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Jayco Alante 2023 Air Conditioner User Manual

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Jayco Alante 2023 Air Conditioner User Manual

Air Conditioner

Cooled air enters the RV through the grill. Make sure you have sufficient power available before operating the air conditioner. Do not operate the air conditioner without the return air filter. Operating the system without the filter allows the lint and dirt that is normally stopped by the filter to accumulate on the cooling coil of the air conditioner. This also will lead to a loss of air volume, possible equipment damage, and an expensive cleaning process.

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Roof Mount

A special foam gasket is placed between the roof material and the subframe of the air conditioner to guard against water leakage. The air conditioner is subjected to wind pressures along with motor vibration during normal operation. Inspect the mounting bolts for tightness to ensure there is no leakage or looseness at least annually. Re-tighten bolts when they are loose. DO NOT over-tighten these bolts as it may damage this gasket. The air conditioner gasket is a wearable part that eventually will need to be replaced. To gain access to the bolts, remove the filtered panel cover on central air systems or the entire air box on non-central air conditioners.

Heat Pump Operation (if so equipped)

Set the thermostat for either electric or gas heat. On the electric setting, the heat pump will become the primary heat source as long as the interior temperature of the RV has not dropped 5° below the thermostat set point. If this occurs, the thermostat will automatically activate your gas furnace.
The furnace will continue as the heat source until the thermostat set point has been satisfied. At that point, the heat pump will again become the primary heat source. For RV models with a touchscreen system, the heating and cooling controls are included on the touchscreen selectable screens.
For additional information refer to the manufacturer’s owner’s manual included in your warranty packet or consult your dealer.

Power Roof Vent

The 12-volt DC-powered roof vent allows fresh air to circulate through the recreational vehicle. Do not leave the attic fan open when the recreational vehicle is stored or unattended for long periods. High winds, other unusual conditions, or obstructions may prevent the dome from closing; the resulting leakage could cause non-warrantable damage. To use your fan most effectively, close all vents and slightly open a window on a shaded side of your recreation vehicle. You are directing the airflow by opening a window. The roof vent is controlled by either a switch.
For additional safety and operating information, refer to the manufacturer’s manual.


The furnace installed in your recreation vehicle is controlled by a 12-volt DC thermostat. Depending on your model, there may be up to two thermostats enabling you to control the temperature to your comfort level. The furnace requires both 12-volt power and propane gas for full operation. Make sure you have sufficient power available before operating your furnace. A qualified RV technician should perform all furnace maintenance at least once a year (more often depending on furnace usage). Never attempt to repair the furnace yourself.

Ducting and Return Air

All heat discharges, registers, and return air grills must be free and clear of obstructions. This includes all closeable registers that are intended to reduce airflow, do not shut them off completely.


  • The furnace should be inspected periodically (monthly during the heating season) for the presence of soot on the vent. Soot is formed whenever combustion is incomplete. This is a visual warning that the furnace is operating in an unsafe manner. If soot is observed on the vent, immediately shut the furnace OFF and contact a qualified service agency. Operating the furnace under this condition could lead to serious property damage, personal injury, or loss of life.
  • To ensure your personal safety, do not obstruct or alter the furnace in any manner. Do not install screens over the vent for any reason. Screens will become restricted and cause unsafe furnace operation. For your safety, only the manufacturer’s factory-authorized parts should be used on your furnace.

For RV models with touch screens, the furnace controls may be included on the selectable menu screens of the touch screen.

Fireplace (if so equipped)

Your recreational vehicle may include an electric fireplace insert. For detailed operating and safety information, refer to the manufacturer’s user guide included in your warranty packet.

Cooking Safety

In Case Of a Grease Fire

Do not attempt to use water to put out the fire. Water can spread some types of fire, and electrocution is possible with an electrical fire. Grease is flammable. Never allow grease to collect around top burners or on the cooktop surface. Wipe up spills immediately. Refer to Section 2 – Safety Precautions, for fire safety and fire extinguisher information.

Cooking With Propane

See the Propane System section for important safety instructions. Refer to the manufacturer’s owner’s manual for detailed operating and safety instructions for all propane appliances.

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