BMW 8 Series Convertible 2022-2023 Wireless charging tray User Manual


BMW 8 Series Convertible 2022-2023 Wireless charging tray User Manual
Wireless charging tray

The wireless charging tray enables the following wireless functions:

  • Charging the rechargeable battery of a mobile phone with Qi capability and of other mobile devices, which support the Qi standard.
  • Charging the BMW Display key.

General information
When inserting the mobile phone, make sure there are no objects between it and the wireless charging tray.
During charging, the surface of the tray and the mobile phone may become warm. Higher temperatures may lead to a reduction in the charge current through the mobile phone, and in isolated cases the charging process is paused temporarily. Follow the relevant instructions in the mobile phone owner’s manual. The charge indicator shows on the Control Display whether a mobile phone with Qi capability is being charged.

This device has been tested for human exposure limits and found compliant at a minimum distance of 2 in/5 cm during operation. Therefore, a distance of 4 in/10 cm must be maintained in every direction when operating the device.BMW 8 Series Convertible 2022-2023 Wireless charging tray User Manual 02

Mounting position of the product.

Safety information

When charging a device that meets the Qi standard in the wireless charging tray, any metal objects located between the device and the tray can become very hot. Placing storage devices or electronic cards, such as chip cards, cards with magnetic strips or cards for signal transmission, between the device and the tray may impair the card function. There is a risk of injury and risk of damage to property. When charging mobile devices, make sure there are no objects between the device and the tray.


Tray in the center console:BMW 8 Series Convertible 2022-2023 Wireless charging tray User Manual 01

  • LED
    Storage area

Functional requirements

  • The mobile phone must compatibly support the required Qi standard.
  • If the mobile phone does not support the Qi standard, the mobile phone can be charged using a special Qi-compatible charging case.The Standby state is switched on.
  • Observe the maximum dimensions of the mobile phone.
  • Use only protective jackets and covers up to a maximum thickness of 0.07 in/2 mm; otherwise, the charging function may be impaired.
  • The mobile phone to be charged is located in the center of the tray.


Inserting the mobile phone
The mobile phone must not exceed the maximum size of approximately 6.0 x 3.1 x 0.7 in/154.5 x 80 x 18 mm.

  1.  Open the tray cover.
  2. Place the mobile phone-centered in the tray with the display facing up.
  3. Close the tray cover.

Removing the mobile phone

  1. Open the tray cover.
  2. Remove the mobile phone.

LED displays

Color  Meaning

Blue: The mobile phone is charging. The blue LED stays illuminated once the inserted mobile phone with Qi capability is fully charged.
Orange: The mobile phone is not charging. The temperature on the mobile phone is possibly too high or a foreign object in the charging tray.
Red: The mobile phone is not charging Contact a dealer’s service center or another qualified service center or repair shop.\

Forgotten warning

General information
If the vehicle is equipped with the forgotten warning function, a warning can be output if a mobile phone with Qi capability was forgotten in the wireless charging tray when leaving the vehicle. The forgotten warning is displayed in the instrument cluster.


  1. “CAR”
  2. “Settings”
  3. “General settings”
  4. “Wireless charging tray”
  5. Activate reminder.

System limits

At high temperatures on the mobile phone or in the vehicle, the charging functions of the mobile phone may be limited and some functions may no longer work.

LTE-Compensator – Information and User Manual

Your car is equipped with a wireless charging tray (WCA) to charge your mobile phone and connect it to the mobile network. To ensure the best possible connection a signal booster (LTE-Compensator) is used in conjunction with the WCA. The following paragraphs refer to this booster: This is a CONSUMER device. BEFORE USE, you MUST REGISTER THIS DE‐VICE with your wireless provider and have your provider’s consent. Most wireless providers consent to the use of Compensators. Some providers may not consent to the use of this device on their network. If you are unsure, contact your provider. You MUST operate this device with approved antennas and cables as specified by the manufacturer. Antennas MUST be installed at least 20 cm (8 inches) from any person. You MUST cease operating this device immediately if requested by the FCC or a licensed wireless service provider. Warning E911 location information may not be provided or may be inaccurate for calls served by using this device. Please observe additionally the following information.

  1. Sprint Nextel will allow consumers to register their signal boosters by calling their toll-free number.
  2. T-Mobile online registration link: (www.T-Mo‐ Registration); (
  3. Verizon’s online registration link: (
  4. AT&T online registration link (‐
  5. U.S. Cellular online registration link (

Before use, you must register your booster device with your wireless provider. If you should be requested by the FCC to cease operating your booster you are not allowed to insert your mobile phone in the charging tray anymore unless the booster is permanently deactivated by your local BMW dealer. You must not remove the booster from the car nor use it with any other than the preinstalled coupling device or antenna. Any modification of the existing antenna or coupling device as well as the use of other antennas or coupling devices will cause the cease of the booster´s operating license. The booster device fulfills the network protection standards as required by the FCC, such as inter‐modulation limits, oscillation detection and gain limits.
Booster Manufacturer: Kathrin Automotive
Model Number: LTECOMPB0
Part Number: 6803145-01

Vehicle features and options

This chapter describes all standard, country-specific, and optional features offered by the series. It also describes features and functions that are not necessarily available in your vehicle, e.g., due to the selected options or country versions. This also applies to safety-related functions and systems. When using these functions and systems, the applicable laws and regulations must be observed.

Storage compartments

General information
The vehicle interior contains multiple storage compartments for stowing objects.

Safety information
Loose objects or devices with a cable connection to the vehicle, for instance, mobile phones, can be thrown about the car’s interior while driving, for instance in the event of an accident, braking or evasive maneuver. There is a risk of injury. Secure loose objects or devices with a cable connection to the vehicle in the car’s interior.

Anti-slip pads such as anti-slip mats can damage the dashboard. There is a risk of damage to property, among other potential damage. Do not use anti-slip pads.

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