Jayco Embark 2023 Cleaning Diamond Shield Surface User Manual

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Jayco Embark 2023 Cleaning Diamond Shield Surface User Manual

Cleaning The Diamond Shield Surface

Your motor home is equipped with a protective Diamond Shield surface located on the front lower cap area, hood edges, generator door, under the entry door grab handle and door lock. When cleaning the surface, do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners or detergents. The manufacturer of the Diamond Shield surface does not recommend the use of any of the dry wash types of cleaners as they are intended for non-porous surfaces, and paint protection films are a porous material. Car wash type soap is recommended. Bugs should be washed off as soon as possible. One bug cleaner recommended by Diamond Shield is Bug Magic.

Use EXTREME care if using a pressure washer, as too high of a pressure or misuse of pressure washer may cut or tear the film. Pressure washer damage IS NOT covered under Diamond Shield’s warranty. The application of ANY products over Diamond Shield such as vinyl bras, banners, etc. will void the Diamond Shield warranty.
Diamond Shield recommends the use of 303 Aerospace Protectant™ or Protect All www. protectall.com especially before any trips. Both of these products replenish and provide UV screening protection, repel dust, soiling and staining, and should be applied every time you clean the front of your motor home. For minor scuffs Diamond Shield recommends the NOVUS line of products. Diamond Shield recommends Mothers or Maguire’s Liquid wax. DO NOT USE wax designed for specific colors. It is recommended to wax the Diamond Shield surface at least 3-4 times per year and prior to putting your motor home into storage.

The use of a protective covering (bra) is not recommended and will void the limited lifetime warranty of the diamond shield protective surface.


Frames receive heavy abuse from road conditions such as sand, pebbles, objects in the high-way, and/or ice inhibiting chemicals, all of which will cause chipping and a blasting effect on the painted surface. Frames will show signs of rust much sooner when exposed to salty air. Periodically rinse off the frame (or as use requires) removing road grime, tar, oil, mud or salt.
Refer to your Chassis Guide for the chassis manufacturer’s maintenance instructions.

Mud Flap

Your motor home is equipped with rear wheel mud flaps and/or a deluxe full-width mud flap, periodically check and remove dirt or debris buildup from the mud flaps.

The mud flap(s) should never be tilted towards the exhaust pipe when the motor home is not in motion or when the motor home is moving in reverse. Caution should be used when parking the motor home to assure the mud flap does not become caught or hung up on stationary items on the ground. This could result in damage to the mud flap(s).

Engine and Generator Compartment Access

Do not operate the motor home unless the engine hood, engine access cover, and generator compartment hood are securely closed and locked.
Keep people and pets clear of the rear of the coach while operating the engine compartment door. Keep hands and other body parts clear of the door, hinges and mechanism. Failure to act in accordance to these warnings may result in serious personal injury.

Engine compartment
The exterior engine compartment access door is operated manually. Lift the door open by grasping the ventilation fins on the engine compartment and pulling toward you and while lifting up. The engine compartment door will swing up. To close, pull down on the engine compartment door until it swings into place and closes. Generator compartment hood and tray
To access the components located in the generator compartment refer to Electrical Systems; Generator and Generator Slide Tray.

Exterior Roof and Sidewall Vents

Inspect the roof vents, including sealants for cracks and keep them clean. Inspect the refrigerator and holding tank vents for blockages from bird nests, spider webs, leaves, etc. All exterior access doors and vents need to be kept clean and free of obstructions (i.e., insect nests, mud daubers, etc.) while the appliances are in use.

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