Chevrolet Bolt EUV 2023 Auto-Zoom User Guide

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Chevrolet Bolt EUV 2023 Auto-Zoom User Guide


When approaching a maneuver, the map will automatically zoom in to show both the vehicle icon and the upcoming maneuver to give a better view of the maneuver. Once the maneuver is complete, the system will zoom back to the previous zoom level. Touch A on the map to access Settings, then touch Map Preferences to access Auto-Zoom. This feature can be enabled or disabled.

Touch the menu option next to the next turn street name to display Directions. Directions display the turns and directions from the current location to the final destination.

Editing Directions
Directions can be edited by choosing y, which expands the list to fill the display and enters the Edit Mode. While in Edit Mode, an unwanted route segment can be removed from the route by touching Y next to the segment. A pop-up appears to confirm segment removal. When the route segment has been removed, all segments are replaced by an activity indicator while the new route is recalculated. When the recalculation is complete, the activity indicator is replaced with the new route segments.

Highway Exits ListChevrolet Bolt EUV 2023 Touch and Hold User Guide 11

Touch  Chevrolet Bolt EUV 2023 Auto-Zoom User Guide 01 Touch to open the Exit list. This icon displays next to the current street name near the bottom of the display. The icon only appears when on a highway with defined exits. While traveling on roads with designated exits, an Exit list may be available. The Exit list displays the exit number, distance to the exit from the current vehicle position, and convenience stops that may be available, such as gas, coffee, food, and lodging.

Next Maneuver Menu

When in Active Guidance, the Next Maneuver Turn Arrow, Street Name, and Maneuver Distance are shown in the Next Maneuver at the top of the display overlaying the map. ETA, Distance to Destination, and Traffic Indicator are displayed in a panel pinned on the right of the display. Navigation Next Turn Maneuver Alert If the Navigation application is not open when a near maneuver prompt is given, it is shown as an alert. Touch the alert to go to the main navigation view or touch z to dismiss the alert. Repeat Voice Guidance.

Repeat Voice GuidanceChevrolet Bolt EUV 2023 Auto-Zoom User Guide 01

This symbol indicates the next guidance maneuver. Touch it to repeat the last spoken guidance instruction.

Incident Alert (If Equipped)
During active guidance, if the system determines that there is an incident ahead but there is not a better route, the system will play a tone and show a Quick Notice.
This will only show once per incident.

Incident Reports (If Equipped)
Incident report icons, along with traffic flow data, display on the map during both active and inactive guidance.

End Route
Touch Cancel at the top right corner to end active guidance and return to inactive guidance. If active guidance is canceled before the destination has been reached, a
pop-up option to Resume Trip will appear.

Resume Trip
The trip can be resumed if it was canceled by touching the Resume Trip pop-up option. If the system has determined that the destination has been reached, either because the arrival view is displayed or the destination has been passed, the Resume Trip option will not appear.

The navigation favorites can have contacts, addresses, or POIs that have been saved through the favorite icon on the details view.

Accessing Favorites

In the Nave application, view the Favorites list by touching H in the search bar along the top of the Nave map view. If the search bar is closed, touch } and select .

Saving Favorites
Favorites can be added from a number of the system’s applications. Touch the favorites icon to save content as a favorite.

Renaming Navigation Favorites

  1. Touch the Settings icon on the Home Page and touch the System tab.
  2. Touch Favorites to access the Manage Favorites option.
  3. Touch a saved Navigation favorite to access the edit icon. Touch the edit icon to rename the favorite.
  4. Touch Save to store the renamed favorite.

Touch H to access a list of recent destinations.

Reenter Position Icon
Touch the Reenter Position arrow in the middle of the map view to reset the map to the current location.

Last Parked Location
The Last Parked Location is the last location the vehicle engine was turned off. That location is displayed in the first row of the Recents list. Touching the last Parked Location shows the Address Details view to either save the address or drive to it. The Last Parked Location can be deleted by entering the Edit display. Once the Last Parked Location is deleted, it no longer appears in the Recents list, unless the vehicle is started at that location again.

Show POI Icons
To see the POI categories, touch Options, then touch Show on Map. Up to eight categories of icons can be selected.

Smart POI Icons on Map (If Equipped)Chevrolet Bolt EUV 2023 Touch and Hold User Guide 12

The smart POI icons such as fuel stations and parking may appear based on time, location, driver search behavior, driving conditions, and vehicle conditions.

Touch a smart POI icon to open the corresponding details:

  • Left side: Name and address of the POI.
  • Right side: E + ETE (Estimated Time Enroot.)

Smart Fuel Station Icons
Fuel station prices are shown if available for nearby stations when the vehicle is low on fuel.

Smart Parking Icons
When reaching a densely populated destination and the system determines that parking may be limited, the system will attempt to display nearby parking destinations with pricing information, if available.

Report an Issue Using POI Details (If Equipped)
On the POI details page, a POI issue can be reported if the data is not accurate or the address is incorrect. Touch Report an Issue near the bottom of the display to access the issue selection page. Touch one of the predefined issues on the selection page, then touch Send. The system will send the information for analysis.

Touch Search on the infotainment display to open the search display. It has a search field entry box, quick category icon shortcuts, recent icon, a favorites icon, and a keyboard.

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