Jayco Embark 2023 Electric Slide Room User Manual

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Jayco Embark 2023 Electric Slide Room(s) User Manual

Electric Slide Room

The mechanical components of the slide-out room(s) are gear driven and designed to work on 12 volts DC.

Make sure the interior slideout room path and the slideout room itself is clear of people and objects before operating.
Keep away from the slide rails and gear assembly when the room is in motion. They may pinch or catch on loose clothing causing personal injury.

Failure to follow these instructions could result in serious injury or death.

The following guidelines should be used when using your slideout room:
DO NOT OVER-EXTEND OR RETRACT THE SLIDEOUT ROOM. Release the switch immediately once the room has been fully extended or retracted. Do not wait until you hear the motor stop. Over-extending or retracting the slide-out room may result in damage to the stop rod and bracket. Do not place the excessive weight in the slideout room. It can cause the slideout room to malfunction and cause damage to the slideout. Additional support jacks are not needed under the slideout. Damage can occur to your slideout room from improper use of aftermarket support jacks.

The slideout rooms should be extended (with the air suspension fully aired up) before leveling jacks are deployed. Wheels MUST be straight. When the coach is leveled, airbags are dumped of air which lowers the fenders below the tops of the wheels. If wheels are not straight, fenders and/or tires WILL be damaged. This is a very expensive repair to make. DO NOT DUMP AIR FROM AIRBAGS UNLESS THE WHEELS ARE STRAIGHT!

Operating the slideout rooms

Each slideout is equipped with a separate control switch. The control switches for all slide-out rooms are located in the touchscreen control system.
In order to operate the slideout rooms, the Park Brake must be set. To extend the slideout rooms, press and hold “EXTEND” on the extend/retract switch. The slideout rooms will not extend unless this switch is held down. Release the switch immediately once it is fully extended or retracted do not let it go beyond the stop. Press and hold “RETRACT” on the extend/retract switch again to reverse the process.
If the slideout rooms will not extend or retract, contact Customer Service or a reputable dealer service facility. Do not attempt to service the slideout system yourself.

The Electrical System

The RV electrical system is comprised of two independent electrical systems. One operates off of 12-volt DC power and the other off of 120-volt 60hz AC power. All installations have been made in compliance with industry standards applicable on the date of manufacture. Because the electrical equipment and associated circuitry are engineered into a dedicated system specific to your RV, do not make unauthorized changes or add fixed appliances to it. Changes or additions made after delivery may result in a hazardous condition.
Service and/or modification of the electrical system should only be performed by qualified electrical technicians using approved materials, components, and methods meeting current safety and code requirements. Consult your dealer’s service department for assistance. To read more about the various components incorporated into the RV electrical system, please refer to the information contained in your Warranty Packet. Consult the Chassis Guide for information pertaining to the chassis drivetrain electrical system.

Electrical System Maintenance

Before working on the electrical system:

  1. Make sure the inverter/charger is turned “off” before disconnecting the batteries
  2. Disconnect the shore power cord.
  3. If equipped with a generator, turn off the generator and disable the automatic generator start functionality.
  4. Turn off the battery disconnect switch (if so equipped).
  5. Turn off the 120V main circuit breaker.
  6. Disconnect the negative 12VDC battery terminal from the battery.

Use caution when using metal tools. If a tool contacts a battery terminal or metal connected to it, a short circuit could occur which could cause personal injury, explosion or fire.

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