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BMW 3 Series 2020-2023 Deleting the Driver profile User Manual


BMW 3 Series 2020-2023 Deleting the Driver profile User Manual

Deleting the Driver profile

  1. “CAR”
    “Driver profiles”
  2. Tilt the Controller to the right.
    As an alternative for Steps 1 to 3, the profile image can be tapped in the top status bar.
  3. “Settings”
  4. “Remove driver profile”
  5. Select the desired driver profile.
  6. “Delete now”

ConnectedDrive countries: If the driver profile was synchronized with a ConnectedDrive account, the stored data in the ConnectedDrive ac‐count will be retained.

System limits

A clear detection of the desired vehicle key may not be possible in the following cases, e.g.:

  1. The driver unlocks the vehicle via Comfort Access.
  2. The driver changes, but the vehicle is not locked and unlocked.
  3. When multiple vehicle keys are located in the outer area on the driver’s side of the vehicle.

ConnectedDrive countries:
A driver profile can only be created and synchronized with the ConnectedDrive account when the vehicle has cellular network reception.
The use of personal settings that are stored in the ConnectedDrive account in other vehicles is subject to technical limitations. For example, set‐tings may be stored for a system that is not avail‐able, or available in a non-compatible version, in other vehicles.

This chapter describes all standard, country-specific and optional features offered with the series. It also describes features and functions that are not necessarily available in your vehicle, e.g., due to the selected options or country versions. This also applies to safety-related functions and systems. When using these functions and systems, the applicable laws and regulations must be observed.

Connecting mobile devices to the vehicle

Various connection types are available for using mobile devices in the vehicle. The connection type to select depends on the mobile device and the desired function.

General information
The following overview shows possible functions and the suitable connection types for them. The scope of functions depends on the mobile device.

Function Connection type Symbol in the device list
Making calls via the hands-free system. Bluetooth. BMW 3 Series 2020-2023 Input and display User Manual 03
Using phone functions via iDrive or touchscreen. BMW 3 Series 2020-2023 Input and display User Manual 02
Other functions, e.g. Contacts or SMS.
Playing music from the smartphone or the audio player. Bluetooth audio.
WLAN in the vehicle: WLAN.
Using apps in the vehicle.
Wi-Fi hotspot: WLAN.
Using the vehicle Internet access.
Screen Mirroring: WLAN.
Showing the smartphone display on the Control Display.
USB port: USB.
Playing music or videos from a USB device.

BMW 3 Series 2020-2023 Deleting the Driver profile User Manual 01

The following connection types require one-time pairing with the vehicle:

  1. Bluetooth.
  2. WLAN.

Paired devices are automatically recognized later on and connected to the vehicle.

Safety information

Operating the integrated information systems and communication devices while driving can distract from traffic. It is possible to lose control of the vehicle. There is a risk of accident. Only use the systems or devices when the traffic situation allows. As warranted, stop and use the systems and devices while the vehicle is stationary.

Compatible devices

General information
Information on mobile devices compatible with the vehicle can be found at
Malfunctions may occur with devices not listed or deviating software versions.

Displaying the vehicle identification number and software part number
When looking for compatible devices, you may have to state the vehicle identification number and the software part number. These numbers can be displayed in the vehicle.

  1. “COM”
  2. “Mobile devices”
  3. Tilt the Controller to the right.
  4. “Settings”
  5. “Bluetooth® info”
  6. “System information”

Managing mobile devices

General information

  1. After one-time pairing, the devices are automatically recognized and reconnected when the standby state is switched on.
  2. After stored content on the SIM card or the mobile phone, such as contacts, has been detected, the data is transmitted to the vehicle and can be used via iDrive.
  3. For some devices, certain settings are necessary, for instance, authorization; see the operating instructions of the device.

Displaying the device list

All devices paired with or connected to the vehicle are displayed in the device list.
A maximum of four devices can be connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth, and a maximum of ten devices can be connected to the vehicle via WLAN. A maximum of 20 devices will be detected.

  1. “COM”
  2. “Mobile devices”

An icon to the right of the device name indicates, for which function the device is used.
When the icon is displayed in white, this function is actively connected to the vehicle. The icon is displayed in gray when the function of the device is inactive.BMW 3 Series 2020-2023 Deleting the Driver profile User Manual 02

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