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2023 BMW X5 PLUG-IN HYBRID Set-Up Instructions | Use Navigation System


BMW X5 PLUG-IN HYBRID 2023 Set up and use 

The 2023 BMW X5 Plug-in Hybrid is not only a great example of good engineering and concern for the environment, but it is also a hub of easy-to-use technology that is designed to make the user’s experience better. The BMW ConnectedDrive system is the heart of its user-centered design. It gives drivers an engaging interface that connects them to the car in a seamless way. The process for setting up many features, like personalizing the dynamic digital instrument cluster and integrating the BMW Wallbox for easy charging at home, has been simplified to make it easier for users. With the Intelligent Personal Assistant from BMW, voice-activated orders make driving and controlling the car even easier. At the same time, modern features like regenerative braking and adjustable suspension settings show that BMW is committed to making cars that are both fast and good for the environment. Every part of setting up and using the X5 Plug-in Hybrid has been carefully thought out. The goal was to combine the vehicle’s powerful features with simple, easy-to-use interfaces to make sure that drivers are always in charge and linked.

2023 BMW X5 Specs, Price, Features, Mileage (Brochure)

Seats, mirrors, and steering wheel

Electrically adjustable seats BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-1

  1. Backrest width
  2. Thigh support
  3. Forward/backward, height, seat tilt 4 Upper backrest
  4. Backrest tilt, head restraint
  5. Lumbar support

Adjusting the head restraint

Adjusting the height BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-2

Press switch up or down.

Adjusting distance BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-3

  • Back: press the button and push the head restraint toward the rear.
  •  Forward: pull the head restraint toward the front.

After setting the distance, make sure that the head restraint engages correctly.

Side extensions


Fold the side extensions forward to increase side support.

Adjusting the exterior mirrors BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-5

  1. Adjusting
  2.  Selecting a mirror, Automatic Curb Monitor 3 Folding in and out

Adjusting the steering wheel

Electrical steering wheel adjustment BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-6

Press the switch to adjust the forward/back position and height of the steering wheel to the seat position.

Memory function

The following settings can be stored and, if necessary, retrieved using the memory function:

  •  Seat position.
  • Exterior mirror position.
  • Steering wheel position.
  • Height of the Head-up Display.


  1. Set the desired position.
  2. BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-7Press the button. The lettering on the button is illuminated.
  3. Press the desired button 1 or 2 at the door while the lettering is illuminated. A signal sounds.

Calling up settings

Press the desired button 1 or 2.


Buttons and functions
Depending on the country and equipment version, the radio has the following buttons.

Button Function

  • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-8Press: turns the sound output on/off.
    Turn: adjusts the volume.
  • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-9Change the entertainment source.
  • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-10Press once: changes the station/track.
  • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-11Press and hold: fast forward/rewind the track.
  • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-12/ Programmable memory buttons.
  • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-14Changeover of wave range/satellite radio.
  • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-15Menu Apps.

Navigation destination input

Entering a destination via the search

  1. Press the button on the Controller.
  2. Where to?”
  3. Enter at least two letters or characters. Select point of interest categories from the points of interest menu as needed.
    The search term may be completed automatically in orange lettering.
    Tilt the Controller up to accept the suggested search term.
  4. Select the icon, if needed.
    A list of the results is displayed.
    Vehicles with charging socket: charging station display.
  5. If necessary, “Filter”
  6. Show results”
  7. Select the desired entry.
  8. If necessary, “Start guidance”

Using the mobile phone

General information
After the mobile phone is connected once to the vehicle, the mobile phone can be operated using iDrive and the steering wheel buttons.
Connecting via BluetoothÂ

  1. COM”
  2. Mobile devices”
  3. Tilt the Controller to the right.
  4. New device”
  5. Phone calls and audio”
    The vehicle’s Bluetooth name is displayed on the Control Display.
  6. Compare the control number displayed on the Control Display with the control number on the display of the mobile device, and confirm that the two match.
  7. A Bluetooth connection is established.
    The mobile device is connected to the vehicle and displayed in the device list.

Accepting a call
Depending on the equipment, incoming calls can be answered in several ways.

  • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-17Via iDrive:
  • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-17 Press the corresponding button on the steering wheel.
  •  Use the thumbwheel on the steering wheel to select from the list in the instrument cluster: “Accept”
  •  Via touchscreen: tap on the corresponding entry on the Control Display.

Dialing a number

  1. “COM”
  2. If necessary, “Telephone”
  3. “Dial number:”
  4. Enter the numbers.
  5. BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-17Select the icon. The connection is established via the mobile phone to which this function has been assigned.

Establish the connection via the additional telephone:

  1. Press the button.
  2. Call via”

Apple CarPlay© preparation

Car Play allows the operation of select functions of a compatible Apple iPhone via Siri voice con-trol and iDrive.

Functional requirements

  • Compatible iPhone, iPhone 5 or later with iOS 7.1 or later.
  • Corresponding mobile contract.
  •  If necessary, the setting for mobile data must be activated on the iPhone.
  • Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, and Siri voice control are turned on the iPhone.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are enabled in the vehicle.

2023 BMW X5 Specs, Price, Features, Mileage (Brochure)

Pairing the iPhone with Car Play

  1. “COM”
  2. “Mobile devices”
  3. “New device”
  4. “Phone calls and audio”
    The vehicle’s Bluetooth name is displayed on the Control Display.
  5. On the mobile device, search for Bluetooth devices in the vicinity and select the vehicle. A control number is displayed.
  6. Compare the control number displayed on the Control Display with the control number on the display of the mobile device, and confirm that the two match.
  7. “Use Apple Car Play”
    The iPhone is connected to the vehicle and displayed in the device list.

On the road


Drive-ready state
Turning on the drive-ready state BMW-X5BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-19-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-20

  1. Close the driver’s door.
  2. Depress the brake pedal.
  3. Press the Start/Stop button. Drive-ready state is activated:
    • Starting of a combustion engine.
    • Drive-ready state for electric driving without starting the engine.

Turning off drive-ready state 

  1. Engage selector lever position P with the vehicle stopped.
  2. Set the parking brake.
  3. Press the Start/Stop button.
    The engine is switched off.

Auto Start/Stop function
The Auto Start/Stop function helps save fuel. The system switches off the combustion engine when conditions for electric driving have been met. The standby state remains on. READY is displayed in the instrument cluster. If necessary, the combustion engine starts automatically.

Parking brake Setting

BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-21Pull the switch. The LED on the switch and the indicator light in the instrument cluster are illuminated.

BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-21With drive-ready state switched on:
Press the switch while stepping on the brake pedal or selector lever position P is set. The LED and the indicator light go out.
The parking brake is released.

Make sure the parking brake is engaged.

Steptronic transmission
Engaging selector lever position D, N, R BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-22

  • Gear position D.
  • Neutral N.
  • Reverse R.

To prevent the vehicle from creeping after you select a gear position or reverse, maintain pressure on the brake pedal until you are ready to drive off. Engage selector lever position R only when the vehicle is stationary.

Releasing the selector lever lockBMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-23

Press the button.

Engaging selector lever position P
Engage selector lever position P only when the vehicle is stationary.BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-24

Press button P.

Light and view

Turn signal, high beams, headlight flasher

Turn signalBMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-25

  • Blinking: press the lever past the resistance point.
  • Triple turn signal activation: lightly tap the lever up or down.
  • Brief blinking: press the lever to the resistance point and hold it there for as long as you want the turn signal to blink.

High beams, headlight flasherBMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-26

Press the lever forward or pull it backward.

  • High beams on, arrow 1.
    The high beams light up when the low beams are switched on.
  • High beams off/headlight flasher, arrow 2.

Lights and lighting

Lighting functions

Icon Function 

  • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-27Lights off.
    Daytime driving lights.
  • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-28Parking lights.
  • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-29Automatic headlight control. Adaptive lighting functions.
  • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-30Low beams.
  • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-31Instrument lighting.
  • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-32Right roadside parking light.
  • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-33Left roadside parking light.

Window wiper system

Turning on the window wiper systemBMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-34

Press the lever up until the desired position is reached.

  • Resting position of the wipers: position 0.
  • Rain sensor: position 1.
  • Normal wiper speed: position 2.
  • Fast wiper speed: position 3.

