Chevrolet Bolt EUV 2023 Maps User Guide

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Chevrolet Bolt EUV 2023 Maps User Guide


database to run. It is stored on an SD card that is connected to the infotainment system. If the map database is not available, a missing SD card error message will be displayed.

SD Card Error Messages
The SD card only works for one unique vehicle. The SD card must pass authentication verification to be used for that specific vehicle. If the SD card has a switch that can be set to read-only mode, ensure that it is in the upward position and not in read-only.

Potential error scenarios and messages include:

  • The SD card has been initialized for the first time: “Once initialized, this SD card can only be used for navigation in this vehicle.”
  • The SD card is not working properly: “SD card is not functioning properly. (Error Code).”
    See your dealer if this message appears.
  • The SD card is not paired with the existing system: “This SD card is not valid in this vehicle for navigation. See Owner’s
    Manual for more detail or visit your dealer. (Error Code).”
  • The SD card has been removed from the slot: “SD card has been removed. (Error Code).”
    Make sure the SD card is in the slot. If it was removed and inserted and you still receive an error code, see your dealer.
    Touch Confirm to resume after the initialization error message. For the other messages, touch OK to return to the Home Page.

Navigation Symbols

The following are the most common symbols that may appear in the Nav application.Chevrolet Bolt EUV 2023 Maps User Guide01 This indicates the vehicle’s current location and direction on the map.Chevrolet Bolt EUV 2023 Maps User Guide02 This is the vehicle’s current location icon during inactive guidance mode. Once a user profile is created, the current location icon can be customized.
This icon indicates the vehicle’s current location and direction on the map.Chevrolet Bolt EUV 2023 Maps User Guide03

The destination pin marks the location of the final destination. Touch the pin to view the destination address or to add it or remove it from the Favorites list. Hide the information by touching the pin one more time. It will automatically time out if no action is taken.Chevrolet Bolt EUV 2023 Maps User Guide04

If equipped, smart Points of Interest (POIs) are places of interest for parking and gas stations.Chevrolet Bolt EUV 2023 Maps User Guide04

The progress bar provides an overview of the route progress and may show traffic and incidents along the way. As the route proceeds, the vehicle icon moves up the bar. Touch the icon to zoom out on the map and view the entire route. Touch it again to return to the previous view. View the drive time by touching the estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Current Location
When the vehicle is parked and not in a Navigation session, the user icon is centered on the map view, highlighting the current location.


Receiving Destination Directions from Different Sources
Destinations can be received or transferred from different sources to the Nav application for route guidance. If equipped, some of these sources may include:

  • Navigation from search results.
  • An address from the Contacts list.
  • An application on the smartphone that can send destinations to the vehicle.

Add up to five waypoints, which are additional destinations, along the route. To add an additional stop or waypoint:

  1. From active guidance, touch.
  2. Search for the destination using One-Box, Voice search, or the Quick Category icons.
  3. Choose search results Along Route, Nearby, or Near Destination.
  4. Choose the desired waypoint and touch
    Add to Trip or replace the current destination by touching New Destination.
    Route options are not available for waypoints.

Arriving at a Waypoint
When approaching a waypoint, the system will display a Destination Arrival view. To continue on to the next destination touch the Drive to message on the infotainment display. If the vehicle passes the waypoint or gets out of the current route, the system will automatically reroute back to this waypoint.
At the same time, it will show a Drive to icon along with the next waypoint address so the current waypoint can be skipped and guidance can resume to the next waypoint or destination.

Editing a Waypoint
When waypoints are added during active guidance, the system allows a stop to be deleted or the order to be changed. To edit a waypoint:

  1. Touch A.
  2. Touch Edit Destinations.
  • Modify destination order by touching and holding the arrow until it is highlighted. Drag to move the waypoint up or down the list.
  • Delete a waypoint by touching Y.
    A pop-up will appear to confirm waypoint removal. Once the request is confirmed, the system will remove the address from the destinations list.
    Touch z on the top right corner so the system can recalculate the route.
    If there is only one address in the destinations list, the system will disable the move and delete functions. The system will not allow the final destination to be deleted.

Map Information

Road network attributes are contained in the map database for map information. Attributes include information such as street names, street addresses, and turn restrictions. A detailed area includes all major highways, service roads, and residential roads. The detailed areas include Places of Interest (POIs) such as restaurants, airports, banks, hospitals, police stations, gas stations, tourist attractions, and historical monuments. If the vehicle does not have an applicable service plan, the map database may not include data for newly constructed areas or map database corrections that are completed after production. The navigation system provides full route guidance in detailed map areas.

Zoom Control

The zoom control display is shown on the map view.

A few ways to zoom in or out are:

  • Touch + or – to zoom in or out on the map.
  • Double tap with one finger to zoom in or single tap with two fingers to zoom out on the map.
    Use the index finger and thumb to zoom out by pinching and then zoom in by spreading those two fingers on the map.

Map Gestures and Map Scale
Use the following gestures on the infotainment display to adjust the map scale and display options.

  • Pinch to zoom in or out.
  • Pan the map.
  • Use two fingers to tilt down and change from 2D to 3D. Tilt up to change back to 2D.
  • Rotate the map.
    See Using the System 0 116.

When in active guidance, the audio prompts while using navigation can be muted. Touch the speaker icon on the right side of the upper bar. A slash will appear on the speaker to indicate voice guidance is muted.

Active Guidance View
When a destination is chosen and a navigation session is active, the navigation system enters into an Active Guidance View (AGV).

Map Orientation
Touch Chevrolet Bolt EUV 2023 Maps User Guide06  on the map to access map orientation settings. Map orientation is 3D Heading Up by default.

Available settings are:

  • 3D Heading Up (Default): 3D map with the vehicle pointing up. In this mode, the current location icon will always head up and the map will rotate around it.
  • 2D Heading Up: 2D map with the vehicle pointing up. In this mode, the current location icon will always head up and the map will rotate around it.
  • 2D North Up: 2D map with North pointing up. In this mode, the current location icon will shift as the vehicle turns left and right.

Touch the icon to change the map type. The icon and label will also update accordingly. Depending on the zoom level of the 2D Heading Up and 3D Heading Up maps, the system may automatically switch to the 2D North Up map. When in AGV, the entire route can be viewed in 2D North Up by touching the traffic bar. The map will zoom out and readjust to display the full route. When in 2D North Up Route View, the Recenter icon will appear in the middle of the display.
Touch either the Recenter icon or the traffic bar again to return toe the previous view, either 2D or 3D.

Lane Guidance
The map will display the lane information for the upcoming maneuver if it is available. Junction View
When a vehicle is on the highway and approaching the exit, an image displays the lane that the vehicle must stay in to complete the next maneuver.

Quick-Turn View
When the vehicle is approaching a turn with the next turn following in quick succession, a quick-turn list appears below the primary turn indicator. An audio prompt will announce the quick turn.

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