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Honda Civic Hatchback 2022 Traffic Sign User Manual


Honda Civic Hatchback 2022 Traffic Sign Recognition System Limitations User Manual

Traffic Sign Recognition System Conditions and Limitations

The traffic sign recognition system may not be able to recognize a traffic sign in the following cases.

Environmental conditions

  • Driving into low sunlight (e.g., at dawn or dusk).
  • Strong light is reflected onto the roadway.
  • Driving at night, in dark areas such as long tunnels.
  • Driving in bad weather (rain, fog, snow, etc.).
  • Sudden changes between light and dark, such as the entrance or exit of a tunnel or the shadows of trees, buildings, etc.
  • Water is sprayed by or snow blown from a vehicle ahead.

Roadway conditions

  • Your vehicle is strongly shaken on uneven road surfaces.

Vehicle conditions

  • When lighting is weak due to dirt covering the headlight lenses, or there is poor visibility in a dark place due to the headlights being improperly adjusted.
  • The front of the camera is covered by dirt, fog, rain, mud, wet snow, seals, accessories, stickers, or film on the windshield.
  • There is residue on the windshield from the windshield wipers.
  • An abnormal tire or wheel condition (incorrect sizes, varied sizes or construction, improperly inflated, compact spare tire, etc.).
  • The vehicle is tilted due to heavy load in the cargo area or rear seats.
  • The suspension has been modified.
  • Tire chains are installed.
  • Driving at night or in a dark place (e.g., a tunnel) with the headlights off.

When the traffic sign recognition system malfunctions, appears on the gauge. If this message does not disappear, have your vehicle checked by a dealer.Honda Civic Hatchback 2022 Traffic Sign Recognition System Limitations User Manual 01

The position or the condition of the traffic sign

  • The sign is in a place that makes it hard to find.
  • The sign is located far away from your vehicle.
  • The sign is located where it is hard for headlight beams to reach.
  • The sign is on a corner or bends in the road.
  • The sign is faded or bent.
  • The sign is rotated or damaged signs.
  • The sign is covered with mud, snow, or frost.
  • Part of the sign is hidden by the trees or is in the shadow of a vehicle or other object.
  • Light (such as a streetlight) is reflected on the surface of the sign, or it is hidden in shadow.
  • The sign is too bright or too dark (electric signs).
  • Small signs (auxiliary signs, etc.).

Other conditions

  • When you are driving at a high speed.

The traffic sign recognition system may not operate correctly, such as displaying signs that do not adhere to the actual regulations for the roadway or do not exist at all in the following cases.

    • A speed limit sign may display at a higher or lower speed than the actual speed limit.
  • There is a supplementary sign with further information such as weather, time, vehicle type, school zone, etc.
  • Figures on the sign are hard to read (electric signs, numbers on the sign are blurred, etc.).
  • The sign is in the vicinity of the lane you are driving in, even though it is not for the lane, such as a speed limit sign situated at an exit or an intersection between the side road and the main road.
  • There are things that look similar in color or shape to recognized objects (similar sign, electric sign, signboards, structure, etc.).

Signs Displayed on the GaugeHonda Civic Hatchback 2022 Traffic Sign Recognition System Limitations User Manual 02

The speed limit sign icon is displayed on the screen.

Front Wide-View Camera

The camera, is used in systems such as Lane Keeping Assist Systems (LKAS), Road Departure Mitigation systems, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Low-Speed Follow*, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)*, Traffic Sign Recognition systems, CMBSTM, and Traffic Jam Assist*, is designed to detect an object that triggers any of the systems to operate their functions.

Camera Location and Handling TipsHonda Civic Hatchback 2022 Traffic Sign Recognition System Limitations User Manual 03

This camera is located behind the rearview mirror. To help reduce the likelihood that high interior temperatures will cause the camera’s sensing system to shut off, when parking, find a shady area or face the front of the vehicle away from the sun. If you use a reflective sun shade, do not allow it to cover the camera housing. Covering the camera can concentrate heat on it. Never apply a film or attach any objects to the windshield, the hood, or the front grille that could obstruct the camera’s field of vision and cause the system to operate abnormally.

Scratches, nicks, and other damage to the windshield within the camera’s field of vision can cause the system to operate abnormally. If this occurs, we recommend that you replace the windshield with a genuine Honda replacement windshield. Making even minor repairs within the camera’s field of vision or installing an aftermarket replacement windshield may also cause the system to operate abnormally. After replacing the windshield, have a dealer recalibrate the camera. Proper calibration of the camera is necessary for the system to operate properly. Do not place an object on the top of the instrument panel. It may reflect onto the windshield and prevent the system from detecting lane lines properly.

If Some driver assists systems cannot operate: Camera temperature too high message appears:

  • Use the climate control system to cool down the interior and, if necessary, also use defroster mode with the airflow directed towards the camera.
  • Start driving the vehicle to lower the windshield temperature, which cools down the area around the camera.

If Some driver assists systems cannot operate Clean front windshield or poor viewing condition. message appears:

  • Park your vehicle in a safe place, and make sure the windshield is clean.
    Clean the windshield if it is dirty. If the message does not disappear after driving for a while, have your vehicle checked by a dealer.

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