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2023 BMW X5 PLUG-IN HYBRID Dashboard And Sensors Guidelines


BMW X5 PLUG-IN HYBRID 2023 Dashboard And Sensors

The 2023 BMW X5 Plug-in Hybrid is a great example of how traditional luxury and cutting-edge technology can work together. The panel and sensors are great examples of this. The digital dashboard is the main place where the driver interacts with the car. It combines form and function in a way that is easy to understand and can be changed to fit each driver’s tastes. With the advanced Head-Up Display (HUD), important information is cast into the driver’s line of sight. This reduces distractions and makes driving more enjoyable. The car is also made better by a wide range of sensors, from the radar in the adaptive cruise control to the complex cams in the lane departure system. All of these sensors work together to make the car safer, more comfortable, and easier to use. Some examples of how these sensors change the driving experience are rain-sensing wipers, traffic sign recognition, and parking help. They show how committed BMW is to using technology to make cars that are the best they can be.

Vehicle features and options

This chapter describes all standard, country-specific, and optional features offered by the series. It also describes features and functions that are not necessarily available in your vehicle, e.g., due to the selected options or country versions. This also applies to safety-related functions and systems. When using these functions and systems, the applicable laws and regulations must be observed.

In the vicinity of the steering wheel BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-1

  1. BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-2Window safety switch
  2. BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-3Power windows
  3. Exterior mirror adjustment button
  4. Central locking system
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-4Unlocking
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-5Locking
  5. Seating comfort features
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-6Front passenger seat functionality 
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-7Memory function 
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-8Massage function
  6. BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-9Opening and closing the tailgate
  7. Pitman arm, left
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-10Turn signal
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-11High beams, headlight flasher
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-12Automatic High Beam Assistant
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-14Widgets
    • Trip data
  8. Shift paddle
  9. Steering wheel buttons left
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-13Manual Speed Limiter
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-15Depending on the equipment: Cruise Control on/off
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-16Depending on the equipment:
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-16Active Cruise Control on/off
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-17With Steering Assistant
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-18Cruise Control, Distance Control and lane guidance on/off
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-19Cruise Control: store the speed
      Speed Limit Assistant: accept the suggested speed
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-20Interrupt or continue cruise control
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-21Active Cruise Control: increase distance
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-22Active Cruise Control: reduce distance Cruise Control rocker switch
  10. Instrument cluster 
  11. Steering wheel buttons, right
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-23Selection lists
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-24Volume, see Owner’s Manual for Navigation, Entertainment and Communication 
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-25Voice control 
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-26Telephone, see Owner’s Manual for Navigation, Entertainment and Communication
      Thumbwheel for selection lists
  12. Pitman arm, right
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-27Wipers
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-28Rain sensor 
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-29Cleaning the windshield
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-30Rear wiper in Canadian models
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-31Rear wiper
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-32Clean the rear window
  13. BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-33Horn, entire surface
  14. BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-34Steering wheel heating 
  15. BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-35Adjusting the steering wheel 
  16. Fold-out compartment
  17. Lights
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-36Light switch 
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-37Lights off
      Daytime driving lights 
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-38Parking lights
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-39Automatic headlight control 190 Adaptive lighting functions 193 Automatic High Beam Assistant
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-68Low beams 
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-40Instrument lighting
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-41Right roadside parking light 
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-42Left roadside parking light
  18. BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-43Unlocking the hood
  19. BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-44Tank ventilation system

In the vicinity of the center console


  1. Control Display 
  2. BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-46Hazard warning system 
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-47Intelligent Safety
  3. Ventilation
  4. Glove compartment 
  5. Automatic climate control
  6. Radio/multimedia, see Owner’s Manual for Navigation, Entertainment, and Communication 6
  7. Controller with buttons
  8. BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-48Two-axle ride level control
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-49HDC Hill Descent Control
  9. BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-50.Parking brake 
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-51Automatic Hold
  10. BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-52Driving Dynamics Control SPORT drive mode
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-53HYBRID drive mode
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-54ELECTRIC drive mode
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-55ADAPTIVE drive mode
  11. BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-56Turning the drive-ready state on/off
  12. BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-57BATTERY CONTROL drive mode
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-58Parking assistance systems 
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-60Panorama View
    • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-61DSC Dynamic Stability Control 
  13. Step tronic transmission selector lever