Turning off the window wiper system and flick wipeBMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-35

Press the lever down.

  • Turn off: press the lever down until it reaches 0 positions.
  • Flick wipe: press the lever down from the 0 positions.

Activating/deactivating rain sensorBMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-36

Activate: press the lever up once from its 0 positions, arrow 1.
Deactivate: press the lever back into the 0 positions.

Adjusting the rain sensor sensitivityBMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-37

Turn the thumbwheel on the wiper lever.

Cleaning the windshield BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-38

Pull the lever.

Switching on the rear wiperBMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-39

Turn the outer switch upward. 

  • Resting position of the wiper, position 0.
  • The intermittent operation, arrow 1. When reverse gear is engaged, the system switches to continuous operation.

Clean the rear window
Turn the outer switch in the desired direction.

  • In resting position: turn the switch downward, arrow 3. The switch automatically returns to its idle position when released.
  • In intermittent operation: turn the switch further, arrow 2. The switch automatically returns to its interval position when released.

Climate control

Automatic climate control

Button Function 

  • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-40Temperature.
  • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-41.Maximum cooling.
  • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-42AUTO program.
  • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-42Air recirculation mode.
  • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-43Airflow, manual.
  • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-44Intensity AUTO program.
  • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-45Air distribution, manual.
  • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-46Defrost function.
  • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-47Rear window defroster.
  • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-48Active seat ventilation.
  • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-49Seat and armrest heating.
  • BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-50Air conditioning.
    Opening the Climate menu.
    For example, for the following settings: upper body temperature adjustment, pre-ventilation.

Intermediate stop

Charging the vehicle
Depending on the national-market version, use a mode 2 charging cable, fast charging cable
(mode 3), or the permanently installed cable of a charging station to charge the vehicle.
The charging cable can be stowed in the cargo area, for instance under the cargo floor panel or in a bag.
Before disconnecting and connecting a charging cable, clean the area between the charging connector socket and charging socket and the charging cable plug as necessary, for instance, remove snow.
If necessary, unlock the charging cable before removing it.
The charging status is indicated on the indicator light on the charging socket.
Keep the charging socket cover closed when the charging socket is not used.


Ventilate the tank
Excess pressure may build up in the fuel tank as a result of gasoline vapors; this pressure is dissipated before the fuel cap is opened.

The button is located in the storage compartment of the driver’s door.

  1. Switch off drive-ready state.
  2. BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-51Press the button to start the pressure compensation.
    The tank ventilation system status is displayed in the instrument cluster. In rare cases, tank ventilation can last several mi-nutes.
    When tank ventilating has finished, a message is displayed in the instrument cluster. The fuel cap is released for opening.
  3. Open the fuel filler flap.
    If it is not possible to open the fuel filler flap after tank ventilating, press the button again.
    If it is still not possible to open the fuel filler flap even after pressing the button again, unlock the fuel filler flap manually.

Fuel cap 

  1. To open the fuel filler flap, press on the rear edge, arrow. The fuel filler flap opens. BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-52
  2. Turn the fuel cap counterclockwise.
  3. Place the fuel cap in the bracket attached to the fuel filler flap.

For the best fuel efficiency, the gasoline should be sulfur-free or very low in sulfur content.
Fuels that are marked on the gas pump as containing metal must not be used.

2023 BMW X5 Specs, Price, Features, Mileage (Brochure)

Wheels and tires

Tire pressure specifications
The tire inflation pressure specifications can be found in the tire inflation pressure table in the printed Owner’s Manual.

After correcting the tire pressure
For the flat tire monitor:
Reinitialize the Flat Tire Monitor.
With Tire Pressure Monitor:
The corrected tire inflation pressures are applied automatically. Make sure that the correct tire settings have been made.
With tires that cannot be found in the tire pres-sure values on the controlled display, reset the Tire Pressure Monitor (TPM).

Checking the tire pressure
Regularly check the tire inflation pressure and correct it as needed:

  • At least twice a month.
  • Before embarking on an extended trip.

Cleaning the wheels
The friction during hard braking may produce brake dust and make the rims dirty. Brake dust can be removed by cleaning the rims. BMW recommends using vehicle care and cleaning agents from BMW.

