Honda Civic Hatchback 2022 Export Restrictions User Manual


Honda Civic Hatchback 2022 Export Restrictions User Manual

Export Restrictions

Export Restrictions: You acknowledge that the SOFTWARE and SERVICES are subject to U.S., European Union, and other export jurisdictions. You agree to comply with all applicable international and national laws that apply to the SOFTWARE and SERVICES, including the U.S. Export Administration Regulations, as well as end-user, end-use, and destination restrictions issued by the U.S. and other governments.

C. SOFTWARE Operation

  1. HONDA reserves the right to suspend or terminate your access to and use of the SOFTWARE or SERVICES if you are found to be in violation of this AGREEMENT or as reasonably deemed necessary by HONDA.
  2. Eligibility/Registration/Activation. The SOFTWARE is intended for and available to individuals who (a) are of legal age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence (and at least 18 years of age), or are younger than 18 years of age and possess a valid driver’s license issued by their jurisdiction of residence, and (b) own or have permissive access to a compatible VEHICLE. We do not knowingly collect any information, including personal information, from children under 13. If we learn or are notified that we have collected the personal information of a child under 13, we will immediately take steps to delete such information.
  3. Use of PROVIDER SERVICES through the SOFTWARE. Certain PROVIDER SERVICES made available through the SOFTWARE may require that you register or otherwise have an account with the PROVIDER and agree to PROVIDER TERMS. Any use of any of such PROVIDER SERVICES within the SOFTWARE is subject to this AGREEMENT and the applicable PROVIDER TERMS. HONDA does not exercise control over such PROVIDER SERVICES and is not responsible or liable for the availability, security, or content of such PROVIDER SERVICES, and the inclusion of any PROVIDER SERVICES does not imply a referral from, the approval of, or the endorsement by HONDA of such PROVIDER SERVICES. HONDA is not responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage relating to or resulting from your use of the PROVIDER SERVICES.
  4. Links to Third-Party Sites: The SOFTWARE may provide you with the ability to access third-party sites and content through the use of the SOFTWARE or SERVICES. The third-party sites and content are not under the control of HONDA. HONDA is not responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for such third-party websites and their content or for any damage relating to or resulting from your access or use of such websites and content.
  5. Unauthorized Use and Abuse. You are responsible for ensuring your (and any authorized third parties’) use of the SOFTWARE and SERVICES remains in compliance with this AGREEMENT and all other applicable HONDA TERMS and PROVIDER TERMS. You acknowledge and agree that any use of the SOFTWARE or SERVICES occurring through your VEHICLE will be deemed your actions and that HONDA and PROVIDERS may rely upon such actions. You agree to immediately notify us if you suspect fraudulent or abusive activity involving the SOFTWARE or SERVICES. If you so notify us or if we otherwise suspect fraudulent or abusive activity, you agree to cooperate with us in any fraud investigation and to use any fraud prevention measures we prescribe. Your failure to immediately notify us or cooperate to use such measures will result in your liability for all fraudulent usage or abusive activity associated with your VEHICLE.
  6. SOFTWARE Updates. The SOFTWARE and SERVICES may be updated when your VEHICLE is serviced by a DEALER or remotely, over-the-air, by HONDA from time to time; such updates may occur with or without further notice or your future consent. The SOFTWARE may be updated at HONDA’s discretion and for any purpose including, without limitation, to patch or otherwise improve the SOFTWARE or SERVICES functionality, security, or stability. All updates to the SOFTWARE and SERVICES are subject to this AGREEMENT and any other applicable HONDA TERMS and PROVIDER TERMS.
  7. Uninstalling, Removing, and Replacing the SOFTWARE. Replacing SOFTWARE or HONDA SERVICES with software or firmware not provided and installed by HONDA or a DEALER will render all representations and warranties for the SOFTWARE, HONDA SERVICES, and VEHICLE functionality reliant upon the SOFTWARE or HONDA SERVICES null and void.

