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2023 GMC Limited Warranty Service User Manual

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2023 GMC Limited Warranty Service User Manual

GMC is the confluence of dependability and quality. You are supported by an extensive Limited Warranty Service as a happy owner of a 2023 GMC car, ensuring your peace of mind on every trip. To improve your ownership experience, this guide will concentrate on the main components of the Limited Warranty Service and the priceless assistance offered by Owner Assistance. GMC’s Limited Warranty Service is evidence of the company’s dedication to dependability and quality. You will gain an idea of the warranty’s scope, length, and individual components in this section. Drive confidently knowing that GMC’s Limited Warranty Service covers all necessary vehicle systems and provides protection against defects.

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GMC’s Commitment

GMC is committed to ensuring an excellent ownership experience with your new vehicle. Your dealer also wants you to be completely satisfied and invites you to return for all your service needs, both during and after the warranty period.

GMC Limited Warranty

Owner Assistance

Owner Resources

The dealer is best equipped to provide all your vehicle’s service needs. Should you ever encounter a problem that is not resolved during or after the limited warranty period, talk to a member of dealer management. Under certain circumstances, GM and/or GMC dealers may assist after the limited warranty period has expired when the problem results from a defect in material or workmanship. These instances will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If the issue has not been resolved to your satisfaction, follow the Customer Satisfaction Procedure 0 25. We thank you for choosing GMC.

Warranty Terms

GMC Participation in an Alternative Dispute Resolution Program

See Customer Satisfaction Procedure 0 25 for information on the voluntary, non-binding Alternative Dispute Resolution Program in which GMC participates.

Warranty Service

The selling dealer has invested in the proper. The selling dealer has invested in the proper tools, training, and parts inventory to ensure that any necessary warranty repairs can be made to your GMC vehicle. GMC requests that the vehicle be returned to the selling dealer for all warranty repairs. If a situation or event occurs where you are significantly inconvenienced, an authorized GMC dealer can make the warranty repairs. However, in the event the dealer is not able to perform the repair due to the special tool and training requirements, contact the Customer Assistance Offices 0 30. If you are unable to return to the selling dealer, contact a GMC dealer in the United States.


What is covered under the Limited Warranty Service for the 2023 GMC?

The Limited Warranty Service typically covers defects and issues with various components of the vehicle.

What steps should I take if I encounter an issue covered under the Limited Warranty?

In case of an issue covered by the Limited Warranty, contact the nearest GMC dealership for inspection and resolution.

What roadside assistance services are included under Owner Assistance?

Owner Assistance typically includes services like towing, lockout assistance, flat tyre assistance, and fuel delivery. Check the Owner Assistance documentation for specific details.

Can I request courtesy transportation through Owner Assistance for non-warranty repairs?

Some Owner Assistance programs may provide courtesy transportation for specific non-warranty repairs. Check the terms and conditions for eligibility.

How can I stay informed about the latest updates and resources provided by Owner Assistance?

GMC typically communicates updates and resources through official channels, including the GMC website, customer portals, and dealership communications.

Is there a deductible for warranty services under the Limited Warranty?

Some warranty programs may have deductibles for certain services. Review the terms and conditions to understand any associated costs.

Can I contact Owner Assistance for non-emergency inquiries or assistance?

Owner Assistance is often available for both emergency and non-emergency inquiries. Find the appropriate contact information for different scenarios.

What additional benefits does Owner Assistance provide aside from roadside assistance?

Owner Assistance may offer benefits such as trip interruption coverage, vehicle diagnostics, and access to customer support for various inquiries.

Is Owner Assistance available internationally, or is it limited to specific regions?

Verify the availability and scope of Owner Assistance in the regions where you plan to use your 2023 GMC vehicle.

What is covered by the GM 3-year warranty?

The warranty for GM cars registered in the United States of America is for 36,000 miles or 3 years, whichever comes first. The entire car is covered, including the tyres, the cost of towing to the closest Chevrolet dealership, and any cosmetic deterioration brought on by flaws.

Is the GMC warranty good?

A three-year, 36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper and a five-year, 60,000-mile powertrain warranty are included with every 2023 GMC vehicle. Ram’s powertrain warranty is ten thousand miles less than GMC’s, but otherwise this coverage is similar to that of Ford and Chevrolet.

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