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Aston Martin DB11 2021 Child Seat Belt Installation User Guide

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Aston Martin DB11 2021 Child Seats – Seat Belt Installation User Guide

Child Seats – Seat Belt Installation

Consult with local manufacturers of forward-facing restraints and booster cushions. These manufacturers can supply you with advice on the safety of their particular child restraints and also advice on installation instructions.

‘0’ Up to 10 kg U1 X
‘0+’ Up to 13 kg U1. X
‘I’ 9 to 18 kg U1. X
‘II’ 15 to 25 kg U1. X
‘III’ 22 to 36 kg U1. X

Table Key
U: Suitable for ‘universal’ category restraints approved for this mass group.
UF: Suitable for forward-facing ‘universal’ category restraints approved for this mass group.
L: Suitable for particular child restraint systems. These restraints may be of the ‘specific vehicle’, ‘restricted’ or ‘semi-universal’ categories.
B: Built-in a restraint approved for this mass group.
X: Seat position not suitable for children in the mass group.
Unsuitable for use with many child restraints due to limited space. Supplied under ECE Regulation 16.

Seat Position – Seat Belt Installation
Warning: Always follow the child seat manufacturer’s instructions for correct installation. Not following the child seat manufacturer’s instructions when installing the child seat is dangerous.

Warning: Seat belt-installed child restraints are designed to be secured by the lap belt and shoulder portion of the safety belt. Children could be endangered in a crash if their child restraints are not properly secured in the vehicle. The Automatic Locking Retractor (ALR) system is designed to securely hold child seats. The ALR system temporarily locks a seat belt that is securing a child seat.

ALR Operation
Gently pull out the seat belt until fully extended. The ALR system will only engage at the maximum extension point of the seat belt. Thread the belt tongue through the child seat as per the child seat manufacturer’s instructions. Engage the tongue into the belt buckle. Adjust the tongue position on the belt to make sure that the lower belt run is tight and then allow the upper run of the seat belt to fully retract until the child seat is securely held. The ALR system will be heard ‘clicking’ as the seat belt retracts. When fully retracted, pull down on the upper run of the belt to check that the ALR lock has engaged. When parked on an incline, the seat belt may lock as it is withdrawn. This is not a fault. If the mechanism locks, release the seat belt tension and then pull the seat belt very gently to avoid the operation of the inertia lock. The ALR system will disengage when the seat belt is fully retracted. The seat belt may then be worn when required as a normal seat belt. Once the ALR is disengaged, the seat belt must be fully extended to re-engage the system on the next occasion that a child seat is installed.

Front Passenger Seat Installation
To install a child seat to the front seat using the seat belt, use the procedure that follows:

  1. The passenger airbag MUST be set to OFF (Refer to ’Passenger Airbag Deactivation’, page 3.20).
  2. Move the passenger seat to its fully rearward and highest position. Lower the front of the seat cushion to its lowest position.
  3. Recline the back of the seat as necessary.
  4. Follow the child seat manufacturer’s instructions and install the child seat into the passenger seat.
  5. Raise the seat back until the child seat is supported by the back of the passenger seat.

Rear Passenger Seat Installation
Aston Martin does not recommend a child seat is installed to the rear seats of this vehicle with a seat belt.

Door Pockets
Both front doors have door pockets. Do not use the door pocket to store items that could easily fall out when the door is opened, such as mobile phones or wallets.Aston Martin DB11 2021 Child Seats - Seat Belt Installation User Guide 01

Front Trinket Tray

(Not Russian Vehicles)
There is a small trinket tray below the center console for small item storage. Do not store any items in the trinket tray that may cover the hazard warning switch.Aston Martin DB11 2021 Child Seats - Seat Belt Installation User Guide 02

Powered Storage Box
Pull the storage box switch (A) back to move the armrest back from position 0 (closed) to position 1 (cup holders) or position 2 (storage tray)Aston Martin DB11 2021 Child Seats - Seat Belt Installation User Guide 03

Position 1 (Cup Holders)
Position 1 for the powered storage box gives access to a storage tray with two cup holders. Press to open and close the cup holders. This position also gives access to an emergency ignition switch (Refer to ’Emergency Engine Start’, page 2.12).Aston Martin DB11 2021 Child Seats - Seat Belt Installation User Guide 04

Warning: Only use the cup holder when safe to do so.

Warning: Do not place hot drinks in the cup holder while the vehicle is in motion. There is a risk of scalding if spilled.

Warning: Use soft cups only. Hard cups or objects can cause personal injury in a collision.

Caution: Do not put open-top drinks containers in the cup holders. There is a risk of spillage under heavy braking or steering which can damage electrical components.

Position 2 (Storage Tray)

Position 2 for the powered storage box gives access to a large storage area, as well as an SD card port, two USB ports, and a 12V accessory power socket.Aston Martin DB11 2021 Child Seats - Seat Belt Installation User Guide 05

Variable Load Space

(Volante Only)
This vehicle has a variable load space device installed that, when the convertible roof is raised, increases the available luggage capacity.

The variable load space divider can only be used with the convertible roof in it’s raised position. To open the load space push the handle up. This will provide an increase in storage space of approximately 40 liters. When the variable load space divider is in it’s raised position, you will not be able to lower the convertible roof.Aston Martin DB11 2021 Child Seats - Seat Belt Installation User Guide 06

A warning will be shown in the instrument cluster if the roof switch is press and the divider is raised. To lower the variable load space divider, pull the handle down.

Accessory Sockets

Warning: Only connect accessories that are designed for use in a motor vehicle with a 12V electrical system. The electrical system could become damaged if there is more than 10A used from the accessory socket. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure that you do not connect any device which can exceed the rating of the accessory socket.

Caution: Always use the cover for the accessory socket when not in use. Items can get into the socket and cause damage. There is an accessory socket located in the armrest storage box in the cabin. They may be used to power any 12-volt vehicle accessory requiring a current of less than 10A.

Ashtray and Cigar Lighter (Optional)
Warning: The cigar lighter will be very hot when in use. Always hold the cigar lighter by the handle and always make sure that the cigar lighter is out of reach of children. Never leave children unattended in a vehicle that has a cigar lighter.

Warning: Do not become distracted while driving, and always be fully aware of all driving conditions. Only use the cigar lighter when road and traffic conditions allow. Failure to avoid potentially hazardous situations could result in an accident or collision resulting in death or serious injury. The cigar lighter can be used in the cabin accessory socket when the ignition is on. Push the lighter down until it clicks. The lighter will pop up when ready for use. The ashtray installs into the cup holders.

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