Honda Civic Hatchback 2022 Fuel Economy and Emissions User Manual


Honda Civic Hatchback 2022 Fuel Economy and CO2 Emissions User Manual

Fuel Economy and CO2 Emissions

About Your Multi-View Rear Camera

The audio/information screen can display your vehicle’s rear view. The display automatically changes to the rear view when the transmission is put into R.

Multi-View Rear Camera Display AreaHonda Civic Parking Sensor System off All Rear Sensors User Manual 10

The rear camera view is restricted. You cannot see the corner ends of the bumper or what is underneath the bumper. Its unique lens also makes objects appear closer or farther than they actually are. Visually confirm that it is safe to drive before backing up. Certain conditions (such as weather, lighting, and high temperatures) may also restrict the rearview. Do not rely on the rearview display which does not give you all information about conditions at the back of your vehicle.

  • The rear camera view is displayed prior to the audio/information screen.
  • If the camera lens is covered with dirt or moisture, use a soft, moist cloth to keep the lens clean and free of debris.
  • You can change the Fixed Guideline and Dynamic Guideline settings.
  • Customized Features P. 366, 374
    Fixed Guideline
    ON: Guidelines appear when you put the transmission into (R.
    OFF: Guidelines do not appear.
  • Dynamic Guideline
    ON: Guidelines move according to the steering wheel direction.
    OFF: Guidelines do not move.

Honda Civic Parking Sensor System off All Rear Sensors User Manual 11

  • If you were last using Wide view mode or Normal view mode, the same view mode will be activated the next time you put the transmission into (R.
  • If you were using Top down view mode before you turned off the engine, Wide view mode will be activated the next time you set the power mode to ON and put the transmission into (R.
  • If you were using Top down view mode and 10 seconds elapsed after you took the transmission out of (R, Wide view mode will be activated the next time you put the transmission into (R.
  • If you were using Top down view mode and put the transmission back into (R within 10 seconds after you took it out of (R, Top down view mode will be activated.


Fuel Information

Unleaded gasoline, pump octane number 87 or higher

The use of lower-octane gasoline can cause a persistent, heavy metallic knocking noise that can lead to engine damage.

  • Top-tier detergent gasoline
  • Because the level of detergency and additives in gasoline vary in the market, Honda endorses the use of “TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline” where available to help maintain the performance and reliability of your vehicle. TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline meets a new gasoline standard jointly established by leading automotive manufacturers to meet the needs of today’s advanced engines.

Qualifying gasoline retailers will, in most cases, identify their gasoline as having met “TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline” standards at the retail location. This fuel is guaranteed to contain the proper level of detergent additives and be free of metallic additives. The proper level of detergent additives, and absence of harmful metallic additives in gasoline, help avoid the buildup of deposits in your engine and emission control system. For further important fuel-related information for your vehicle, or information on gasoline that does not contain MMT, visit In Canada, visit for additional information on gasoline. For more information on top-tier gasoline, visit

Fuel tank capacity: 12.39 US gal (46.9 L)
We recommend quality gasoline containing detergent additives that help prevent fuel system and engine deposits. In addition, in order to maintain good performance, fuel economy, and emissions control, we strongly recommend the use of gasoline that does NOT contain harmful manganese-based fuel additives such as MMT, if such gasoline is available. Use of gasoline with these additives may adversely affect performance, and cause the malfunctioning indicator lamp on your instrument panel to come on. If this happens, contact a dealer for service. Some gasoline today is blended with oxygenates such as ethanol. Your vehicle is designed to operate on oxygenated gasoline containing up to 15% ethanol by volume. Do not use gasoline containing methanol. If you notice any undesirable operating symptoms, try another service station or switch to another brand of gasoline.

How to Refuel

Your fuel tank is not equipped with a fuel filler cap. You can insert the filler nozzle directly into the filler neck. The tank seals itself again when you pull out the filler nozzle.

  1. Stop your vehicle with the service station pump on the left side of the vehicle in the rear.
  2. Turn off the engine.
  3. Unlock the driver’s door.
    The fuel fill door on the outer side of the vehicle will unlock.
  4. Press and release the area indicated by the arrow to release the fuel-fill door. You will hear a click and the lid will open slightly.
  5. Manually pull the fuel fill door to a fully open position.

Gasoline is highly flammable and explosive. You can be burned or seriously injured when handling fuel.

  • Stop the engine, and keep heat, sparks, and flames away.
  • Handle fuel only outdoors.
  • Wipe up spills immediately.

The fuel filler opening is designed to accept only service station filler nozzles for refueling. The use of smaller diameter tubes (e.g., those used to siphon fuel for other uses) or other non-service station devices can damage the area in and around the filler opening.Honda Civic Parking Sensor System off All Rear Sensors User Manual 12

  1. Place the end of the filler nozzle on the lower part of the filler opening, then insert it slowly and fully. Make sure that the end of the filler nozzle goes down along with the filler pipe.
    Keep the filler nozzle level. When the tank is full, the filler nozzle will click off automatically. If you do not fill up the tank to full, always add a minimum of 1.3 US gal (5 L) of fuel. After filling, wait about five seconds before removing the filler nozzle.
  2. Shut the fuel fill door by hand.

Use the lock tab or the master door lock switch to unlock the fuel-fill door. The vehicle doors and fuel fill doors automatically relock if the remote unlock function is used. This can be deactivated by briefly opening and then closing the driver’s door. If the filler nozzle keeps turning off when the tank is not full, there may be a problem with the pump’s fuel vapor recovery system. Try filling at another pump. If this does not fix the problem, consult a dealer. The filler nozzle automatically stops to leave space in the fuel tank so that fuel does not overflow as a result of changes in air temperature. Do not continue to add fuel after the filler nozzle has automatically stopped. Additional fuel can exceed the full tank capacity. If you repeatedly fill the tank with less than the specified minimum amount of fuel, the malfunction indicator lamp may come on. If this happens, have your vehicle checked by a dealer. If you have to refuel your vehicle from a portable container, use the funnel provided with your vehicle.

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