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Jayco Alante 2023 Exhaust Gas Fumes User Manual

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Jayco Alante 2023 Exhaust Gas Fumes User Manual

Exhaust Gas Fumes


  • Avoid inhaling exhaust gases as they contain carbon monoxide, which is a potentially toxic gas that is colorless and odorless.
  • If you are in a parked motor home with either the engine running or a generator running there is a potential for exhaust fumes to filter back into the motor home.

To avoid breathing exhaust gases, follow these precautions:

  • Do not run the engine in confined areas, such as a closed garage, any longer than needed to move your motor home in or out of the area.
  • Windows should be closed while driving or running the generator (if so equipped) to avoid drawing dangerous exhaust gases into the motor home.
  • If you suspect that exhaust fumes are entering the passenger compartment, have the cause determined and corrected as soon as possible.

If you must drive under these circumstances, close all the windows, and adjust the heating or cooling system to force outside air into the motor home (set the blower on high speed). The best protection against carbon monoxide entry into the motor home is a properly maintained ventilation system and an active carbon monoxide detector. To allow for proper operation of the motor home ventilation system, keep the ventilation inlet grill(s) clear of snow, leaves or other obstructions at all times.

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It is recommended that the exhaust system and vehicle body be inspected by a qualified motor home service center:

  • Each time the engine is ready for an oil change.
  • Whenever a change in the sound of the exhaust is noticed.
  • Whenever the exhaust system, underbody, or rear of the vehicle is damaged.

For more information refer to your Chassis Guide.

Propane Gas System

Propane or LP (liquefied petroleum) gas is an efficient form of energy when proper handling and safety precautions are observed. The propane system in your motor home furnishes the fuel for cooking, heating, hot water and can be an alternative energy source for refrigeration. Propane is heavier than air and tends to flow to lower areas and will sometimes pocket in these low areas, such as the floor. Your motor home is equipped with a propane alarm (refer to Safety Precautions, Combination Carbon Monoxide (CO)/Propane Alarm).

Propane cylinders should not be placed or stored inside the vehicle. LP-gas cylinders are equipped with safety devices that relieve pressure by discharging gas into the atmosphere.

The propane fuel system is comprised of numerous components such as the propane container, hoses, propane gas regulator, piping, and copper tubing for each appliance. Your motor home has been carefully tested at the factory and by your selling dealer for leakage. Travel vibrations can loosen fittings. Have the vehicle propane system checked at all connections soon after the purchase of your vehicle, and after the initial filling of the propane tanks.
Continued periodic checks of the propane system at 5,000 miles of travel (or at least once a year) by a qualified propane service representative as part of your normal maintenance is recommended. Hand-tighten the LP gas system valves only, do not use a wrench or pliers as over-tightening may damage the valve seals and cause them to leak.

All propane lines have been checked with air pressure at the time of manufacture. Dealers are required to recheck and adjust pressure before retail delivery.

The following label should be kept permanently affixed to the motor home:Jayco Alante 2023 Exhaust Gas Fumes User Manual 01

Propane Gas Container

Propane is a true gas compressed into a liquid form. As the fuel is released from the container, it changes to vapor which is then used for the operation of the appliances. Propane will not run through the appliances in a liquid state. A permanently mounted A.S.M.E.-approved propane container is located under the floor of the motor home.

Tanks are to be installed, fueled, and maintained in accordance to State and Local codes, rules, regulations or laws.

Propane expands 1½ percent for every ten degrees of increase in temperature. It is imperative to leave sufficient space inside the container to allow for natural expansion of gas during warmer weather.Jayco Alante 2023 Exhaust Gas Fumes User Manual 02

Servicing or Filling


  • Always shut OFF the engine while refueling. Do not smoke and do not operate other ignition sources while refueling.
  • When the propane container is disconnected from the main supply hose and the P.O.L. connection, install the P.O.L. plastic cap that is attached to the container.
  • If you suspect your propane container has been overfilled, contact your dealer or a qualified propane technician for assistance immediately. Do not attempt to service a propane container overfill yourself.

Because the container is not removable, the motor home will need to be driven to a qualified propane facility for servicing or filling.
Only the authorized gas service technician(s) should be near the motor home while the pro-pane tank is being filled. The new propane container must be carefully purged for proper appliance performance and operation. The propane tank must NEVER BE OVERFILLED.
Replace all protective covers and caps on the propane system and/or container after filling. Make sure the valve is closed and the compartment door is securely latched.

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