Jayco Embark 2023 Introduction User Manual

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Jayco Embark 2023 Introduction User Manual


Congratulations! On your Jayco recreation vehicle purchase. We are excited to welcome you to our growing RV family. We are committed to being the most respected name in RVs. Jayco recreation vehicles are manufactured for use as temporary living quarters for recreation, camping and travel uses, all as defined by the bylaws of the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). This recreation vehicle is not intended for use as a full-time residence or for commercial use. Commercial use means using the recreation vehicle as a business asset such as a mobile office or using the recreation vehicle for lease or rental purposes.

Jayco reserves the right to discontinue or change specifications or design at any time without notice and without incurring any obligation whatsoever. Recreation vehicles built for sale in Canada may differ to conform to Canadian Codes. We invite you to drop by our Visitors Center located in Middlebury, Indiana. To book a factory tour or check on available tour times, log on to https://www.jayco.com and click on the ABOUT heading. Select “Visit Us” from the drop-down for factory tour information.

Options and Equipment

Jayco recreation vehicles are available in several sizes and models, so accessories and components may differ slightly between models. Some equipment described in this manual may not apply to your recreation vehicle. Jayco reserves the right to discontinue or change specifications or design at any time without notice, and to make additions or improvements without incurring any obligations upon itself to install these changes on its products previously manufactured. Recreation vehicles built for sale in Canada may differ to conform to Canadian Codes.

Dealer Responsibility

Dealers who are authorized to sell Jayco motor homes are also there to provide customer service after the sale. We work closely with them in an effort to keep you satisfied.

At the time of the sale of the new motor home, your dealer is expected to explain or provide the following:

  • Provide orientation of the motor home, its systems, components, and their operation (including a test drive). Request that you read all motorized warranty information and explain any provision not clearly understood.
  • Complete and return the Warranty Registration and Customer Delivery form and the chassis manufacturer Chassis Manufacturer’s Delayed Warranty Start form to activate the applicable warranty coverage (mileage and date of purchase must be included on both forms). Retain copies of these forms in the motor home for any required warranty coverage as needed at home or while traveling.
  • Ensure that you receive a complete Owner’s Portfolio and review the individual manufacturer’s limited warranty provisions with you. The dealer can assist in completing these forms and in locating any required component model or serial numbers.

The Limited Warranty is activated only after Jayco receives a signed and dated “Warranty Registration and Customer Delivery Form” from your dealer.

Customer Relations

Jayco has empowered its dealers to make warranty and repair decisions. If a special circumstance occurs that requires information from Jayco, we have asked your dealer’s service management to make the contact on your behalf. This is why you should always talk to your dealer’s service management first.

Please provide the following information when contacting us for assistance:

  • Customer name and current location.
  • Phone number where you can be reached.
  • 17-digit chassis Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or 9-digit Serial.
  • The current vehicle mileage.
  • Your date of purchase.
  • If applicable, the component description, serial number, and model number.
  • A detailed description of the concern.
  • The name of your selling dealer.
    • If different from above, the contact information for the RV repair facility you are contacting Jayco to discuss.
An important note about alterations and warranties

Installations or alterations to the original equipment vehicle as distributed by Jayco are not covered by the Jayco Limited Warranty. The special body company, assembler, equipment installer or up fitter is solely responsible for warranties on the body or equipment and any alterations (or any effect of the alterations) to any of the parts, components, systems, or assemblies installed by Jayco. Jayco is not responsible for the safety or quality of design features, materials or workmanship of any alterations by such suppliers.

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