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Jayco Alante 2023 Electric Slide Room User Manual

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Jayco Alante 2023 Electric Slide Room User Manual

Electric Slide Room

The mechanical components of the slide-out are gear driven. Electric-powered slideout room systems have a manual override to allow you to extend or retract the slideout room(s) in case of a power loss. Make sure you have sufficient power available before operating your slideout system. Level the RV prior to extending the slideout. Slideout switches are typically located inside the RV, either in the command center or on the wall. If your RV is equipped with a touchscreen control system, your slide room controls will be built into the touchscreen system.

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  • Make sure the interior slideout room path and the slideout room itself is clear of people and objects before operating.
  • Keep away from the slide rails and gear assembly when the room is in motion. They may pinch or catch on loose clothing causing personal injury.

Failure to follow these instructions could result in serious injury or death.

These guidelines should be followed when using your slideout room:

  • The recreation vehicle must be level before operating the slideout room. Water leaks and other problems could result if the slideout is operated without leveling the RV.
  • DO NOT OVER-EXTEND OR RETRACT THE SLIDEOUT ROOM. Release the switch immediately once the room has been fully extended or retracted. Do not wait until you hear the motor stop. Over-extending or retracting the slide-out room may result in damage to the stop rod and bracket.
  • Do not place the excessive weight in the slideout room. It can cause the slideout room to malfunction and cause damage to the slideout.
  • Additional support jacks are not needed under the slideout. Damage can occur to your slideout room from improper use of aftermarket support jacks.

General Slideout Operation

  • The auxiliary battery (customer supplied) must be fully charged and connected. If possible, the RV should be hooked up to 120-volt AC power so the converter operates.

In order to operate the slideout rooms, the Park Brake must be set and/or ignition off. To extend the slideout rooms, press and hold “EXTEND” on the extend/retract switch. The slideout rooms will not extend unless this switch is held down. Release the switch immediately once it is fully extended or retracted do not let it go beyond the stop. Press and hold “RETRACT” on the extend/retract switch again to reverse the process. If the slideout rooms will not extend or retract, contact Customer Service or a reputable dealer service facility. Do not attempt to service the slideout system yourself.
After the slideout is extended, visually inspect the slideout and the surrounding area to make sure the slideout has extended properly and has adequate clearance from any outside obstructions. If the slideout is equipped with rubber seals, verify that the corners of the black rubber seal are set up correctly. The seal corners are cut at a 45° angle. The top of the outside seal must overlap the side of the seal to avoid the possibility of water penetration. On the inside seal, the side seal should overlap the top.

For long-term storage, it is recommended the room be closed (retracted).

General Slideout Troubleshooting Checklist

For additional troubleshooting information, refer to the specific slideout system detail.

Slideout Systems
Your RV may be equipped with one or more of the following slideout systems.

Schwintek In-Wall Slideout System
The in-wall slideout system requires no maintenance or adjustments. This system has two vertical columns with a drive motor located at the top of each column. The right and left motors are synchronized by a circuit board.

Do not operate the switch after the room is fully extended or retracted as damage can occur to the motor and/or switch.

To operate the slideout using a wireless remote (if so equipped):

  • Press the on/off button to power on the remote.
  • Press the corresponding button of the slideout you want to operate.
  • Press and hold the (extend/retract) arrow button to move the room in or out.
  • Press the on/off button once more to power off the remote.

ALWAYS allow the controller to stop both motors before releasing the switch button. DO NOT try to time the end of the stroke by releasing the button early.

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