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Jayco Embark 2023 Propane Gas Container User Manual

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Jayco Embark 2023 Propane Gas Container User Manual

Propane Gas Container

Propane is a true gas compressed into a liquid form. As the fuel is released from the container, it changes to vapor which is then used for the operation of the appliances. Propane will not run through the appliances in a liquid state. A permanently mounted A.S.M.E.-approved propane container is located under the floor of the motor home.

Tanks are to be installed, fueled, and maintained in accordance to State and Local codes, rules, regulations, or laws.

Propane expands 1½ percent for every ten degrees of increase in temperature. It is imperative to leave sufficient space inside the container to allow for the natural expansion of gas during warmer weather.Jayco Embark 2023 Propane Gas Container User Manual01

Servicing or Filling

Always shut OFF the engine while refueling. Do not smoke and do not operate other ignition sources while refueling.
When the propane container is disconnected from the main supply hose and the P.O.L. connection, install the P.O.L. plastic cap that is attached to the container. If you suspect your propane container has been overfilled, contact your dealer or a qualified propane technician for assistance immediately. Do not attempt to service a propane container overfill yourself.

Because the container is not removable, the motor home will need to be driven to a qualified propane facility for servicing or filling. Only the authorized gas service technician(s) should be near the motor home while the propane tank is being filled. The new propane container must be carefully purged for proper appliance performance and operation. The propane tank must NEVER BE OVERFILLED.
Replace all protective covers and caps on the propane system and/or container after filling. Make sure the valve is closed and the compartment door is securely latched.

LP Gas Container Overfill
Never allow your propane tank to be filled above the maximum safe level as indicated by the fixed liquid level gauge.
Do not allow the visible gauge to be used for filling. Overfilling the propane container above the liquid capacity indicated on the container could allow liquid propane to enter the system that is designed for vapor only creating a hazardous condition. The following warming label has been placed by the propane container.Jayco Embark 2023 Propane Gas Container User Manual 01

Refer to your Warranty Packet for more information on the LP gas system components.

Propane Regulator

Propane regulators must always be installed with the regulator vent facing downward. Regulators that are not located in baggage compartments have been equipped with a protective cover. Make sure the regulator vent faces downward and (if applicable) the cover is in place to minimize vent blockage that could result in excessive gas pressure causing fire or explosion.

Regulator appearance and type may vary by model.

Single stage regulator

Some models are equipped with a single-stage regulator.

Two-stage regulator

The two-stage regulator has the only moving component in the propane system. Its sole function is to reduce the pressure from the propane containers to a safe and consistent low operating pressure. The first stage reduces the container pressure to 10-13 lbs. The second stage reduces the 10-13 lbs. of pressure further to an operating pressure of 11” W.C. (water column) or 6.35 oz. of outlet pressure to your appliances.
The second stage is adjustable and will need to be adjusted by your dealer or qualified pro-pane service technician for optimum performance (this adjustment should always be made with a properly calibrated manometer).
If the pressure is too high, it affects performance and safety; if the pressure is too low, your appliances will not operate correctly.
If your recreation vehicle is equipped with the “automatic” two-stage regulator, with both cylinders full of propane, turn the lever on the regulator towards the cylinder you wish to use first. This will be the “supply” cylinder and the other the “reserve”. Slowly open both cylinder valves. The indicator on top of the regulator will turn bright green. When the cylinder becomes empty, the indicator will change to bright orange. Turn the regulator lever to the side of the “reserve” cylinder and the green signal should return. You may now remove the empty cylinder to have it refilled without interrupting the flow from the full bottle. After filling the cylinder, connect the pigtail hose and slowly open the bottle valve. Refer to the manufacturer’s pamphlet included in your warranty packet and follow all safety instructions and warnings listed.

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