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BMW 3 Series 2020-2023 Head Airbag User Manual


BMW 3 Series 2020-2023 Head Airbag User Manual

Head airbag

In the event of a side collision, the head airbag protects the head.

Ejection Mitigation

The head airbag system is designed as an ejection mitigation countermeasure to reduce the likelihood of ejections of vehicle occupants through side windows during rollovers or side collision events.

Knee airbag

Depending on the national market version:
The knee airbag protects the legs in the event of a frontal impact.

Protective effect

General information
Airbags are not triggered in every impact situation, e.g., in less severe accidents.

Information on the optimum protective effect of the airbags

If the seat position is incorrect or the deployment area of the airbags is impaired, the airbag system cannot provide protection as intended and may cause additional injuries due to triggering. There is a risk of injury or danger to life. Follow the information on achieving the optimum protective effect of the airbag system.

  1. Keep a distance from the airbags.
  2. Always grasp the steering wheel on the steering wheel rim. Hold your hands at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions, to keep the risk of injury to your hands or arms as low as possible when the airbag is triggered.
  3. Adjust the seat and steering wheel so that hands can be crossed over the steering wheel. Select the settings so that the shoulder rests against the backrest when crossing the hands and the upper body is as far back as possible while still maintaining a comfortable grip on the steering wheel.
  4. Make sure that the front passenger is sitting correctly, i.e., keeps his or her feet and legs in the floor area and does not support them on the dashboard.
  5. Make sure that occupant keeps their heads away from the side airbag.
  6. There should be no additional persons, animals, or objects between an airbag and a person.
  7. Dashboard and windshield on the front passenger side must stay clear do not attach adhesive film or coverings and do not attach brackets or cables, for instance for navigation devices or mobile phones.
  8. Do not bond the airbag cover panels with adhesive, and do not cover them or modify them in any way.
  9. Do not use the cover of the front airbag on the front passenger side as a storage area.
  10. Do not attach slip covers, seat cushions, or other objects to the front passenger seat that are not specifically suited for seats with integrated side airbags.
  11. Do not hang pieces of clothing, such as jackets, over the backrests.
  12. Never modify either the individual components or the wiring in the airbag system. This also applies to steering wheel covers, the dashboard, and the seats.
  13. Do not disassemble the airbag system.
  14. Even when you follow all instructions very closely, injury from contact with the airbags cannot be fully ruled out in certain situations.
  15. The ignition and inflation noise may lead to short-term and, in most cases, temporary hearing impairment in sensitive occupants.
  16. Vehicle modifications for a person with disabilities may affect the airbag system; contact BMW Customer Relations for further information.
  17. Warnings and information on the airbags are also found on the sun visors.

Operational readiness of the airbag system

Safety information

Individual components can be hot after triggering the airbag system. There is a risk of injury. Do not touch individual components.

Improperly executed work can lead to failure, malfunction, or unintentional triggering of the airbag system. In the case of a malfunction, the airbag system might not trigger as intended despite the accident’s severity. There is a risk of injury or danger to life. Have the airbag system checked, repaired, disassembled, and scrapped by a dealer’s service center or another qualified service center or repair shop.

Display in the instrument clusterBMW 3 Series 2020-2023 Head Airbag User Manual1

When the drive-ready state is turned on, the warning light in the instrument cluster lights up briefly and thereby indicates the operational readiness of the entire airbag system and the seat belt tensioners.


  • BMW 3 Series 2020-2023 Head Airbag User Manual1The warning light does not come on when the drive-ready state is turned on.
    The warning light lights up continuously.
  • Have the system checked.
  • Strength of the driver’s and front passenger airbag

  • General information
    The power that triggers the driver’s/front passenger airbags depends on the position of the driver’s/front passenger seat.
    To maintain the accuracy of this function over the long term, calibrate the front seats as soon as a respective message appears on the Control Display.
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