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Jayco Alante 2023 Manual Operation User Manual

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Jayco Alante 2023 Manual Operation User Manual

Manual Operation

Power on: Push and release the POWER keypad button to engage power. The LED next to the POWER button should be RED when the power is on. If you attempt to extend individual jacks by pressing the DOWN keypad button or all jacks with the AUTO-LEVEL button, you will hear a “deny” tone from the keypad.

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  • Planting the Jacks: Using the DOWN keypad button, extend each jack until they contact the ground (this is referred to as “planting” the jacks).
  • As you extend the jacks, the LED lights on the keypad will indicate the jacks are out of the “stowed” position. Jacks may be operated individually or in pairs.

Jayco Alante 2023 Manual Operation User Manual1

  • Do not manually overextend individual jacks. This may cause unwanted stress on the couch or the jacks.
  • Leveling the Coach: Use a bubble level in the center of the coach as a reference. Level the vehicle by using the DOWN or UP keypad buttons until the vehicle is level. Jacks may be operated individually or in pairs as long as they are operated in the same direction.
  • Do not attempt to lift the vehicle off of the tires. The keypad may be left “on” once the level has been achieved. The keypad will enter “sleep mode” after five minutes of inactivity.
  • Retracting the Jacks: The Equalizer System provides the ability to retract the jacks using the ALL RETRACT button or the UP button for each individual jack. All jacks will automatically retract and return to the stowed position when the ALL RETRACT button is pressed and released. The pump will run in retract mode until all of the jacks are fully stowed (plus an additional 5 seconds) up to a maximum of 60 seconds. You may stop the ALL RETRACT by pressing any button on the keypad.

Your coach is equipped with air suspension, and it is recommended that you start your coach before pressing ALL RETRACT allowing the chassis air to build. This will ensure adequate air supply to the chassis air valves.

There are specific instances when manual extension of one (or more) jack is inhibited (deny tone when DOWN is depressed). This situation is caused by the “anti-twist” protocol in the software contained in the control box. The “anti-twist” protocol denies jack extension if the system senses that a specific corner of the coach is approximately 3 degrees higher than the rest. You will be able to extend other jacks to overcome this slope. If the system incorrectly senses excessive slope, this can be overcome by re-setting the baseline zero point. This will allow manual extension of all jacks. Remember to reset the baseline zero point after manually leveling the coach.

Helpful Hints

  • Your leveling system is a microprocessor-controlled system. Proper and adequate battery voltage and permanent chassis ground are essential.
  • Your system may be equipped with a manual override option. Refer to the procedure for the proper operation of this option. It is better to review this procedure prior to its actual use.
  • If a jack comes out of the stowed position while traveling, the system panel will automatically activate and return the jack to the stowed position.

Panel Indicator LED


  • If the LOW VOLTAGE, ENGAGE PARK BRAKE, IGNITION ON, or EXCESS SLOPE LEDs illuminate, you have an “error” condition that must be corrected prior to operating the jacks.
  • Make sure suspension airbags have been deployed after retracting jacks. Visually check front and rear wheel wells for clearance.

There are a total of ten (10) LED indicators on the Equalizer Keypad.

  • NOTE:
    During typical operation, the LEDs on the bottom left-hand corner of the keypad should NOT be illuminated. The only LED that should light is the “OPERATING” LED, which should flash during operation.

JACK LED (4 each)
ON Red when power is ON
OFF when power is OFF
FLASH every 5 sec. in Sleep Mode
ON Red when Jack(s) are deployed
OFF when jack(s) are stowed
OPERATING LED FLASHING Red w/Auto Level or All Retract
OFF when the keypad is idle or “sleeping”
ON Red when voltage is below 10.5 volts dc OFF when voltage is above 10.5 volts dc
ON Red when the park brake is not set
OFF when the park brake is set
ON Red when the ignition is in the ON position OFF when the ignition is OFF
ON Red following an Auto Level attempt, if the system cannot overcome the slope
OFF when the slope is not excessive

For complete instructions, troubleshooting, and safety information refer to the manufacturer’s manual online at

Emergency Stopping

Always carry road flares or reflective warning signs. Pull off the roadway as far as possible for emergency stop. Turn ON your vehicle hazard warning flashers. If traveling at night, use three red warning indicators such as flares, reflectors, or lanterns as required by the Uniform Vehicle Code and Model Traffic Ordinance as follows:

  1. Place the first warning indicator on the traffic side of the recreation vehicle, directed at the nearest approaching traffic.
  2. Place the second warning indicator 100 feet behind the recreation vehicle in the center of the lane and toward approaching traffic.
  3. Place the third warning indicator 100 feet in front of the recreation vehicle in the center of the lane and away from the traffic approaching from behind.

Curves and/or hills may affect the safe placement of warning indicators.

For personal safety, always stand off the road and out of the way of traffic.

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