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BMW 3 Series 2020-2023 Fatigue Alert User Manual


BMW 3 Series 2020-2023 Fatigue Alert User Manual

Fatigue Alert

The Fatigue Alert can detect decreasing alertness or fatigue of the driver during long, monotonous trips, for instance on highways. The system recommends a break.

Safety information

The system cannot serve as a substitute for the driver’s personal judgment in assessing one’s physical state. An increasing lack of alertness or fatigue may not be detected or not be detected in time. There is a risk of an accident. Make sure that the driver is rested and alert. Adjust driving style to traffic conditions.

The system is switched on each time the drive-ready state is switched on.
After travel has begun, the system monitors certain aspects of the driver’s behavior, so that de‐creasing alertness or fatigue can be detected.

This procedure takes the following criteria into account:

  • Personal driving style, for instance, steering behavior.
    Driving conditions, for instance, time, and length of the trip.
    Depending on the equipment: attention of the driver through the Driver Attention Camera.

Starting at approx. 43 mph/70 km/h, the system is active and can also display a recommendation to take a break.

Break recommendation

The fatigue alert is activated automatically with each switching on of the drive-ready state and can thus display a break recommendation.
The break recommendation can also be switched on or off and adjusted via iDrive.

  1. “CAR”
  2. “Settings”
  3. “General settings”
  4. “Fatigue and Focus Alert”
  5. Select the desired setting.

If the driver becomes less alert or fatigued, a message is displayed in the Control Display with the recommendation to take a break.
During the display, various settings can be selected.
After a break, another recommendation to take a break cannot be displayed until after approximately 45 minutes.

System limits
The function may be limited in the following situations and may issue an incorrect warning or no warning at all:

  1. When the time is set incorrectly.
  2. When the vehicle speed is mainly below about 43 mph/70 km/h.
  3. With a sporty driving style, such as during rapid acceleration or when cornering fast.
  4. In active driving situations, such as when changing lanes frequently.
  5. When the road condition is poor.
  6. In the event of strong side winds.

The system is reset approx. 45 minutes after parking the vehicle, for instance in the case of a break during long trips on highways.

Driving stability control systems

Vehicle features and options
This chapter describes all standard, country-specific, and optional features offered by the series. It also describes features and functions that are not necessarily available in your vehicle, e.g., due to the selected options or country versions. This also applies to safety-related functions and systems. When using these functions and systems, the applicable laws and regulations must be observed.

Antilock Braking System ABS

The Antilock Braking System (ABS) prevents the locking of the wheels during braking.
The vehicle maintains its steerability even during emergency braking, which increases active driving safety.
ABS is operational every time you start the engine.

Brake assistant

The Brake Assistant affects maximum braking assistance when the brake is applied quickly. It reduces the braking distance to a minimum during emergency braking. The advantages of the Antilock Braking System (ABS) are thereby utilized. Do not reduce the pressure on the brake pedal for the duration of emergency braking.

Adaptive brake assistant

In combination with Active Cruise Control ACC, this system ensures that the brakes respond even more rapidly when braking in critical situations.

Drive-off assistant

The drive-off assistant supports driving off on uphill grades.

Driving off

  1. Hold the vehicle in place with the foot brake.
  2. Release the foot brake and drive off without delay.
  3. After the foot brake is released, the vehicle is held in place for approx. 2 seconds.
    Depending on the vehicle loading, the vehicle may roll back slightly.

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