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Chevrolet Bolt EUV 2023 Settings User Guide

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Chevrolet Bolt EUV 2023 Settings User Guide


Certain settings can be managed in the Owner Center sites when an account is established and may be modified if other users have accessed the vehicle or create accounts. This may result in changes to the security or functionality of the infotainment system. Some settings may also be transferred to a new vehicle if equipped.
Refer to the User Terms and Privacy Statement for important details. To view, touch the Settings icon on the Home Page of the infotainment display.
The settings menu may be organized into four categories. Select the desired category by touching System, Apps, Vehicle, or Personal.

To access the personalization menus:

  1. Touch Settings on the Home Page on the infotainment display.
  2. Touch the desired category to display a list of available options.
  3. Touch to select the desired feature setting.
  4. Touch the options on the infotainment display to disable or enable a feature.
  5. Touch z to go to the top level of the Settings menu.

The menu may contain the following:

Time / Date
Allows setting of the clock.

Sets the display language used on the infotainment display. It may also use the selected language for voice recognition and audio feedback.

Allows connecting to a different cell phone or mobile device source, disconnecting a cell phone or media device, or deleting a cell phone or media device.

Wi-Fi Networks
Shows connected and available Wi-Fi networks.

If a 4G LTE data package is not active on the vehicle, the infotainment system can be connected to an external protected Wi-Fi network, such as a mobile device or home hotspot, to utilize connected services.

Wi-Fi Hotspot
Allows adjustment of different Wi-Fi features.

Allows adjustment of the infotainment privacy settings.

Allows adjustment of the infotainment display.

Allows adjustment of the infotainment system sounds.

Allows adjustment of the infotainment voice recognition features.

Allows adjustment of the infotainment favorite settings.


If equipped, the vehicle can download and install select software updates over a wireless connection. The system will prompt certain updates to be downloaded and installed. There is also an option to check for updates manually. To manually check for updates, touch Settings on the Home Page and select the System tab. Go to the Vehicle Software section and touch Updates. Follow the on-screen prompts. The steps to check for, download, and install updates may vary by vehicle.

The vehicle can be used normally or can be charged during the software download. Once the download is complete, there may be a prompt to accept the installation of the update upon the next ignition cycle or the next time the vehicle is shifted into P (Park). For most updates, the vehicle will be disabled and cannot be driven during the installation. The system will deliver messages indicating success or error during and after the download and installation processes.
Downloading Over-the-Air vehicle software updates requires Internet connectivity, which can be accessed through the vehicle’s built-in 4G LTE connection, if equipped and active. If required, data plans are provided by a third party. Optionally, a secure Wi-Fi hotspot such as a compatible mobile device hotspot, home hotspot, or public hotspot can be used. Applicable data rates may apply.

To connect the infotainment system to a secured mobile device hotspot, home hotspot, or public hotspot, touch Settings on the Home Page, select the System tab, followed by Wi-Fi Networks. Select the appropriate Wi-Fi network, and follow the on-screen prompts. Download speeds may vary.
On most compatible mobile devices, activation of the Wi-Fi hotspot is in the Settings menu under Mobile Network Sharing, Personal Hotspot, Mobile Hotspot, or similar. Availability of Over-the-Air software updates varies by vehicle and country. Features are subject to change. For more information on this feature, see Online Account 0 303 for details.

Allows the infotainment system to disable or enable the download of new updates in the background.

Shows the infotainment system software information.

Running Applications
Shows a complete list of applications that are currently running on the infotainment system.

Return to Factory Settings
Allows resetting the infotainment system settings in the vehicle.

The menu may contain the following:

Android Auto
Allows interacting directly with a mobile device on the infotainment display. See Apple CarPlay and Android Auto 0 145.

Apple CarPlay
This feature allows you to interact directly with your mobile device on the infotainment display. See Apple CarPlay and Android Auto 0 145.

Shows app settings and information.

Adjusts different audio settings.

Adjusts different climate settings.

Adjusts different phone settings.

Adjusts different features.

The menu may contain the following:

Rear Seat Reminder
Allows for a chime and a message when the rear door has been opened before or during the operation of the vehicle.

Climate and Air Quality
Adjusts different climate settings.

Collision/Detection Systems
Adjusts different driver assistance system settings.

Comfort and Convenience
Adjusts different comfort and convenience settings.

Adjusts different lighting settings.

Power Door Locks
Adjusts different door lock settings.

Remote Lock, Unlock and Start
Adjusts different remote lock settings.

Teen Driver
See Teen Driver 0 150.

Valet Mode
This will lock the infotainment system and steering wheel controls. It may also limit access to vehicle storage locations if equipped.

To enable valet mode:

  1. Enter a four-digit code on the keypad.
  2. Select Enter to go to the confirmation screen.
  3. Re-enter the four-digit code.

Touch Lock or Unlock to lock or unlock the system. Touch Back to go back to the previous menu.

If equipped, this menu allows adjustment of different user profile settings. See “Users” in Using the System 0 116 for information on setting up user profiles.
The menu may contain the following:

Edit your user name that will be displayed in the vehicle.

Vehicle Account Information
View the vehicle account information and change the account password. An “unverified user account” pop-up will display until the account information verification process has been completed on the Internet. Check your registered e-mail account for an activation e-mail to complete the verification process.

Profile Picture
Choose or change your profile picture.

Profile Identifiers
Have the vehicle recognize the identifier you choose. If the remote key is lost or stolen, see your dealer.

Have your profile secured with a PIN. Vehicle Name Edit the vehicle name.

Vehicle Account
View the vehicle account information and change the account password.

Delete Profile
Remove the profile from the vehicle.

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