Aston Martin DB11 2021 Vehicle Settings and Convertible Roof User Guide

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Aston Martin DB11 2021 Vehicle Settings and Convertible Roof User Guide

Vehicle Settings

Acoustic Lock Feedback
Set audible lock notes on or off.

Auto-Fold Mirror
Set if mirrors are folded when the vehicle is locked on or off. Locator Illumination
Set locator illumination on or off.

Automatic Locking Feature
Set the automatic locking to on or off.

Exterior Light Delay
Select time delay for main lights when headlamps are switched on with the ignition off.

Tow Away Protection
Set tow away tilt sensor on or off.

Interior Motion Sensor
Set interior motion sensors to on or off.

Ambient Light Brightness
Select brightness level for ambient lighting.

Easy Entry/Exit
Set steering wheel easy entry feature on or off.

Time Settings 

Automatic Time Settings
Select to set automatic time settings to on or off.

Time Zone
Select the required local time zone. For example, London GMT. Once a time zone has been selected, the Summer Time menu will open to allow adjustment for summertime settings.

Summer Time
Set summer time adjustment to Automatic, On or Off.

Set Time Manually
Opens a graphical interface that allows the time to be set manually using the rotary joystick.

Use to set the format for date and time.

System Settings 

Favorite Functions
When Favorite Functions is selected the below menu options are available. Use the joystick to select:

  • Navigation
  • Radio
  • Media
  • Vehicle
  • Climate Control On/Off
  • A/C On/Off

Press ENTER on a menu item to access the following options for that item:

  • Reassign
  • Rename
  • Move
  • Delete

Select Display to access the display settings options:

  • Day
    Brighter display colors for clearer viewing during daytime driving conditions.
  • Night
    Dark display colors to reduce glare when driving at night.
  • Automatic
    Automatically change between day and night display when conditions change.
  • Brightness
    Change the level of display brightness between -5 and +5.

Select the language for the vehicle infotainment system from one of the available languages.

Voice Control

  • Help Window
  • Start New Individualisation
  • Delete Individualisation
  • Individualisation ON

Text Reader Speed
Select to choose a text reader speed from Fast, Medium or Slow. 360° Camera, Select to choose between activation by R Gear or Object Detection.

Select to set Activate Touchpad or Read Out Handwriting Recognition to on or off.

Activate Bluetooth
Select to set Bluetooth to on or off.

Automatic Volume Adjust
Select to set automatic volume to adjust to on or off.

Import/Export Data
Select to import or export data such as vehicle settings or navigation data, to a portable media device such as a USB device or SD card. This data can then be used to transfer to another vehicle or to load settings after disconnecting a battery.

Select to restore all default settings.

Convertible Roof

Roof Operation

Warning: Before raising or lowering the roof, make sure that all occupants are clear of the tonneau panel, the windscreen frame and door windows.

Warning: Misuse of the roof switch, especially by children, can result in injury due to entrapment in the roof mechanism and locking points.

Caution: Aston Martin recommends that the roof is not operated at temperatures of 0°C and below.

Caution: Make sure that the roof is always fully raised or fully lowered.

Caution: Do not attempt to lower the roof if any objects or clothing are laying on top of the roof or tonneau panel.

Caution: Before closing or opening the roof, make sure that there are no objects placed on the rear sloping deck area which could interfere with the folded, stored roof, especially the heated rear windscreen glass. Even small objects can cause damage.
Caution: Continuous use of the roof without the engine operating will cause the vehicle battery to rapidly discharge.

To Operate The Roof
Warning: Keep the vehicle’s road speed down to a minimum until the roof has completed its operation.
Caution: Aston Martin recommends that the roof is only operated while the vehicle is stationary and that the engine is always running when operating the roof mechanism to maintain optimal battery performance. The deck lid will lock and will stay locked during roof lowering and raising operations.

Before operating the convertible roof:

  • The deck lid must be closed.
  • The ignition must be on and the engine must be running.
  • Outside temperature must be above -10°C.
  • The variable load device must be in the lower position.
  • A maximum headroom (A) of 1795 mm is available for the roof to raise or lower.

Aston Martin DB11 2021 Vehicle Settings and Convertible Roof User Guide01

Warning: If roof movement is not complete the message “Open/close top completely” will be shown in the instrument cluster.
To operate the roof use the switch (B) in the centre console.Aston Martin DB11 2021 Vehicle Settings and Convertible Roof User Guide02

To Lower the Roof: Pull and hold the switch back to lower the roof.
To Raise the Roof: Push and hold the switch forwards to raise the roof.
Once roof movement is complete, a confirmation sound will be heard from the instrument cluster.

Window Operation
The windows can be lowered and raised independently of the roof. When the roof is fully lowered or raised use the window switch to operate the windows as normal.

Roof Relaxation
The roof system continually monitors the roof position. If the roof is in a position between fully open and fully closed for 7 minutes with the ignition on, the roof will close. There will be a warning sound and the roof will relax and close to it’s stowage position in its lowest position.

If the key is removed from the vehicle ignition, the roof system will not wait the 7 minutes and will close after the audible warning.
Warning: The roof can fall rapidly as the roof system loses hydraulic pressure. Keep away from the roof mechanism when the audible warning begins, to prevent injury or entrapment.

Over-speed Operation
Vehicle speed should be below 55 km/h (34 mph) when the roof is operated. If the vehicle speed exceeds 55 km/h (34 mph), the convertible roof will stop opening or closing. This can restrict the view from the rear of the vehicle and can cause an accident. Reduce the vehicle speed to below 50 km/h (31 mph). Press the roof switch again to continue roof operation.
When safe to do so, continue the roof movement. If the roof is left in its paused position for seven minutes, hydraulic pressure will be lost in the roof mechanism. The roof and tonneau lid will relax and drop down.

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