Aston Martin DB11 2021 Checks Before Driving and Windows User Guide

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Aston Martin DB11 2021 Checks Before Driving and Windows User Guide

Checks Before Driving

Inspect your vehicle to make sure that everything is according to the information and specifications in this Owner’s Guide.

Outside the Vehicle:

  • Visually check the road wheels, wheel bolts, and tires.
  • Check that all windows, mirrors, and lamps are clear and unobstructed.
  • Check that the deck lid, bonnet, and fuel filler flap are securely closed.
  • Check the operation of all lamps.

Once Inside the Vehicle:

  • Check that the doors are securely closed.
  • Check that the seat, mirrors, and steering wheel adjustments are correct.
  • Check that all gauges and symbols are reading correctly.
  • Check that all passengers have fastened their seat belts.

Seat Adjustment

Front seats only.

Do not adjust the driver’s seat whilst driving.

The seats can also be adjusted:

  • Up to 6 minutes after a door is unlocked and before the ignition is switched on.
  • Up to 6 minutes after the ignition is switched off.

If the seat operation times out:

  • Turn the ignition control on.
  • Close or open a door.
  • The seat adjustment controls are located on each side of the center console.

Seat Controls

The ignition must be on before the lumbar and bolster support1 can be operated.Aston Martin DB11 2021 Checks Before Driving and Windows User Guide 01

  1. LUMBAR/BOLSTER ADJUSTMENT SELECTOR SWITCH: Press the switch up to select lumbar adjustment. Press down to select bolster adjustment1..
  2. LUMBAR/BOLSTER ADJUSTMENT: Use the directional pad to adjust the position of the lumbar or bolster support1..
  3. SEAT POSITION ADJUST: Seat forward/backward and height adjust. Raise the front to tilt the base of the seat.
  4. SEAT BACKREST ADJUST: Seat back angle adjustment.
  5. MEMORY SEAT POSITIONS: Use to select or store memory positions for the seat, steering column, and door mirror positions (Refer to ’Memory Functions’, page 3.9).
  6. Seat Back Release Caution: Make sure that the headrest for the seat does not hit the sun visor. The seat can cause damage to the sun visor or the sun visor mirror.
    Pull the release strap (A) to release the seat back. Pull and hold to move the rear of the seat forward.

Aston Martin DB11 2021 Checks Before Driving and Windows User Guide 02

Push the rear of the seat into position to lock it in place. A warning message will be shown in the instrument cluster if the seat is not correctly locked back into position. The driver and front passenger seats include non-adjustable head restraints, which limit the rearward travel of the head in a rear impact and may reduce whiplash injuries. When sitting in the seats make sure that the seat back is in an upright position and that the rear of the occupant’s head is positioned in the center of the head restraint area. The head restraints are most effective when the distance between the rear of the occupant’s head and the head restraint is kept to a minimum.Aston Martin DB11 2021 Checks Before Driving and Windows User Guide 03


Warning: Misuse of the window switches, especially by children, can result in injury due to entrapment in the window closure. Drivers must advise all passengers of the possible danger and make sure that all obstructions are clear before raising the window. The windows can be operated up to one minute after the ignition is turned off. To raise and lower the windows the ignition must on. Use a window switch on the driver’s side (A) or the passenger’s side (B) to operate a window.Aston Martin DB11 2021 Checks Before Driving and Windows User Guide 04

Press or pull past resistance on the window switch to perform a one touch movement down or up.Aston Martin DB11 2021 Checks Before Driving and Windows User Guide 05

If the power to the electric windows has been interrupted for any reason, they will fail to operate correctly until reset. Door Sealing

Make sure that all passengers are clear when the window mechanism is operating. To minimize wind noise and to make sure that the window seal is watertight, a door sealing system is used to provide a tight fit of the door glass to the seals around the top of the door opening.
The window automatically lowers a small distance to clear the door seal when a door is opened. When the door is closed, the window automatically lifts against the body frame rubber seals.

Window Anti-Trap
The door windows use an anti-trap mechanism to prevent accidental closure of a window on vulnerable parts of the body or other obstructions. When the window motor senses an obstruction, the window stops closing and then opens to release the obstruction.
Before Driving


Interior MirrorsAston Martin DB11 2021 Checks Before Driving and Windows User Guide 06

Automatic Dim
Adjust the mirror (A) on its ball mounting until a satisfactory rear view is obtained. The rear view mirror will dim automatically if the glare from the headlamps of the following vehicles becomes too bright. The mirror will return to normal view as unwanted glare reduces to an acceptable level.

Illuminated Vanity Mirror
A vanity mirror (B) is located in each sun visor. Fold the sun visor down and slide the cover to view the mirror.

Exterior Mirrors
To adjust the exterior mirrors press the mirror switch (A) left or right to select a side to adjust. Move the direction pad (B) up, down, left or right to adjust the selected mirror.Aston Martin DB11 2021 Checks Before Driving and Windows User Guide 07

The ignition control must be on before the door mirrors can be adjusted.

Heated Mirrors
The heated door mirrors will operate when the heated rear window is switched on.

Mirror Fold
To fold the mirrors, press and hold the mirror switch (A) to the left or right.

When the vehicle is locked using the vehicle key or master lock switch, the mirrors will automatically fold in. The mirrors will return to the driving position when the vehicle is unlocked. This function can be enabled or disabled in the systems settings menu (Refer to ’Vehicle Settings’, page 10.2).

Memory Function
The position of the exterior mirrors is stored when a seating position is saved for the driver’s seat.

Reverse Dip Function
To set a position for the reverse dip mirror, use the mirror switch to set a position for the passenger side mirror with reverse gear selected. The mirror will now move to the position when reverse gear is selected, if the driver’s side mirror is not selected. If the driver’s side mirror is selected the mirror will not move. Select the passenger side mirror to dip the passenger side mirror.

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