Electronic oil measurement

Functional requirements
A current measured value is available after approx. 30 minutes of normal driving.

Displaying the engine oil level 

  1. “CAR”
  2. “Vehicle status”
  3. BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-53“Engine oil level”

Different messages appear on the Control Display depending on the engine oil level. Pay attention to these messages.

Adding engine oil

General information
Safely park the vehicle and switch off the drive-ready state before adding engine oil.

Adding engine oil  BMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-54

Only add engine oil when the message is displayed in the instrument cluster.
Observe the top-up quantity in the message. Take care not to add too much engine oil. Observe recommended engine oil types.

Providing assistance

Hazard warning flashersBMW-X5-PLUG-IN-HYBRID-2023-Set-up-and-use-FIG-55

The button is located in the center console.

BMW Roadside Assistance
In many non-Connected Drive countries, BMW Roadside Assistance can be reached by phone around the clock. You can obtain support there in the event of a vehicle breakdown.
In Connected Drive countries, proceed as follows:

  1. “APPS”
  2. “Installed apps”
  3. “BMW Assist”
  4. If necessary, “BMW Roadside Assistance” A voice connection is established.

Connected Drive

BMW Assistance

  1. “COM”
  2. “BMW Assist”
  3. “BMW Assist”
    Follow the instructions on the Control Display.

Teleservices are services that help to maintain vehicle mobility.
Teleservices can comprise the following services:

  • BMW Roadside Assistance.
  • BMW Accident Assistance.
  • Teleservice Call.
  • Your service center.


How do I initiate the hybrid driving mode?

The driving mode selector usually has a specific setting for hybrid mode, allowing the vehicle to intelligently switch between electric and gasoline propulsion.

How can I set up the BMW ConnectedDrive app with my vehicle?

Download the app, register for an account, and then sync it with your vehicle using the on-screen prompts, typically involving entering a unique code from your vehicle’s infotainment system.

Is there a specific setup process for the home charging station?

Yes, the BMW Wallbox should be installed by a certified electrician, after which you’ll plug in the charger to the vehicle’s charging port and follow any on-screen instructions.

Can I customize the digital instrument cluster display?

Yes, the BMW Live Cockpit Professional allows personalization, enabling drivers to choose which information is displayed.

How do I activate the regenerative braking system?

The regenerative braking is typically active by default in electric and hybrid modes, capturing energy during deceleration to recharge the battery.

Is there a tutorial or guide available within the car’s system for first-time users?

Many BMW models offer on-board owner’s manuals within the infotainment system, which include guides and tutorials on various features.

How do I set up driver profiles in the vehicle?

Navigate to the car settings on the infotainment system, where you can create and manage driver profiles, saving individual preferences for seat position, infotainment settings, and more.

How can I adjust the vehicle’s energy saving settings?

Within the vehicle’s infotainment or driving mode settings, there should be options to optimize energy usage, such as choosing a more efficient driving mode or limiting auxiliary power draws.

Can I customize the ambient interior lighting?

Yes, many BMW models allow you to choose different colors and brightness levels for the interior ambient lighting through the settings menu.

How do I pair my smartphone via Bluetooth?

Access the vehicle’s Bluetooth settings via the infotainment system, ensure your phone’s Bluetooth is on, search for devices, and then select your phone from the list.

Can I set up the vehicle to auto-update its software?

With BMW’s over-the-air updates, you can choose to automatically receive software updates, ensuring the vehicle always has the latest features and improvements.

How do I configure the head-up display?

Through the settings menu on the infotainment system, you can adjust the content, brightness, and positioning of the head-up display.

How can I adjust the vehicle’s suspension settings?

If your BMW X5 Plug-in Hybrid is equipped with adaptive suspension, you can modify the settings through the driving mode selector or dedicated suspension settings in the infotainment system.

How do I set up voice commands?

BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant can be activated with a button or by saying “Hey BMW.” Ensure the voice command feature is active, and you can begin giving verbal commands.

Can I integrate third-party apps with the infotainment system?

BMW’s infotainment system is compatible with various third-party apps, especially when using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Access and manage these apps through the main interface.

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