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Jayco Embark 2023 After draining the system User Manual

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Jayco Embark 2023 After draining the system User Manual

After draining the system

  1. The water heater power should be OFF (both switches: electric and LP gas). Water heater bypass valves (if applicable): A&B should be closed, valve C open.
  2. Open the water tank compartment of the RV. Remove the cap from the tank water fill and pour the vinegar solution into the freshwater tank. Replace the cap.
  3. Fill the fresh water tank using one of the following methods:
    • Remove the cap and fill the tank using a water hose. Monitor the water level using the water level guide. When the tank is full, remove the water hose and replace the cap on the water tank.
    • Attach the fresh water hose to a pressurized water source. Connect the other end of the hose to the City Water Inlet. Turn the Tank Fill / City Water valve on the utility center to TANK FILL (horizontal). Turn on the water until the tank is full. When the tank is full, shut off the pressurized water source, disconnect the hose from the water source (first), and then from the City Water inlet.
  4. Run water through all faucets (hot and cold, including the outside shower) until the chlorine smell is gone. Turn the pump ON to send water through the lines.
  5. Close all faucets including the outside shower. Turn the pump OFF.
  6. Drain the system again. Water heater bypass valves: leave valves A&B closed and valve C open. Do not remove the water heater drain plug.
  7. Close low-point drains and fresh water tank drains.
  8. Refill the fresh water tank with clean potable water. Use the gravity fill, and pour water directly into the gravity fill inlet on the outside of the trailer.
  9. Open faucets and check that the chlorine taste is gone.
  10. Drain the system one more time (see Draining the Fresh Water System).
  11. Remove the full system canister, insert the filter, and reattach the canister to the mount. For water heater bypass valves: Open valve A&B, and close valve C.
  12. Refill the freshwater system with clean water. When the water heater is full of water, turn the water heater power ON.

Winterizing the Plumbing System

If the motor home is going to be stored in a non-temperature controlled environment with a risk of temperatures reaching 32°F (0°C) or lower, the demand (power) system with RV antifreeze must be used in the motor home plumbing system as directed in this manual (this would include appliances such as the washer, dishwasher and the residential refrigerator).

Preparing your motor home for colder weather or storage is very important for most states and Canada. Failure to prepare your motor home may cause water supply lines and the water heater to freeze.
The motor home should be winterized at the end of the camping season or when the motor home will be exposed to temperatures that will fall at or below 32°F (0°C). Repairs due to freezing are not covered by warranty. A second person will make this job easier. No commodity or product should be added to the freshwater system to ensure freeze protection other than RV antifreeze.

Appliances (refrigerator, dishwasher or clothes washer) must be winterized. Refer to the appliance owner’s manual for additional information or contact your Dealer or Customer Service for assistance.

The preferred method is to winterize the plumbing system with RV antifreeze. Please read, understand, and follow all instructions before beginning to winterize your motor home.

The tank water heater must be drained to prevent damage from freezing. The water heater should be drained and bypassed during the winterization process particularly if introducing RV antifreeze into the plumbing system. DO NOT DRAIN THE WATER HEATER WHILE IT IS HOT OR UNDER PRESSURE! Antifreeze should be kept out of the water heater.

Winterizing the Aqua-Hot System: Aqua-Hot requires RV antifreeze in the potable water chamber to insure the heating coil is protected from freeze damage. The motor home antifreeze winterizing feature is located in the outside utility center. Refer to the Aqua-Hot owner’s manual for additional details.

Never apply air pressure to the water system with any of the valves in the closed position. Air pressure applied to a closed valve, faucet or low point drain could potentially damage the seals and cause water leaks. If you have questions, consult with your RV dealer. Using RV antifreeze is the preferred method of winterization.

  • Automotive antifreeze (ethylene glycol) and windshield washer antifreeze (methanol) are poisonous. Never use these products in your fresh water system. These products are harmful and may be fatal if swallowed. Use only RV antifreeze.

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