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Jayco Embark 2023 Tow vehicle requirement User Manual

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Jayco Embark 2023 Tow vehicle requirement User Manual

Tow vehicle requirement

A professional installer should be used to hook up the tow vehicle kit.

  • A separate (customer-purchased) kit must be installed on the tow vehicle.
  • The kit should include a breakaway switch and switch cable (attached from the tow vehicle to the motor home) in case the tow vehicle detaches from the motor home.
  • The kit should operate the tow vehicle brake pedal via air pressure when the motor home air brakes are applied, and should include an air hose that is connected from the tow vehicle to a coupler on the rear of the motorhome.
  • An LED brake light switch may be included that mounts to the windshield of the tow vehicle and lights when the brakes are applied. This brake light is viewable through the backup camera.

Electric Trailer Brake Wiring

Your motor home will include electric trailer brake wiring to the 7-way trailer connector at the rear of the RV for electric brakes. The customer must supply and install an electric trailer brake controller in the dash area to make use of the electric trailer brake system.

Step Well Cover

Electric-powered step well cover
The step well cover can be extended or retracted using the “step cover” switch located on the passenger side console. The cover gives the passenger a flat “floor” to rest their feet on.

Make sure there are no obstructions when operating the step well cover. To avoid personal injury, do not operate the step well cover when standing in the step well. Do not hold the switch for longer than it takes to extend or retract the cover. Doing so may result in damage to the motor home.

Entrance Step

Your motor home is equipped with an electric entrance step. To operate, locate the “Step” control located on the passenger side console (the 12-volt battery disconnect switch must be ON). If the step encounters an immovable object, such as a curb, while being deployed, it will stop and shut down in that position. It will retract normally when the door is closed.


  • When opening the door from the outside, make sure you are not obstructing the path of the entrance step. Step deployment takes approximately two seconds. Keep hands and fingers clear while extending or retracting.
  • Look before you exit. Make sure the steps are fully deployed before exiting the motor home. Stepping on a partially extended step can cause damage to the step frame.
  • Turning the ignition switch to the “ON” position while the vehicle is parked will cause the step to retract. Visually confirm the step is fully extended prior to exiting the vehicle.

Step With Control Unit
Normal Operation/Automatic Mode

  • Close the door. The step should retract and lock in the ‘up’ position (under step light is not on).
  • Open the door. The step should extend and lock in the ‘down’ position with the under step light illuminated.

In the event the entrance door is left open, the light will turn ‘off’ after 5 minutes.

Step Lock Function/Stationary Extended Mode

  • Your step is equipped with an override switch, turn it to the ‘ON’ position. The step should remain extended with the under-step light ‘off’ when the door is closed.
  • With the step override switch turned ‘ON’, the step extended, and the entrance door closed, turn the vehicle ignition on. The ignition override system will go into effect and the step will automatically retract.

Turn the vehicle ignition off and open the door. The step will extend and lock in the down position. This is the ‘auto extend’ feature. When the vehicle ignition is turned on, the step will always activate with the door movement, regardless of the step switch position. Refer to the manufacturer’s owner guide included in your warranty packet for detailed operating and safety instructions.

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