In the vicinity of the headliner


  1. BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-63Emergency Call, SOS
  2. BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-64Glass sunroof
  3. BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-65Indicator light, front passenger airbag 
  4. BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-66Reading lights
  5. BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Dashboard-FIG-67Interior lights

Sensors of the vehicle

Vehicle features and options 

This chapter describes all standard, country-specific, and optional features offered with the series. It also describes features and functions that are not necessarily available in your vehicle, e.g., due to the selected options or country versions. This also applies to safety-related functions and systems. When using these functions and systems, the applicable laws and regulations must be observed.


Depending on the equipment, the following cameras and sensors are installed in the vehicle:

  • Front camera.
  • Cameras behind the windshield.
  • Top view cameras.
  • Rearview camera.
  • Front radar sensor.
  • Radar sensors, side, front.
  • Radar sensors, side, rear.
  • Ultrasonic sensors in the front/rear bumpers.
  • Ultrasonic sensors, side.
    Keep the vehicle cameras and sensors, as well as surrounding areas, clean and unobstructed.


Front CameraBMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Sensors-of-the-vehicle-fig-1

The front camera is located in the radiator grille.

Cameras behind the windshieldBMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Sensors-of-the-vehicle-fig-2

The cameras behind the windshield are located near the interior mirror.

Top view camerasBMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Sensors-of-the-vehicle-fig-3

One exterior mirror camera is located at the bottom of each exterior mirror housing.

Rearview cameraBMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Sensors-of-the-vehicle-fig-4

The rearview camera is located in the tailgate handle.

System limits of the cameras
The cameras may not be fully functional and may provide incorrect information in the following situations:

  • In heavy fog, wet conditions, or snowfall.
  • On steep hills, in steep depressions or in tight curves.
    When the camera field of view is covered, for instance by a fogged-up windshield or labels.
  •  If the camera lens is dirty or damaged.
  • With exterior mirrors folded in.
  • When driving toward bright lights or strong reflections, e.g., because of a setting sun.
  • When it is dark outside.
  • ▷ Camera behind the windshield: if the camera has overheated and been temporarily switched off due to excessively high temperatures.
    ▷ Camera behind the windshield: during calibration of the camera immediately after vehicle delivery.
    If applicable, a Check Control message will be displayed when the system limits are reached.

Radar sensors

Safety information 

The vehicle radar sensors and thus also the driver assistance systems can be impaired by external influences, e.g., interference. There is a risk of an accident. Watch the surrounding traffic situation closely, be ready to take over steering and braking at any time, and actively intervene where appropriate.

Front radar sensorBMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Sensors-of-the-vehicle-fig-5

The front radar sensor is located in the front bumper.

Radar sensors, side, frontBMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Sensors-of-the-vehicle-fig-6

The radar sensors are located to the side in the front bumper.

Radar sensors, side, rear BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Sensors-of-the-vehicle-fig-7

The radar sensors are located to the side behind the rear bumper.

System limits of the radar sensors
The radar sensors may not be fully functional or may not be available in the following situations:

  • If sensors are dirty, such as due to icing.
  • If sensors are covered, such as by labels, films or a number plate baseplate.
  • If the sensor is not aligned correctly, for instance, due to parking damage.
  • If the radiation range of the sensors is covered, e.g., by protruding cargo.
  • When the field of view of the sensors is covered, e.g., by garage walls, hedges, snow hills, vehicles or trailers.
  • After improper paintwork on the vehicle in the area of the sensors.
  • On steep hilltops or in sharp dips in the road.
    If applicable, a Check Control message will be displayed when the system limits are reached.

Ultrasonic sensors

Ultrasound sensors in the front/rear bumpers
BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Sensors-of-the-vehicle-fig-8The ultrasonic sensors for Park Distance Control are located in the front and rear bumpers.

