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Jayco Alante 2023 Maintenance User Manual

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Jayco Alante 2023 Maintenance User Manual


Do not work on your system unless the 12-volt DC (auxiliary battery) and 120-volt AC electrical systems (shoreline power cord) have been disconnected.

This slideout system requires very little maintenance. It contains a pre-lubed bearing that is lubricated when the room is moved in and out. Do not spray oil or grease on the rails while the room is extended.

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Troubleshooting the in-wall slideout system
Checking Fuses: The in-wall slide requires a minimum 30-amp fuse. Check the load center for blown fuses and replace any if necessary. If the fuse blows immediately upon replacement, there is a problem with the wiring to the in-wall slide control box. A qualified service person should be called to check and repair it.

Check both inside and outside for possible obstructions. Also, check for smaller objects that may be wedged under the floor or in the sides of the unit. Remove any obstructions before proceeding.

Error Codes:
When an error code occurs during operation, the board LEDs lights will indicate where the problem is. For motor-specific faults, the green LED will blink (1) times for motor #1 and (2) times for motor #2. The red LED will blink 2 to 9 times depending on the error code. Error codes are as follows:

  • 2 times Battery capacity is low enough to drop below 6 volts while running. 3 times Battery (low) voltage is below 8 volts at the start of a cycle.
  • 4 times Battery (high) voltage is greater than 18 volts.
  • 5 times Excessive motor current (high amperage) also indicated by (1) side of the slide continually stalling.
  • 6 times Motor short circuit: motor or wiring to motor has shorted out.
  • 8 times Hall signal not present: encoder not providing a signal; usually a wiring problem.
  • 9 times Hall power short to ground: the power to encoder has been shorted to ground; usually a wiring problem.
    The board will need to reset after an error code. Energizing the extend/retract switch will reset the board; energizing it a second time will return it to normal operation

Low Voltage:
The in-wall slide controller can operate with as little as 8 volts; however, with lower voltages, the amperage requirement is greater. Check the voltage at the controller and if it is lower than 11 volts, it is recommended that the battery be placed on a charger until it is fully charged. It may be possible to “jump” the RV battery temporarily to extend or retract the room. Consult Customer Service before attempting to “jump” the auxiliary battery.

Only 1 Side Moving:
The slide room has a separate motor to operate each side of the room. If only one side is moving, with another person’s assistance, press the switch to extend or retract the room while pushing the non-moving side in the appropriate direction. On larger rooms, it may be necessary to have 2 or more people pushing the room.

Non-moving side moved manually:
Try to push the non-moving side in and out. If a motor shaft has broken it will be possible to move that side of the room several inches by hand. Larger rooms may require several people to push.

Debris in the rack:
Check all 4 gear racks on the side of the room for debris.

Status LEDs lights:
Locate the slide controller for the slideout in question. Check the status of LED lights while pressing the slideout direction switch (in both the extend and retract mode).

Manual override for the in-wall slideout

The slideout system comes with an “electronic” manual override. In the event, the slide-out does not extend or retract follow these steps to override the system which should allow the slide-out to be retracted.

Fuses for the slideouts can be found in the load center and may be designated as an auxiliary or slideout motor.

  1. Locate the slideout system controllers. There should be one for each slideout on the recreation vehicle. They are typically located on the forward wall or ceiling of a basement compartment. In some models they may be behind a cargo lined panel.
  2. The malfunctioning controller should have a flashing red LED indicating a halt signal fault (will flash 8 or 9 times).
  3. Press the “mode button” six times quickly, then press a seventh time and hold for approximately 5 seconds.
  4. The red and green LEDs will flash indicating you are in override mode. Release the mode button.
  5. Using either a wall or command center panel switch, press and hold the switch toward the word IN or RETRACT until the unit comes in completely. This will allow you to get the recreation vehicle to a service center to have the slideout malfunction diagnosed.
    Call your dealer or Customer Service if:

    • During the override procedure, the motors are not synchronized. Visually watch the room, and if one side is moving significantly slower than the other (or not at all).
    • If the system stalls out before reaching end of stroke OR if the room does not close and seal tightly.
      Jayco Alante 2023 Maintenance User Manual 01Manually pushing in the slideout

      1. Locate the slideout system controller.
      2. Unplug motor 1 and motor 2 connectors at the bottom of the slideout controller. This releases the motor brakes for each motor.
      3. The slideout room can now be manually pushed in. Larger rooms may require several people to push or pull them.
      4. Keep both sides of the slideout relatively even while pushing/pulling.
      5. When the room is completely in, plug both motor connectors back into the control module. This will apply the motor brakes for road travel.
        Disengage motors, manually retract the room and travel lock

        1. Locate and remove the motor retention screw, which can be found near the top of each vertical column (Fig. 3).
        2. Bend back the wipe seal and visually locate the motor (Fig. 4).
        3. Pull the motor up until it disengages (about 1/2 inch).
        4. Repeat this process for both sides of the slide room.
        5. Physically push/ pull the room back into the opening; keep both sides relatively even.
  6. The room must be travel locked to keep the room in place for road travel.


Refer to the Schwintek Slide Room Operation Guide for additional troubleshooting information, or contact Lippert at (866) 524–7821 or at

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