Jayco Alante 2023 12-Volt Battery Disconnect User Manual

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Jayco Alante 2023 12-Volt Battery Disconnect User Manual

12-Volt Battery Disconnect

The 12-volt battery disconnect switch is typically located near the entrance door. This momentary switch controls a solenoid that connects or disconnects the house batteries. The switch lights up red when turned on.Jayco Alante 2023 12-Volt Battery Disconnect User Manual 01

When engaged the battery disconnect solenoid supplies battery power to all accessories connected to the house 12-volt fuse panel. The solenoid must be engaged for the 12-volt house electrical system to operate. The battery disconnect feature should be used to disconnect the motor home from house battery power during periods of storage or during maintenance.

The combination carbon monoxide/propane alarm is connected to a constant 12-volt power source. The carbon monoxide/propane alarm remains operational when the battery disconnect solenoid switch, or “main power switch,” is in the “OFF” position.

If the Main Power switch is turned OFF, the power entrance door steps will still function when the door is opened. Depending on your model, your motor home will be equipped with either a Battery Isolator Solenoid or a Battery Isolation Manager.

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Battery Isolator Solenoid

The isolator solenoid breaks the connection between the house batteries and the chassis battery when the ignition key is in the “OFF” position.
Breaking this connection prevents the discharge of the chassis battery (used to start the engine)

when using 12-volt devices in the house section of your motor home.
When the engine is running the isolator solenoid engages allowing the house batteries to be charged by the vehicle alternator.

Auxiliary Start System

Depending on your model, the Battery Boost switch or the Auxiliary Start button engages the solenoid and joins the house battery with the chassis battery to provide a “boost” to help start the motor home if the chassis battery charge is low. The auxiliary start switch can momentarily connect both the house and chassis batteries should the chassis battery become discharged. To operate, depress either the “Aux. Start” switch (located on the front driver’s dash) or the Battery Boost switch on the driver console and hold it down. While the “Aux. Start” switch or Battery Boost switch is depressed use the ignition key to start the chassis engine. Release the “Aux. Start” switch (or Battery Boost switch) after the engine has started.

Load Center

The Load Center contains 12VDC fuses and 120VAC circuit breakers for almost all of the electrical appliances and circuits in the RV. The 120V main breaker may be located in this panel and will turn off all 120-volt power to the RV. Load center location, appearance and configuration may vary by model. Refer to the diagram inside the load center for specific fuse assignments. Motor homes may have separate small panels for breakers and fuses. They are normally located in close proximity to each other type in the bed platform. The converter is mounted separately, typically under the bed platform.

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

Your motor home is equipped with an Automatic Transfer Switch with built-in reverse polarity protection. The ATS is microprocessor controlled and will automatically detect which power source is being used (generator or shore power) and allow power from that connection only. You will not have to plug and unplug the power to the coach if you decide to run the generator. If you plug into shore power, the ATS will pass power to the motor home. If the generator is started, it will override the shore power input (called generator dominant) and supply the RV with electrical power from the generator. When the generator is shut down, shore power is restored. There may be a slight flicker of the lights when the ATS changes over from one to the other, but there is no real interruption of power.

The ATS will disconnect from shore power completely if the power coming in is not high enough quality (i.e. either low/high voltage, or low/high frequency).
When the generator is operating, it powers the inverter/charger which in turn functions as a multi-stage battery charger to charge the house auxiliary and chassis batteries. Refer to and follow the safety information found in the manufacturer’s troubleshooting guide found in your warranty packet.

The generator requires 12-volt power from the house auxiliary batteries to start and draws fuel to operate from the chassis fuel tank. If the fuel level in the chassis fuel tank drops to or below ¼ full, the generator will shut “off” and cannot be re-started until the fuel tank is filled to above ¼ full. Use the prime function to clear air from the fuel lines.

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