Jayco Embark 2023 Emergency Warranty Repair User Manual

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Jayco Embark 2023 Obtaining Emergency Warranty Repair User Manual

Obtaining Emergency Warranty Repair

  • Call 1-(800)-283-8267 or use our website dealer locator to find an authorized Jayco dealer in your area. Contact them for an appointment; they will handle all warranty repair billing and returned parts for you.
  • If you cannot locate an authorized Jayco dealer near you, ask the campground staff for referrals or check the internet. Or contact Jayco Customer Service or your selling dealer for assistance in locating a repair facility.
  • Contact the RV repair facility to discuss your situation and make an appointment. Ask how their billing will be handled. They may choose to bill Jayco directly; otherwise, you are expected to pay them.
  • Have the RV repair facility inspect your RV. Either they or you must call Jayco Customer Service to discuss applicable warranty coverage prior to any repair work being performed.
  • Jayco Customer Service will issue an authorization number upon warranty repair approval and advise if any original parts need to be returned.
  • Once Jayco Customer Service has issued an authorization number, the RV repair facility may begin actual repair to your RV.
  • Inspect the completed repair work thoroughly. If you are not satisfied, communicate that immediately to the RV repair facility management. Make sure you are satisfied with the repair before you pay or leave the premises.
  • For reimbursement, either you or the RV repair facility must send a copy of your itemized repair bill and all requested returned parts by UPS (regular ground, freight pre-paid) within 60 days of the completed repair date.

To expedite the processing of your warranty claim, including your name, address, phone number, RV 17-digit VIN, and authorization number. If returning parts include a copy of your return freight bill.

Obtaining weekend or after-business-hours repair assistance

If an authorized Jayco dealer is not located nearby, contact your selling dealer for assistance. If your dealer is closed, check with the campground staff or the internet for an RV repair facility. Have the item repaired and contact Jayco Customer Service immediately the following business day. Failure to contact Jayco Customer Service, unauthorized or improper warranty repairs, or failure to return requested original parts may result in loss of reimbursements and/or loss of warranty.

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About This Manual

This manual is a guide to the operation of the features, equipment, and controls in your recreation vehicle. If you find components vary significantly from what is described, please contact your dealer to ensure you have the correct information. Nothing in this manual creates any warranty, either expressed or implied nor does it cover every possible detail of equipment, standard, or option, installed on or in your recreation vehicle. Information, illustrations, and specifications in this manual reflect the most current available at the time of publication approval, are subject to change, and are not intended to indicate actual size. This Owner’s Manual and Warranty Packet are to be considered permanent components of the vehicle. Keep them in your recreation vehicle at all times for personal reference. If the recreation vehicle is sold, it should remain with the vehicle for the next owner.

Warranty Packet

There are components that are excluded from the vehicle warranty or are warranted separately by their own individual manufacturer’s limited warranty. The Warranty Packet contains this component manufacturer-supplied manuals or information sheets, warranty cards, and/or registrations. Consult this information for questions regarding operating, maintenance, servicing instructions, and warranty coverage. It is important you complete and mail warranty cards and registrations within the prescribed time limits to avoid loss of warranty coverage.

Chassis Guide

Throughout this manual, frequent reference is made to the vehicle’s Chassis Guide. The Chassis Guide includes the owner’s manual provided by the manufacturer of the chassis on which this motor home is built, warranty cards, and/or registrations. It also includes pertinent information regarding the transmission, tires, etc. Consult the Chassis Guide for operating safety, maintenance, servicing instructions, and warranty coverage. The Chassis Guide should be considered a permanent component of the vehicle and kept in the motorhome at all times for reference.

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