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BMW 3 Series 2020-2023 Switching on Manually User Manual


BMW 3 Series 2020-2023 Switching on Manually User Manual

Switching on Manually

Press the button.
The menu for the Intelligent Safety system is displayed.
If all Intelligent Safety systems were switched off, all systems are now switched on.

“Configure INDIVIDUAL”:
depending on the equipment version, the Intelligent Safety systems can be individually configured. The individual settings are activated and stored. As soon as a setting is changed on the menu, all settings of the menu are activated.

Press the button repeatedly.

The following settings are switched between:

All Intelligent Safety systems are switched on. Basic settings are activated for the sub-functions.

the Intelligent Safety systems are switched on according to the individual settings.
Some Intelligent Safety systems cannot be individually switched off.

Manual switching off

Press and hold this button.
All Intelligent Safety systems are switched off.BMW 3 Series 2020-2023 Switching on Manually User Manual 1

Setting the warning time

  1. “CAR”
  2. “Settings”
  3. “Driver Assistance”
  4. “Safety and Warnings”
  5. “Forward Collision Mitigation”
  6. Select the desired setting:
    • “Early”
    • “Medium”
    • “Late”: only acute warnings are displayed.

Warning with braking function


General information
A warning symbol appears in the instrument cluster and in the Head-up Display, where available if a collision with a detected vehicle is imminent.BMW 3 Series 2020-2023 Switching on Manually User Manual 3

Display with prewarning

The respective icon lights up red:
prewarning for vehicles that cross your driving direction.
Intervene yourself, for instance by braking.

Display with acute warning

The respective icon flashes red and an acoustic signal sounds: acute warning when vehicles cross your driving direction.
Brake and make an evasive maneuver, if necessary.

For example, a prewarning is displayed when a danger of collision with a crossing vehicle is detected.
If a prewarning is provided, respond by breaking as warranted.

Acute warning with braking function
An acute warning is displayed in the event of an immediate danger of collision with a crossing vehicle.
Intervene in the case of an acute warning. If an acute warning is provided, the system may provide assistance, such as through automatic brake intervention, when there is risk of collision.
Acute warnings may be provided even when there has been no prior warning.

Brake intervention

  1. The warning prompts the driver to intervene.
  2. The system may also assist in braking if there is a risk of collision.
  3. The vehicle can be decelerated to a standstill.
  4. The brake intervention can be interrupted by stepping on the accelerator pedal or by actively moving the steering wheel.
  5. The system’s ability to detect objects may be limited in some circumstances. Refer to the information in this Owner’s Manual regarding the limitations of the system and actively intervene as warranted.

System limits

Safety information

The system is designed to operate in certain conditions and circumstances. Due to conditions or other factors, the system may not respond. There may be a risk of accident or risk of damage to property. Actively intervene as warranted. Refer to the information in this Owner’s Manual regarding the scope of the system’s operation and limitations.

Upper-speed limit

The system responds to crossing vehicles when your own speed is below approx.
50 mph/80 km/h.

Detection rangeBMW 3 Series 2020-2023 Switching on Manually User Manual 4

  1. The system’s detection capability is limited.
  2. Thus, a system reaction might not come or might come late.

The following situations may not be detected, for instance:

  • Crossing vehicles when they are hidden by buildings, for instance.
    Vehicles that suddenly swerve in front of you, or strongly decelerating vehicles.
  • Crossing bicycles.
    Vehicles with an unusual side appearance.
  • System limits of the sensors

  • Additional information:
  • Cameras, refer to page 37.
    Radar sensors, refer to page 38.
  • Functional limitations
    The system may be limited in the following situations:
  • In tight curves.
    If the driving stability control systems are limited or deactivated, for instance DSC OFF.
  • Up to 10 seconds after the start of the engine via the Start/Stop button.
  • Warning sensitivity
  • The more sensitive the warning settings are, for example the warning time, the more warnings are displayed. Therefore, there may also be an excess of premature or unjustified warnings and reactions.

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