Ultrasonic sensors, sideBMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Sensors-of-the-vehicle-fig-9

The ultrasonic sensors for Parking Assistant are located to the side in the front and rear bumpers.

The detection of objects with ultrasonic measurements can run into physical limits, e.g., in the following situations:

  • If the sensors are dirty or covered, e.g., by stickers.
  • If the sensor is not aligned correctly, for instance, due to parking damage.
  • After improper paintwork on the vehicle in the area of the sensors.
  • For small children and animals.
  • For persons with certain clothing, for instance, a jacket.
  • In case of external interference with the ultrasonics, for instance from passing vehicles, loud machines or other ultrasonic sources.
  • Under certain weather conditions, e.g., high moisture, wet conditions, snowfall, cold, extreme heat, or strong wind.
  • With tow bars and trailer couplings of other vehicles.
  • With thin or wedge-shaped objects.
  • With moving objects.
  • With elevated, protruding objects such as ledges.
  • With objects with corners, edges, and smooth surfaces.
  • For objects with fine surfaces or objects like fences, plants, or bushes.
  • For objects with porous surfaces.
  • With small and low objects, for instance, boxes.
  • With soft obstacles or obstacles covered in the foam material.
  • In automatic car washes.
  • On uneven surfaces, such as speed bumps.
  • Due to heavy exhaust.
  • Cargo that extends beyond the perimeter of the vehicle is not taken into account by the ultrasonic sensors.
  • When the trailer hitch cover is not on straight.
    If applicable, a Check Control message will be displayed when the system limits are reached.


How can I customize the display on the digital dashboard?

The BMW Live Cockpit Professional allows drivers to personalize the digital dashboard display through the infotainment system’s settings.

Does the BMW X5 Plug-in Hybrid feature a head-up display (HUD)?

Yes, the BMW X5 Plug-in Hybrid often includes a HUD, which projects crucial driving information onto the windshield within the driver’s line of sight.

How can I calibrate the parking sensors if they seem off?

Calibration procedures are detailed in the owner’s manual. If the issue persists, a visit to a BMW service center might be required.

What type of sensors does the adaptive cruise control system use?

The system usually relies on radar sensors and cameras to monitor the distance to the vehicle ahead, adjusting the speed accordingly.

Is there an alert system for blind spot monitoring?

Yes, blind spot monitoring typically illuminates a warning light on the respective side mirror and may also provide an audible warning if a turn signal is activated when a vehicle is detected in the blind spot.

How do I clean the exterior sensors to ensure accuracy?

Using a soft cloth dampened with a mild soapy solution is usually recommended. Avoid abrasive materials or chemicals.

How often do the sensors need maintenance or replacement?

Sensors are designed to last the vehicle’s lifetime but can get damaged or become faulty. Regular inspections during service appointments can help catch issues early.

Can I adjust the brightness of the dashboard display?

Yes, brightness settings can usually be found in the infotainment system or through physical buttons on the dashboard.

Does the vehicle alert me if a sensor is malfunctioning?

Typically, the BMW X5 will display a warning message or symbol on the dashboard if it detects a sensor issue.

How does the lane departure warning system work?

Using cameras, the system detects road markings and alerts the driver, usually through steering wheel vibrations, if the vehicle starts to drift from its lane without a turn signal.

What does the symbol with a car inside two curved lines represent on my dashboard?

This is typically the symbol for the lane-keeping assist or lane departure warning system.

Is there a sensor to detect rain and automatically activate wipers?

Yes, many BMW models, including the X5 Plug-in Hybrid, feature rain-sensing wipers that automatically adjust based on the intensity of precipitation.

Can I turn off specific sensors, like the front collision warning?

Most safety features can be toggled on or off via the vehicle’s infotainment system settings.

How does the traffic sign recognition system work?

The system uses a front camera to detect and read traffic signs, displaying them on the dashboard or HUD for the driver’s convenience.

Will the dashboard display the battery level and fuel level separately?

Yes, as a plug-in hybrid, the dashboard should display both the battery’s charge level and the fuel tank’s level distinctly, allowing drivers to monitor both energy sources.

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