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Jayco Embark 2023 Outside Shower User Manual

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Jayco Embark 2023 Outside Shower User Manual

Outside Shower

A handheld shower assembly with both hot and cold water is included for use outside of your recreational vehicle. It may be located in a separate outside shower compartment or at the utility center (if so equipped).

  1. Be sure the water heater is ON and had sufficient time to heat the water.
  2. If dry camping, be sure the 12-volt water pump is ON.
  3. Remove the handheld shower from its holder.
  4. Turn ON the hot and cold faucet knobs, and adjust the water temperature as desired.
  5. To activate the handheld shower turn ON the sprayer head attachment (some models). To turn off the water, always close the hot/cold control (faucet) knobs. The lever on the shower head will not completely stop the flow of water; this is intentional to allow for drain-ing. After the water has been allowed to drain from the shower head, return it to the outside shower storage. Any remaining water in the shower hose will drip or run out; this is not a leak but performs as intended. If you are dry camping, turn the water pump OFF.

Turning off the water with the shower head lever can also create a condition where the hot and cold water will mix through the outside shower faucet, thereby reducing the temperature of the hot water. It can appear as though the hot water heater is not working properly.

The shower head may be removed from the hose so that it will drain faster. If you remove the shower head, be sure to reassemble it prior to stor-age.

When putting the shower assembly back into the storage compart-ment, make sure the hose is not pinched or the shower head is positioned in a way it can be damaged.


The bathroom, kitchen and outside shower faucets operate much the same way as the faucets in your home. Make sure there is sufficient water available and the 12-volt water pump is turned ON before operating.

There may be air in the water plumbing lines which needs to be bled out before a steady stream of water comes from the faucet.

Bathroom Tub / Shower

Keep the water heater and holding tank capacities in mind when using the freshwater system. The used water will drain into the grey water holding tank.

  1. Be sure the water heater is ON and had sufficient time to heat the water.
  2. If dry camping, be sure your 12-volt water pump is ON.

Unlike your home, the recreational vehicle does not contain a water pressure balance valve. If someone is using the shower, it is recommended that the fresh water system NOT BE USED until they are finished.

Water temperatures over 125°F (49°C) can cause severe burns instantly there-fore, be careful when using hot water. Always test the water temperature before showering or washing.

The shower faucet may include a vacuum breaker for the shower.

There are two purposes for this breaker:

  1. To prevent siphoning water through the hose from another fixture.
  2. To prevent water from being retained in the hose.

The showerhead DOES NOT have a complete shut-off valve (the complete shut-off is at the faucet). The showerhead may drip slightly in the OFF position after use; this is normal and does not indicate a leak or defect.

Refer the manufacturer’s user guide or label instructions for detailed cleaning information. The tub/shower walls are made of ABS plastic material. Use a mild detergent soap and warm water to clean. Do not use gritty or abrasive particle soaps or scouring compounds to clean ABS plastic. Avoid using “Citrus” or biodegradable cleaners which contain “D-Limonene.” They will damage plastic materials.

Shower Miser

The Shower Miser is a device attached to your inside shower that helps to conserve water especially when you are dry camping and are restricted to the amount of water available in your fresh water tank and don’t have ready access to a water supply. The device is installed on the incoming water line for the shower and will circulate water from your water heater, back into your fresh water tank until the water in the shower comes up to temperature. This prevents needlessly dumping your limited supply of water while waiting for the shower to heat up.

The device consists of a small valve and a blue plastic “dot” below the shower handle.
When the small valve (on the Shower Miser) is in the closed (OFF) position, wasted cold water is directed to the freshwater tank. No water will flow through the shower head. The blue “dot” will be dark blue when cold water is running through the shower plumbing. When the water is up to temperature, the blue “dot” will change color from a dark blue to white which indicates the water flowing into the shower is now hot. Turn the small valve the opposite direction (to ON) and turn on the shower valve so water flows out of the showerhead. The color change is obvious so there is no question when the water is at a comfortable temperature.
As you shower, the small Shower Miser valve can be turned OFF while you use the soap, so water will divert into the fresh water tank instead of down the drain, and it keeps the water up to temperature, so when you turn the Shower Miser valve back ON, you immediately have hot water to rinse with. The Shower Miser system may vary depending on your model.

Filling the fresh water tank

The shower Miser will also fill the fresh water tank from inside the RV when hooked up to a pressurized water source.

  1. A pressurized water source must be connected to the RV and turned ON.
  2. Check the tank monitor to see how much fresh water is in the tank.
  3. Turn the lever on the Shower Miser to bypass the showerhead (OFF).
  4. Turn the cold water shower valve fully ON.
  5. Watch the tank monitor as the fresh water tank fills.
  6. When tank is full, turn the cold water shower valve OFF.

When using the Shower Miser with pressurized city water hookups the fresh water tank can overflow on to the ground.

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