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BMW 8 Series Convertible 2022-2023 Malfunction User Manual


BMW 8 Series Convertible 2022-2023 Malfunction User Manual


A Check Control message is displayed. Vehicle key detection by the vehicle may malfunction under the following circumstances:

  1. The battery of the vehicle key is discharged.
  2. Fault of the radio link from transmission towers or other equipment with high transmitting power.
  3. Shielding of the vehicle key due to metal objects.
    Do not transport the vehicle key together with metal objects.
  4. Fault of the radio link from mobile phones or other electronic devices in direct proximity to the vehicle key.
    Do not carry the vehicle key in close proximity to other electronic devices.
  5. Fault of radio transmission by a charging process of mobile devices, for instance charging of a mobile phone.
  6. The vehicle key is located in direct proximity of the tray for wireless charging tray.
    Place the vehicle key in a different location.

In the case of interference, the vehicle can also be unlocked and locked from the outside with the integrated key.

Additional information:
The integrated key, refer to page 94.

Switching the drive-ready state on via emergency detection of the vehicle keyBMW 8 Series Convertible 2022-2023 Malfunction User Manual 01

It is not possible to switch on the drive-ready state if the vehicle key has not been detected. Proceed as follows in this case:

  1. Hold the rear of the vehicle key against the marked area on the steering column. Pay attention to the display in the instrument cluster.
  2. If the vehicle key is detected: Turn on the drive-ready state within 10 seconds.

If the vehicle key is not recognized, slightly change the position of the vehicle key and repeat the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions
What precautions can be taken to be able to open a vehicle with an accidentally locked in vehicle key?

  1. The options provided by the Remote Services of the BMW app include the ability to lock and unlock a vehicle.
  2. This requires an active BMW Connected‐Drive contract and the BMW app must be in‐stalled on a smartphone.
  3. Unlocking the vehicle can be requested via the BMW Connected Drive Call Center.
  4. An active BMW Connected Drive contract is required.

BMW display key

General information
The scope of delivery of the BMW display key includes an additional mechanical key. If the display key is used, the mechanical key should be carried with you, for instance in the wallet. The mechanical key is used like the integrated key. The display key supports all functions of the standard vehicle key.

In addition, the following functions are also available:

  1. Display the status of doors and windows.
  2. Display status of the alarm system.
  3. Display service information.
  4.  Call up range with available fuel.
  5. With parked-car heating: operate parked-car heating.
  6. Without parked-car heating: operate pre-ventilation.
  7. Pre-conditioning through Remote Engine Start Additional information: Integrated key, refer to page 94.

Safety information

People or animals in the vehicle can lock the doors from the inside and lock themselves in. In this case, the vehicle cannot be opened from the outside. There is a risk of injury. Take the vehicle key with you so that the vehicle can be opened from the outside.

For some country versions, unlocking from the inside is only possible with special knowledge. Persons who spend a lengthy time in the vehicle while being exposed to extreme temperatures are at risk of injury or death. Do not lock the vehicle from the outside when there are people in it.

Unattended children or animals in the vehicle can cause the vehicle to move and endanger themselves and traffic, for instance due to the following actions:

  1. Pressing the Start/Stop button.
  2. Releasing the parking brake.
  3. Opening and closing the doors or windows.
  4. Engaging selector lever position N.
  5. Using vehicle equipment.

There is a risk of accidents or injuries. Do not leave children or animals unattended in the vehicle. Take the vehicle key with you when exiting and lock the vehicle.

OverviewBMW 8 Series Convertible 2022-2023 Malfunction User Manual 02

  1. Opening the trunk lid
  2. Unlocking
  3. Press and hold or press three times in quick succession: panic mode Press briefly: pathway lighting
  4. Locking
  5.  Display
  6. Back
  7. Turn the display on/off
  8.  Micro-USB charging interface

Reception range
The number of available display key functions depends on the distance from the vehicle.

  • When you are in close proximity to the vehicle, all functions of the display key are available.
  • The status information can be called up in the extended reception range.
    With parked-car heating: the parked-car heating can be operated.
    Without parked-car heating: the presentation can be operated.
  • Outside of the reception range of the vehicle, you can display the last transmitted status information from the vehicle.
    The icon is shown on the display if one of the buttons is pressed outside of the reception range.
  • Display

  • General information
    The display is divided into the upper-status line, the information area, and the lower-status line.
  • Upper-status line
    The upper-status line displays the following information:
  • BMW 8 Series Convertible 2022-2023 Malfunction User Manual 03Vehicle secured vehicle unsecured.
  • Set time in the vehicle.
  • BMW 8 Series Convertible 2022-2023 Malfunction User Manual 04The charge the state of the display key battery.
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