ‐ 200 .16 ‐ 1.6
Hair Dryer 1,200 ‐ 1,875 10 ‐ 15.6
Iron 1,000 ‐ 1,800 8 ‐ 15
Light Bulbs 13 ‐ 100 .1 ‐ .8
Microwave 750 ‐ 1,100 6.25 ‐ 9.2

Exercising your Generator

Your Generator should be exercised at least 2 hours a month if use is infrequent. Run your generator at approximately ½ rated power. A single 2‐hour exercise period is better than several shorter periods. This action helps drive off moisture, lubricates the engine, replaces stale fuel in fuel inlets and removes oxides from electrical contacts and generator slip rings. The result is better starting, longer engine life and greater reliability.

Resetting Line Circuit Breakers

If a generator set line circuit breaker or a circuit breaker in the power distribution panel trips, either a short has occurred or too many loads were connected.
If a circuit breaker trips, disconnect or turn off as many electrical loads as possible and reset the circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker trips right away, either the appliance (or electrical load) has a short or the circuit breaker is faulty. You should immediately schedule a service for repair. If the circuit breaker does not trip right away, reconnect loads one‐by‐one making sure not to overload the generator or cause a breaker to trip.

Generator Precautions

  • Make sure never to block air flow to and from the generator
  • Make sure engine oil viscosity is appropriate for the ambient temperature (see section 5.5)
  • Keep your generator clean – do not let dirt and debris accumulate inside the generator compartment.
  • Ensure that regular maintenance is performed (see section 5.1 on page 33 of the generator owner’s manual)

Generator Maintenance

Maintenance Required Every Day or Every 8 Hours After First 20 Hours  

Every Month


Every 50 Hours

Every 150 Hours Every 500 Hours
General Inspection X
Check Engine Oil Level X
Clean and Check Battery X
Clean Spark Arrester X
Change Engine Oil and Oil Filter X X
Replace Air Filter Element X
Clean Engine Cooling Fins X
Replace Spark Plug(s) X
Replace Fuel Filter X
Adjust Valve Lash X

TV Antenna

Your RV is equipped with a Wingard Air 360+. The unit is internet ready and can be upgraded easily with the Wingard Gateway for 4G LTE & WIFI capabilities. A low‐profile dome that requires no aiming or pointing to pick signals up. Be sure to read the full manual for your antenna for all features and functionality. An initial channel scan must be run. Ensure that the antenna power supply is in the on position and the green light is illuminated. A scan will find any new channels that have been added in your area. A scan should be run when you travel and land in a new location. Follow the channel scan instructions for your TV when running a new scan.alliance RV paradigm 2021 Inverter Display Features User Manual 03

  • Rated up to 55 miles (compared to 35 miles for most competition)
  • Filters out weak/unfunctional tv signals
  • Computer printed not hand-pressed antenna (this ensures consistency)
  • Large antennas (Two 4G antennas, WIFI extenders with the longest reach in the industry)
  • Swappable SIM card, certified with AT&T and Verizon.
  • Flexibility of use
  • Ethernet port availability
  • Functional up to 100 feet around your RV
  • Unlimited users (tested over 250 users on one single device)

Booster Switch
Alliance RV has hidden the booster switch behind the monitor panel and tied a switch to the booster plate for ease when switching between AUX/SAT and TV. The power indicator light is green when power is on.

NOTE: For information on connecting to the AV system, see the plumbing section regarding the Nautilus P4 Centralized Docking Station.alliance RV Valor 2021 Starting the Generator User Manual 01

alliance RV Valor 2021 Starting the Generator User Manual 02

alliance RV Valor 2021 Starting the Generator User Manual 03

Accessing TV & Radio Channels

    • Green LED light on “Booster Switch” must be ON.
    • Use the Scan feature on TV to find channels.
    • Green LED light on “Booster Switch” must be OFF
    • Connect “Park” cable to input on front of Utility Panel.
    • Use the scan feature on TV to find channels.
    • Connect open connectors behind the utility panel in the storage bay as required for your specific satellite setup.
    • Connect incoming satellite cable to input on front of utility panel.
    • Connect wall plates to interior satellite box and TV as per instructions of your specific satellite system.

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