Jayco Alante 2023 120-Volt Circuit Breakers User Manual

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Jayco Alante 2023 120-Volt Circuit Breakers User Manual

120-Volt Circuit Breakers

The 120-volt AC circuit breakers located inside the load center protect all 120-volt wiring and components from circuit overloads and short circuits. Should a circuit overload or short circuit occur the circuit breaker protecting the affected circuit will “trip” preventing the flow of electricity through that circuit.
If a circuit breaker trips, shut off the appliance on that circuit (i.e., power converter, etc.) and allow the circuit breaker to cool down for a brief period of time. After it cools down, reset the circuit breaker by moving its lever “off” and then back to the “on” position. If the circuit breaker re-trips or frequently trips, contact your dealer to have the electrical problem diagnosed and repaired. A circuit breaker identification label is permanently attached to the inside surface of the 120-volt Load Center.

Circuit breakers and fuses will not offer complete protection of the electrical system in the event of a power surge or voltage spike.

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Only replace circuit breakers with those of the same specified type, voltage, and current rating. Never replace a circuit breaker with one listed at a higher amperage rating. Please contact your dealer for repair assistance when replacing circuit breakers.

Replacement circuit breakers must be of the same voltage, amperage rating, and type. Never use a higher-rated replacement circuit breaker; doing so may cause a fire by overheating the RV wiring.


At the beginning of the camping season, inspect the circuit breakers and replace as needed. Test by turning each circuit breaker “off” and back “on”. Circuit breakers are wearable parts and must be replaced as needed as part of your RV maintenance. If you have any questions, contact your dealer.
A label is provided to explain the function of every 120-volt circuit breaker. This label is located on or near the appropriate load center or sub-panel and must remain permanently affixed to the recreation vehicle.

Approximate Electrical Load RatingsJayco Alante 2023 120-Volt Circuit Breakers User Manual 01

120 Volts: Labeled watts divided by 120 = Power consumed in AMPS

120-Volt 30-amp AC Electric System

The 30-amp 120-volt 60hz AC electrical system is designed to operate on 1 leg of 120-volt power at a maximum current flow of 30 amperes.
Exposure to voltages higher or lower than a nominal 120 volts will damage or shorten the service life of the electrical system and appliances. The 30-amp 120-volt 60hz AC electrical system can be powered by the 120-volt 60hz utilities found in campgrounds or by 120-volt 60hz generator power. The following electrical components will only operate when your recreation vehicle is connected to shore or generator power: 120 to the 12-volt power converter, air conditioner, refrigerator, microwave oven, television(s), home theater system(s), electric water heater, washer, dryer, fireplace, and appliances plugged into convenience receptacles.


  • Make certain the external power source you connect the power cord to is a properly wired 30 amp NEMA TT-30 RV receptacle and not 240-volt AC. PLUG INTO 30-AMP SERVICE ONLY.
  • Circuit breakers and fuses will not offer complete protection of the electrical system in the event of a power surge or voltage spike.

30-amp Power Cord


  • Do not hook up the power cord to any receptacle until you have verified proper polarity and grounding. Polarity indicators can be purchased in most electrical and hardware stores.
  • Do not use any cheater plug, adapter, or extension cord to reconfigure incoming AC power or break the continuity of the circuit connected to the grounding pin.
  • Do not connect the power cord to an outlet that is not grounded, or adapt the power cord plug to connect it to a receptacle for which it is not designed.
  • Do not remove the grounding pin to connect to a non-grounded receptacle. Removal of the ground pin disables an important safety feature designed to prevent shock and electrocution hazards.
  • Do not connect the power cord to an extension cord. Use of an improper extension cord will cause overheating of the cord as well as potentially cause premature failure of the AC equipment.

It is the responsibility of the owner of the electrical receptacle to ensure that the receptacle is properly wired and grounded. Reverse polarity and/or improper grounding of your recreation vehicle can cause personal injury or death. The 30-amp external utility power cord is commonly referred to as the “shore” power cord. It is designed to mate and properly function with 30-amp “shore” power receptacles available at most campgrounds. The shore power cord is designed to continuously carry the 30-amp current flow required to power each leg of the electrical system. It also creates a critical ground connection between the vehicle electrical system and the campground shore power receptacle.

Always test the external power source (i.e., the campsite power receptacle or electrical box) with a ground monitor before connecting your power cord to it. If the ground monitor indicates ‘reverse polarity’ or an ‘open ground’ DO NOT connect the power cord. Regularly inspect the shore power cord for cuts, cracks, worn insulation, and other damage. Have the power cord replaced immediately if problems exist.

Calculating 30-amp Electrical Load
When connecting appliances to the electrical system, 120-volt power usage is limited to a total of 30-amps. Operating appliances collectively places an added load on your 120-volt electrical system. A circuit breaker “trip” may occur if you overload the recreation vehicle and/or campground electrical system. The amperage rating of individual appliances can be calculated by dividing appliance wattage consumed (normally listed on the appliance) by nominal design voltage (120 for a 120-volt appliance).

For Example, 1200 watts divided by 120 volts equals 10 amps.

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