Jayco Alante 2023 Electrical System User Manual

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Jayco Alante 2023 The Electrical System User Manual

The Electrical System

The RV electrical system is comprised of two independent electrical systems. One operates off of 12-volt DC power and the other off of 120-volt 60hz AC power. All installations have been made in compliance with industry standards applicable on the date of manufacture. Because the electrical equipment and associated circuitry are engineered into a dedicated system specific to your RV, do not make unauthorized changes or add fixed appliances to it. Changes or additions made after delivery may result in a hazardous condition. Service and/or modification of the electrical system should only be performed by qualified electrical technicians using approved materials, components, and methods meeting current safety and code requirements. Consult your dealer’s service department for assistance.
To read more about the various components incorporated into the RV electrical system, please refer to the information contained in your Warranty Packet.
Consult the Chassis Guide for information pertaining to the chassis drivetrain electrical system.

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Electrical System Maintenance

Before working on the electrical system:

  • Make sure the inverter/charger (if so equipped) is turned “off” before disconnecting the batteries.  Disconnect the shore power cord.
  • If equipped with a generator, turn off the generator and disable the automatic generator start functionality.
  • Turn off the battery disconnect switch (if so equipped).
  • Turn off the 120V main circuit breaker.
  • Disconnect the negative 12VDC battery terminal from the battery.

Use caution when using metal tools. If a tool contacts a battery terminal or metal connected to it, a short circuit could occur which could cause personal injury, explosion, or fire.

Command Center

The command center is typically located inside the entrance door or in the living area of the RV and contains switches and controls. Command center applications, configurations, and components may vary by model.

Command Center Panel or Command Center Panel with Switch Modules
Items found on these panels may include:Jayco Alante 2023 The Electrical System User Manual 01

  • Fuel gauge and hour meter with switches for the fuel pump and fuel levels; fuel station (if so equipped) on/off switch
  • Lighted red pump and water heater switches (electric and LP gas)
  • Generator start/stop switch; may include an hour meter
  • Tank heater switches Light switches for porch lights, exterior security lights, interior lights, awning LED lights, front cap LED accent lights, and power entry step.
  • Cargo bed red lighted control switch
  • Slideout control switches (press and hold to extend/retract)

Jayco Alante 2023 The Electrical System User Manual 02

  • Awning control switches (press and hold to extend /retract)
  • Systems Monitor with LED indicators for tank levels and battery charge status
  • Auto leveling control panel (for leveling the RV)
  • Inverter panel (power switch with display)
  • Power bunk bed lift control switch
  • Speaker selector switch

Touch Dimmer Switch
Some models may include a touch dimmer switch next to the Command Center panel.

  • Turn the ceiling lights ON or OFF: Tap the LED light on the dimmer.
  • Dimmer: If lights are off, press on the LED light and lights will begin turning on gradually until fully lit. If lights are on, press on the LED light, and lights gradually begin to turn off.

The dimmer has a memory and remembers what light setting was last used. When turned ON again, the lights return to that setting.

If your RV model includes the 5-way/8-way remote control, the LIGHT button on the remote only controls the awning LED lights.

Energy Management System 30A

Key features of the Power Control System include:

  • Limits total current to 30 Amps.
  • Minimizes circuit breaker tripping.
  • Monitors current draw for the entire RV including loads added by the owner.
  • Learns controlled appliance current draw.
  • Allows (2) air conditioners to run on 30 Amp service when other appliances are not in use. The panel has built-in relays to control (2) air conditioners.

This system monitors incoming power and has the ability to turn off a few select loads. It can manage incoming power and avoid tripping the shore circuit breaker.
30A Service would be the normal setting displayed on the digital readout. By pressing the SELECT button you can toggle from 30A to 20A to 15A. When the RV is plugged into a 15 Amp or 20 Amp power supply (i.e. at your home), you would change the display to the 20A or 15A Service setting. The system then attempts to keep the total coach 120VAC current draw under that threshold to prevent tripping your home circuit breaker. It does this by removing power for certain appliances. The status window will illuminate each of the appliances it controls. By using the scroll button you can view the appliances the system controls:

  • Water Heater
  • Refrigerator
  • Rear AC
  • Front AC

The device name will display either SHED or POWERED next to it depending on the total amperage available to the coach and whether or not the device is capable of being operated under the existing load. If a device is showing SHED, it has been disabled and cannot be used.

The order of the devices above is referred to as the “shedding” order. If the load exceeds the service amperage on the display, the system goes down this list sequentially and sheds appliances in that order until the system has reduced amperage below the service amperage shown on the display.

For additional information, refer to the manufacturer’s user guide.

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