D. SOFTWARE Operational Notices and Warnings

  1. Vehicle Geolocation Information. You acknowledge that your VEHICLE may be equipped with certain traffic and map features. The traffic feature will automatically collect and transmit, through GPS technology, your Vehicle’s current location (longitude and latitude), travel direction and speed (“VEHICLE GEOLOCATION INFORMATION”) to HONDA and PROVIDERS. The VEHICLE GEOLOCATION INFORMATION is used by HONDA and PROVIDERS to provide traffic and navigation-related information to you, but may also be used to provide other SERVICES or offers to you. HONDA will not use such VEHICLE GEOLOCATION INFORMATION for its own marketing efforts, or provide such information to unaffiliated third parties for their own purposes, without your express consent.
  2. Limitation on HONDA and PROVIDER liability. Neither HONDA nor PROVIDERS will be liable to you or any other party for consequential, indirect, incidental, special, or punitive damages (including without limitation lost profits) in connection with your use of the SOFTWARE or SERVICES, even if HONDA or PROVIDERS are aware of the possibility of such damages. These limitations apply to all claims, including, without limitation, claims in contract and tort (such as negligence, product liability and strict liability). To the extent that a jurisdiction does not permit the exclusion or limitation of liability as set forth herein our liability is limited to the maximum extent permitted by law in such states. If HONDA or PROVIDERS are found liable to you for any reason, you agree that the aggregate liability of all these parties to you for any claim is limited to ten U.S. dollars (US $10.00). Neither HONDA nor any PROVIDER would have agreed to provide the SOFTWARE or SERVICES to you if you did not agree to this limitation. This amount is the sole and exclusive liability of HONDA and PROVIDERS to you, and is payable as liquidated damages and not as a penalty. Except where prohibited by law, you may not bring any claim against HONDA or any third-party beneficiary more than two (2) years after the claim arises. We do not have any liability for SOFTWARE or SERVICES interruptions of any length. (a) Release of HONDA and PROVIDERS For yourself and anyone else claiming under you, you agree to release and discharge HONDA, PROVIDERS, their respective officers, directors, and employees, and each third-party beneficiary from all claims, liabilities and losses in connection with the SOFTWARE or SERVICES, including, but not limited to claims for personal injury or property damage arising from the total or partial failure of performance of the SOFTWARE or SERVICES, even if caused by or based upon the negligence, gross negligence, strict products liability, Deceptive Trade Practices Act violations, bad faith, or breach of warranty of us or the malfunction of the SOFTWARE or SOFTWARE SERVICES. YOU AGREE TO WAIVE TO THE FULLEST EXTENT ALLOWED BY LAW, ANY CLAIM FOR DAMAGES OTHER THAN DIRECT, COMPENSATORY DAMAGES AS LIMITED IN THIS AGREEMENT. YOU HEREBY RELEASE AND DISCHARGE HONDA AND ITS LICENSORS AND CONTRACTORS (INCLUDING ANY THIRD PARTIES PROVIDING ALL OR PART OF THE SOFTWARE OR SERVICES) FROM AND AGAINST ANY CLAIMS, DAMAGES, EXPENSES AND LIABILITY ARISING FROM OR RELATED TO ANY INJURIES, DAMAGES, OR LOSSES TO ANY PERSON (INCLUDING DEATH) OR PROPERTY OF ANY KIND RESULTING IN WHOLE OR PART, DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY, FROM YOUR USE OF THE SOFTWARE OR SERVICES.

H. Survival. You agree that the limitations of liability and indemnities in this AGREEMENT will survive even after the AGREEMENT has ended. These limitations of liability apply not only to you, but to anyone using the SOFTWARE or SERVICES via your VEHICLE, to anyone making a claim on your behalf, and to any claims made by your family, employees, customers, or others arising out of or relating to your VEHICLE, the SOFTWARE, or SERVICES.

The SOFTWARE and certain SERVICES are made available through your VEHICLE’s compatible multimedia system when the VEHICLE is turned on. Certain SERVICES may be available only through your compatible mobile device when it is within the operating range of the VEHICLE and a wireless carrier. The availability of the SOFTWARE and SERVICES may be subject to transmission limitation or interruption, including but not limited to technical obsolesce or sunsetting of the hardware, software or firmware, inside of or external to the Vehicle, required for data transmission or receipt. HONDA does not guarantee that the SOFTWARE, SERVICES, or any portion thereof will be available at all times or in all areas. You acknowledge and agree that HONDA is not responsible for performance degradation, interruption or delays. You acknowledge that HONDA shall not be liable to you if the SOFTWARE or SERVICES in a given location are not available. If the SOFTWARE or SERVICES are not available within your intended location, you agree that your sole remedy shall be to cease using the SOFTWARE and SERVICES.

J. PRODUCT SUPPORT: Product support for the SOFTWARE is provided by HONDA. For product support, please refer to HONDA instructions provided in the DOCUMENTATION. Should you have any questions concerning this AGREEMENT, or if you desire to contact HONDA for any other reason, please refer to the HONDA contact information provided in the DOCUMENTATION.

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