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Jayco Embark 2023 Fresh Water Connections User Manual

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Jayco Embark 2023 Fresh Water Connections User Manual

Fresh Water Connections

There are three types of direct freshwater connections located at the exterior utility center:

  1. Fresh water connection inlet
  2. Black tank flush (see Black Tank Flush)
  3. Clear hose (sanitize/winterize)

The utility center has a water shutoff valve located behind the utility center panel (Fig 3).Jayco Embark 2023 Fresh Water Connections User Manual 01

  1. Hot water line drain valve (left side of utility center)
  2. Cold water line drain valve (left side of utility center)
  3. Siphon valve with clear hose attached for sanitizing and winterizing (left side of utility center)
  4. Water supply valve to canister water filter (upper right of utility center)
  5. Drain on floor of utility center
  6. Macerator Bypass dump valve (center of utility center)
    (See Black and Gray Tank Drain section)
  7. Water pump and strainer (left wall of utility center)
  8. Water Pump Backflow Valve: Located beside the pump on the left wall of the utility center. It must be turned ON when using the pump to circulate water through the water lines of the RV. It must be OFF when using pressurized City Water to circulate water through the water lines. If it is ON when using City Water, it can backfill the fresh water tank through the water pump causing it to overflow. If you are using pressurized water to fill the tank, this valve has no effect ON or OFF.
  9. Macerator Emergency Cutoff valve (center of utility center)
    (See Black and Gray Tank Drain section)

Sanitizing the Plumbing System

When to sanitize:

  1. When your motor home is new.
  2. At the beginning and end of each season.
  3. When the water system becomes contaminated
  4. Every three months of use.

Preparing to sanitize

Prepare a chlorine solution using 1/4 cup of household bleach (sodium hypochlorite solution) to one gallon (3.785 liters) of water in a container. Prepare one gallon of solution for every 15 gallons of tank capacity. This will result in a residual chlorine concentration of 50 ppm in the water system and should remain in system for at least 4 hours.
If a 100 ppm concentration is prepared, use ½ cup of household bleach with one gallon of water. One gallon of the solution should be used for each 15 gallons of tank capacity. Allow to remain in system for at least 1 hour.

Freshwater tank sizes vary by model. Contact your dealer or customer service for your specific tank size.

How to sanitize:

  1. Level the motor home and drain the freshwater system (see Draining the Fresh Water System).
  2. Close all low point drains, including the drains for hot/cold water lines at the utility center (Fig 2).
  3. Turn water supply OFF to canister water filter (Fig 3). The valve is located behind the utility center panel. Remove the filter cartridge from the water purification system canister (Fig 1), re-attach the empty canister. See Water Purification System for ad-ditional information on removing the filters. Turn the water supply valve (Fig 3) ON. Chlorine should be kept out of the water filter.
    NOTE: Filter should be replaced at the beginning of the camping season or if they have come into contact with contaminated water.
  4. To sanitize the fresh water tank: Open the water tank compartment of the RV. Remove the cap from the tank water fill and pour the sanitizer solution into the freshwater tank. Replace the cap.
  5. Fill the fresh water tank using one of the following methods:
    • Remove the cap and fill the tank using a water hose. Monitor the water level using the water level guide. When the tank is full, remove the water hose and replace the cap on the water tank.
    • Attach the fresh water hose to a pressurized water source. Connect the other end of the hose to the City Water Inlet. Turn the Tank Fill / City Water valve on the utility center to TANK FILL (horizontal). Turn on the water until the tank is full. When the tank is full, shut off the pressurized water source, disconnect the hose from the water source (first), and then from the City Water inlet.
  6. Turn off power to the water heater. Bypass the water heater. Sanitizer must be kept out of the water heater. Set the bypass valves to the BYPASS position (two supply valves OFF, middle valve ON). The 3 valves are located near the water heater.
  7. Turn Water Pump Backflow Valve ON (when using the pump).
  8. Turn the pump switch ON.
  9. Open the hot and cold water line faucets one at a time (kitchen, lavatory, shower and outside shower) until water begins to flow continuously and a chlorine smell is noticeable. Close the hot and cold water faucets.
    NOTE: The shower hose must be connected to the outside shower.
  10. Turn the pump OFF.
  11. Let the solution remain in the system for at least four hours when disinfecting with 50 PPM residual chlorine. If a shorter time period is desired, then a 100 PPM chlorine concentration should be permitted to sit in the system for at least one hour.
    • NOTE: For complete fresh water tank sanitization, driving your motor home for a short distance will allow the sanitizing solution to splash around all sides of the tank.
  12. After the required sanitization period, drain the chlorine solution from the freshwater system (see Draining the Fresh Water System).
  13. Re-fill the fresh water tank. Verify that the city water valve is in the horizontal (fill tank) position (Fig. 1). Refer to Step 6 above to fill the freshwater tank.
  14. Turn the water source OFF. Set the city water valve back to the vertical (city water) position. The water source should attach to the City Water inlet. Turn the water source ON. The water Pump Backflow Valve should be turned OFF. Open all faucets (including the outside shower) to flush all the water lines with fresh water (the pump is not used for this). The water heater bypass should still be set to BYPASS.
  15. Drain the freshwater system again (see Draining the Fresh Water System). Re-fill the fresh water tank with potable water. Turn the water heater bypass valves to the NOR-MAL position (hot & cold supply valves ON, middle valve OFF) to allow water into the Aqua-Hot water heater. Detach the outside shower hose.

Lingering Chlorine Taste:
If a chlorine taste still lingers in the water, flush the water system with a solution consisting of one-quart vinegar to five gallons of clean water. Re-flush as necessary. The vinegar solution may damage the water heater or the water filter, so both must be bypassed again before performing this operation.

  • Follow the steps outlined in Draining the Fresh Water System with one exception; do not drain the water heater.
  • Water heater bypass valves (if so equipped) should be set to BYPASS; close valves A&B and open valve C. Do not remove the water heater drain plug.
  • Full system canister water filter, remove the canister, take out the filter, and reattach the empty canister.

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